How To Make A Complaint Against A Letting Agent

Kill Letting Agent

Yes, I have a degree in art. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.

Are you dealing with a shitty letting agent? Do you feel they have provided you with a poor service? Strangling the greaseballs may seem like the most tempting option, but unfortunately, there are procedures…

Option 1: Make a complaint to the Letting Agent

You should always register your complaint with the letting agent first. Make a clear and precise report, explaining exactly what the problem is.

Most reputable letting agents will try to resolve the problem in-house. They will have a set procedure in place which should be handled by senior management.

Option 2: Complain to a redness scheme

If you feel your complaint hasn’t been dealt with appropriately by your letting agent, you can take your complaint to a redness scheme they are a member of.

From 1 October 2014, all letting agents have been required to be a member of one of three government-approved letting agency redress schemes! If an agent ISN’T a member of at least one, they are NOT complying with the law and could face persecution (contact your local council for further information).

For more information, go to the Letting Agents Approved Redress Schemes page.

Option 3: Complain to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or Trading Standards (TS)

If the letting agent isn’t a member of a governing body, then you can register a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) or Trading Standards (TS). They have the authority to close down an agency if they are found to be unfit to carry out estate agency work under the Estate Agents Act 1979 (EAA) regulations.

Option 4: Speak to Citizens Advice

For free legal advice and to find out where you stand, you can talk to your local Citizens Advice Bureau and they should be able to advice you on the best course of action to take.

Anyone complained about a letting agent before?

Out of curiosity, has anyone successfully or unsuccessfully made a complaint about a letting agent? If so, what approach did you take and what happened?

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Adam 5th January, 2014 @ 08:19

I am currently a Tenant & have been paying rent to the letting agency for near 2years now with early payments or on time but as of 1 month ago my room mate said he was leaving so as my contract was on a month on month for my room I asked for a renewal of contract but on his room instead.

The letting agents kicked up a fuss but said OK to this but there would be an admin fee so naturally I asked how much but they said they do not know & would get back to me. I have asked numerous times on the phone & over email but never got a response of cost of admin fee.

Fast forward 2 weeks & the letting agent contacted me saying that I would need to move all my stuff onto the front room, full clean of the house & give them written notice that i would be leaving room 2 to move into room 1 so they could advertise the room which I was fine about but they still couldn't say the admin cost. The letting agent said just carry on with usual payments of rent (due on the 4th each month)

1 1/2 days before the move in date (sat at 2pm email received & sunday *today* banks are closed) the agents sent the contract through stating an admin fee of £360 was due & it has to be paid by the 6th Jan (moving in to new room date). so not only have they got my rent money but have now added an extra £360 with basically a few hours to gain the funds.

Not only is this an extortionate price for a new contract to be issued as no referencing or credit checks were needed & an inspection was already due to be made because of room mate leaving.

Is there anything i can do as this is completely out of order & they made me give written notice that i am moving out of room 2 so if i dont pay i wont have anywhere to live.

Any help is appreciated


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kim clarkson 5th January, 2014 @ 12:20

On Friday 2nd January 2014 we were supposed to move into a property through an estate agent. We paid 1519 pounds in total only to be told when we had signed the contracts that there was a bit of damp. I was horrified as she then informed me they knew on the Monday before as the previous tenant had informed them.She then said they had also seen the damp the day previously but they had took the money out and not informed me at all until we arrived at the estate agents office. We entered the building with the keys and the damp hit us as we entered and where all the furniture had been including beds, double wardrobes, fridges etc etc was the damp. I never saw this as you do not think to look behind it when you are looking.God how I wish I had. Then this morning(Sunday 5th January) on Rightmove and we are still waiting to get our money back which I have refused because it is uninhabitable but to my health issues the same property is back on the market within twelve hours of her saying we will have to wait for our money back and at a reduced rent for immediate occupation. Tomorrow morning I am going to sit in that office until they give me my money back and the day after that and each day after whatever it takes to get my money back. If they call the police I intend to sit outside the letting agents with a placard stating a disabled and ill person has been defrauded out of 1500 pounds by this particular estate agent.

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Mohd 14th January, 2014 @ 22:45

Hi, here is my story. I'm supposed to move in to my new flat tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't because current tenant in my new flat has not vacate the flat yet. He is supposed to vacate the flat on 10th January. I only knew this last Friday after I contacted the agent to arrange the inventory check in appointment. The letting agent currