The Council Are So Shit To Landlords With Problem DSS Tenants (Part 2)

I say “part 2” because I’ve previously thrown my toys out of the pram over this shitty little issue, DSS Tenants And The Shitty Council. I’m writing about it again for 2 reasons. Firstly, the issue still frustrates the fuck out of me, and secondly, I’ve recently been reminded of how incompetent and lackadaisical the council are towards landlords with DSS Tenants that don’t pay rent.

Here are segments of an email I received the other day:

Ive got the horriblest tenent in the world!

I rented out to ‘a desperate, friend of a friend’ and my children and I moved in with my partner. Problems started straight away with none payment of rent and Housing Benefit were a nightmare.

Housing Benefit started paying direct to me and I asked my tenent to start paying off the arrears.

She blathers on about missing payments and that the benefits people are looking into it but then still makes no attempt to pay anything.

I issued her with a Section 21 on 27 August 09 and told her to be out by 23 October – she’s still dragging her heels. The Council are worse than useless, and treat me with utter disgust because I’m making a lone parent with 3 kids homeless.

That was just the corpse of the email, but you get the general gist.

My beef is that the council try and house these people and even supply them with a financial allowance, but when DSS tenants don’t use their allowance to pay rent, the council don’t seem to give a shit, and in this specific case, they evidently use emotional blackmail as their defence. It’s bullshit because I bet if an employer of the Housing Benefit Department was going through the same issue, they wouldn’t give a shit if their tenant had kids. The point is, the tenants are receiving benefits and still failing to pay rent. It’s criminal as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been through the same experience, and it’s ridiculous. The council are so careless and clueless about the whole ordeal that they make life so much more difficult. Surely they should be trying to help landlords that accept DSS tenants (especially since the kind that do accept DSS tenants are a dying breed)?

Not only is it frustrating for Landlords, but I imagine it’s a kick in the tits for those genuine people that are struggling to get the benefits they deserve because of these lowlife parasites consuming all the resources.

This is also another reminder of why tenants shouldn’t receive benefits directly. Whichever hermit conjured up that idea should be peeled like an orange and thrown into a pot of disinfectant. Bring back the old system, when landlords received rent directly from the council. I rememeber the good old days when I had a DSS tenant and I received rent every month from the council directly into my bank account by BACS payment.

If it were running things the country would be awesome. DSS tenants that fail to pay rent would be given damp, piss-smelling box rooms to reside in. As for overcrowded prisons; I’d INSIST on overcrowded prisons. Why the fuck are criminals entitled to a prerequisite amount of living space? Madness.

It’s all, basically, a bag of shit…


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Matthew 14th October, 2009 @ 12:52

All these problems would be avoided with the use of a letting agent, who would vet the tenants and ensure that the rent is collected and repairs carried out with the help of insurance if applicable and they charge a small amount, which is well worth it for the peace of mind! Each tenant is an individual and one shouldn't tar all DSS recipients with the same brush, as mine, housed with letting agents have been fine!

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twattybollocks 14th October, 2009 @ 13:06

Thats rather like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank! I agree there are some very good agents out there but there are some very bad ones!

Bad Letting Agent + DSS = A F*****g nightmare!


The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 14th October, 2009 @ 20:08

Hey Matthew,

I think you misunderstood what my rant was about. These problems wouldn't actually be avoided if I used a letting agent. My rant has nothing to do with DSS tenants per'se. My rant is about the council being useless when something goes wrong with a DSS tenant!

Even if I used a letting agent, the council would still be shit! Moreover, this has nothing to do with DSS tenants being good/bad.

Kind regards

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mark 16th October, 2009 @ 13:52

The decision to start paying local housing allowance direct to tenants was a very short sighted one. For many tenants the temptation to spend their rent money on other things is just too great. The result is landlords leaving the social housing sector en masse and a rapidly increasing shortage of housing for LHA tenants. The council are then left with the problem of housing all these people.

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SN 16th October, 2009 @ 19:31

My local authority are useless, as I've said before, they refused to even discuss anything with me.

It goes something like this...
Tennant recieves LHA, tennant buys other shit and doesn't pay the rent, Tennant has baby, I get pissed off (at the rent thing!), I start reposession process, councilo dont give a fuck, tennant gets letter she wants from me telling her shes to get out....runs to council, gets a council house, buggers off owing money.

Well it's not got that far yet, but I'm predicting that its going that way.

Only doing DSS again if they tick the pay landlord direct box.

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twattybollocks 22nd October, 2009 @ 19:18

I see that the Conservatives have said that if they come to power they will return to the old system of Payling Local Housing Authority benefit directly to the landlords.

Well lordy fuckin lordy - it's taken a while but it would appear that someone has finally woken up. Waiting for Labour to U turn, re-install the old system and claim it as their idea.

Why are politicians so thick?

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Paul 26th October, 2009 @ 17:33

Fucking totally correct, which ever minsterial cunt thought up this regulation knows FUCK all about HB claiments, no they are NOT all the same, but a sensible policy of paying the landlord direct wouldnt have created this shit in the first place.
I am currently handling a cunt from hell, i have just been verbally abused by her and 12 other under fucking 20 year olds while watching them fucking about in my house.
I want someone to fucking punch.

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anokuk 8th January, 2010 @ 11:28

Not all Councils are SHIT. Some landlords think it is the job of the Council to act as their Agents and collect their rent monies. Why do landlords accept the type of tenants that obviously are going to be problematic - no one cries when they are raking in the money and all going smooth.
landlords should put their business skills to use - either vet tenants for an easy life or accept some times they going to have problems.

make appointments with Councils and discuss options regarding issues.

Its a landlords responsability to collect his/her rent.

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Uni 31st January, 2010 @ 02:32

Unfortunately, the councils are run by uneducated clerks, who are either immigrants or asylum seekers. They should be on commission based on how they resolve problems.
Frankly, UK is going down the drain. Here in mainland Europe its a laughing stock and US doesn't give a toss about UK. Its a country of thieves, immigrants and uneducated class and all trash from all over the world kicked out of their own country, which england gladly accepts with open arms. They all land in London, never paid a dime in Tax, cannot speak the language but live in riches out of the council and landlords.
Pity! the politicians in selling their country so cheaply!

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twattybollocks 31st January, 2010 @ 08:11

Totally agree but if we try to do something about it they cry rascism or abuse under the human rights act! Complete bollocks. What we need is a political party who will not pander to Europe, repeal the human rights act, make asylum once again political asylum andcome down hard and fast on asytlum overstayers and ferrel youths. My country HAS gone down the drain but until we the people are prepared to do something about it we are screwed! Sometimes wish we were a bit more like the French in our militancy!

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julia 17th February, 2010 @ 21:55

Yes i agree its a f***************************g nightmare with dss l.h.a tenants i have had 4 years of crap and even if you use a letting agent they produce rubbish tenants who abuse the system and comitt frud by stealing all my money that is owed to me ie rent the council are useless and yoy have to threatin court action against them if they fail to pay the landlord direct after 2 mths of arrears i have even contacted my mp to sort out this problem l.h.a payments should never be paid direct to the tenant it is fraud when they do not pass on the rent sods up landllords lifes living in r.ct south wales due to these gits i have ended up ion this dhss land of theives bring back direct payments to landlords .

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paul 18th February, 2010 @ 10:14

1) As landlords we DONT rent houses to twats, we look long and hard at people, and even take up references, they end up claiming benefits, often NOT their fault, the council steps in to give them a helping hand, the tenent then THINKS that this money is theirs to spend, and away we go.
The point we are trying through gritted teeth to fucking make is that the money is called HOUSING BENEFIT, its there to keep a roof over their heads, why o fucking why do folk keep banging on about it being the landlords job to collect the rent, if its the stupid fucking governments responsibility to pay housing benifit then logically its in the governments/councils interests for that money to go where its supposed to FUCKING WELL GO! Not on 20 fags, 20 scratch cards and a fucking weekend in Cleethorpes.

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Michael Kenton 14th April, 2010 @ 11:06

I deal a lot with a council in NW London for LHA tenants and find them pretty good. However, councils are not aware that if rent is one month and one day overdue it should be paid directly to the landlord, see Doncaster V Coventry City Council.
In my opinion if the tenant is not passing on rent to the landlord which they receive from DSS it is fraud and should be treated as such!

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Lawrence 4th July, 2010 @ 03:48

How about the other point of view, my partner and I are professionals we were both made redundant within months of each other. We applied for all the usual benefits but due to a simple error the council were able to avoid paying our rent for two months. Regardless of the fact that we both paid tax and NI for over twenty years. We are now in rent arrears for the first time ever. We get £100 per week to keep two adults and our 15 year old son.
Tried appealing turned down flat, the council don't give a shit if we are evicted any more than they give a shit if you don't get your rent, the ONLY thing councils give a shit about is collecting money PERIOD.
Our rent is £400 per month which the council now pay to us and we pass on to our landlord we asked that the rent be paid directly to the landlord, they refused. We give our landlord an extra £40 per month towards the arrears which is the very best we can afford.
My partner got a job which lasted four weeks before she was made redundant again, we had to reclaim all the benefits which took six weeks to sort out. We are lucky that our long suffering landlord is aware how useless the council is otherwise we would have been on the streets long since.
Councils are totally unaccountable and a law unto themselves, the staff have a 'surly, holier than thou' attitude towards anyone on benefits who they clearly treat as a lower form of life. One final point when you claim jobseekers you have to make a separate claim for housing benefit which is not paid from the date of the jobseekers claim but from the date the council staff open your claim envelope which can be anything up to two weeks later immediately putting you in rent arrears. According to our Council this is all within the rules..................

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kevin 27th August, 2010 @ 15:22

i recently took on a tenant claiming housing benefit in brent
the tenant moved in and visited the property over 2 days only
i obviously became concerned after not seeing him using the premises (with the aid of internet linked CCTV !) and contacted the council . i was told that i have no right to any information regarding this and they even suggested that he may be on HOLIDAY !!! i wont bother you with detail but i finally evicted him 7 weeks later and he escaped with £637.00 paid direct by Brent Council, basically FRAUD !! i have never recieved any letters regarding this from the council Hmmmmm !anybody want to buy some old cloths and a pair of size 9 worn out trainers, only joking i now have to keep these for 3 months as this is his rights and after that he has up to 7 years to contact me enquirering as to the whereabouts of his PROPERTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Avatar
agibsonallan 26th September, 2010 @ 13:31

Benefit cheats told not to pay any rent
in glasgow and edinburgh

By Iain Harrison

COUNCILS are advising rent-dodging benefit claimants how to avoid eviction.

Landlords claim local authorities routinely tell tenants who refuse to pay rent to stay put until the owner gets a court we dont have a council house for you

Full story in The Sunday Post

Guest Avatar
Liz 18th December, 2010 @ 22:22

I agree with every word. And I'm a DSS tenant.

Guest Avatar
David Booth 24th November, 2011 @ 21:08

A solution for landlords & councils

I would like to take my time to introduce you to our new company Tasker Payment Services. The company is designed as a one of it's kind payment service for DSS claimants and their landlords. Customers who do not have a bank account, or have large overdrafts eating into their Local Housing Allowance can use our service to have the peace of mind that their rent is paid straight to their landlord's bank account on time, every time.
With much experience in dealing with such payments, landlords can rely on Tasker Payment Services to provide them and their tenants with a reliable and secure way of receiving their rent.
We are fully registered with the FSA (registration number 564939) and can be found on the FSA's register of payment service providers.

The idea behind our company is simple the tennant agrees to pay our company (Tasker Payment Services) the money they get from the LHA and the landlord gets paid from us fortnightly. All we take £4.00 transaction fee for transferring the money to the landlords bank account.
This also helps out the council because they dont have to deal with arrears and it could help the council because more landlords would want to register because they know they are going to get paid.
If you would like to visit our website and read a little more about us if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Guest Avatar
David Booth 6th December, 2011 @ 21:44

I would like to introduce a new company to you all not only helping landlords but helping councils.
We are called Tasker Payment Services and we offer a one of it's kind payment service for DSS claimants and their landlords. Customers who do not have a bank account, or have large overdrafts eating into their Local Housing Allowance can use our service to have the peace of mind that their rent is paid straight to their landlord's bank account on time, every time.
We are fully registered with the FSA (registration number 564939) and can be found on the FSA's register of payment service providers.

So how can we help you? Well in the first instance councils can only normally pay the landlord directly if the tennant is:

vulnerable and can't manage their financial affairs
unlikely to pay their rent and have got into arrears before
in rent arrears of eight weeks or more (the 8 week arrears period takes into account an advance payment, if this is part of the tenancy agreement)

But what if this could be avoided in the first place? meaning the council don't have to deal with lengthy paper work, back log of arrears and potentially councils could get more landlords advertising for DSS tennants because they know they are going to get paid!

All the landlords have to do is go to our website fill out the forms along with the tennat and they get paid by us.
Take a look at

Guest Avatar
Benji 6th December, 2011 @ 23:06


What happens when you go bust?
E.g You build up 3 or 4 months of all your punter's rent money and then disappear to Spain with it overnight.
You are offering a payment service, therefore you are not covered by the FSA financial services compensation scheme.

Guest Avatar
anokuk 5th May, 2012 @ 13:53

The council SHOULD pay the housing benefit direct to the landlord in certain circumstances. If rent is 8 weeks or more in arrears. To enable a tenant to secure a tenancy and to enable a tenant to remain in a property. This is basic knowledge for housing benefit officers and is guidance issued by the department for work and pensions. I am not an unintelligent oink as many here think. I am a housing benefit officer and take pride in my job. I bend over backwards to help low income families struggling to make ends meet. If they want me to pay their landlord I do. There are always examples of both bad tenants and bad landlords but on the whole where I work the tenants and landlords are great.

Guest Avatar
leesa 14th June, 2012 @ 22:52

i am a single mum to a young son i work part time and a göod mum to my son because of these reasons im not deemed in the catogary of being housed by the council coz i work part time dont drink or take drugs or even spend my money on fags and my son is not under social services watch, iv been made homeles 7xs in private rent accomadation n lost alot of money, although i must say ther are sum good landlords out ther, but my point is i work hard take care of my son n strugle like fuck to pay my high rent in private rent while other benefits people cary on having kids they cnt look after get given a council house and smoke n drink away the money the benefits stystem give them to feed ther kids, MAKES ME FUCKIN MAD I SWEAR!!

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richard 13th April, 2013 @ 12:04

people are never happy until it goes there way, ive had 7 different neighbours in 10 years where i live and they have all not given a shit about the roof over there heads.
to cut a long story short the council are fuckin useless, just a bunch of moneygrabbing self absorbed hypocritical assholes who are so full of shit that they let everyone fight amongst themselves whilst they sit at the top with there fat paypacks and good pensions.

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spud 25th November, 2013 @ 01:52

my council still pays my landlord who is a real scumbag. Maybe i should get the council to pay me and not pay the scumbaga as i will be moving away soon. You may say thats wrong but he puts bills in our names comes in when we are not about and asks us for money for water when a friend stays the night and thats only the tip of the iceberge.

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Matt 18th May, 2014 @ 19:58

They are still paying the tenants direct as a matter of course as of may 2014....

The craziest thing of all is, they say they want tenants to stand on their own two feet or whatever, but as soon as a tenant asks for the rent to go directly to the landlord that is met with resistance, for some councils (I deal with more than one council and they all have a different method) "money management issues" aren't sufficient, they need chapter and verse on peoples drug addictions and gambling, and even addicts and gamblers prefer to stay private. They ask for a decision, tenant makes decision to pay landlord direct, and so they say "No that's not right" It's totally crazy.

There are people in the comments here who say to "vet the tenants" Really you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground do you? Try being a landlord for a little bit and see how well you vet them, you just can't always tell and until you know whereof you speak, don't speak, I'd say the same about the people who mentioned letting agents.

The councils have this rhetoric that they teach to their pen pushers it goes something like this "It is not YOUR housing benefit, it is Mr. Smiths housing benefit" What exactly is that supposed to mean? Of course it's the landlords housing benefit, the money is for the rent of his property, you couldn't make an application without an address and tenancy, so Mr. Smith can't even get housing benefit, idiots.

They also like to say "Oh don't worry when they get 2 months in arrears we'll pay it to you." It's not 2 months though is it if you've 20, 4r0 or 100's of properties with these people spending the money, this insane kind of policy is the type of thing that sends good businesses to the wall...for nothing, you've taught the tenant nothing. Why should it be on the landlords shoulders to make these people responsible.

Then we come to housing associations, people who didn't build their portfolios, they were just given them, don't ask me how that works because if I knew I would have had them give me a few thousand houses, but sadly I just don't...But what of housing associations and these problems? "They are exempt" What do you mean they are exempt? why should they be, it's just wrong.

This is only going to get worse you know. Somehow, and again don't ask me how it can be, but the Conservatives are committed to this very none conservative policy of universal benefit. They are ridiculously calling it "universal credit"

We all know what it is, they are just going to start handing every penny over to people, in the areas where it has been tried it's been a complete failure, a huge letting agents was on North West tonight recently saying 95% of the people on the new system are now in arrears, Lord somebody or other who probably grew up knowing a lot of people on benefits was asked for comment...he just brushed aside as an irrelevance, consultations are meant to be just that, here we have a dictation. "We've decided to do it, we tried it out, it failed, we are going ahead with it"
They are committed to this scheme now, and they are going to roll it out, they must by now be able to see that its flawed, we're talking about educated men here, I just don't know what to say anymore, would you just carry on doing something you knew to be wrong? Anyway its happening


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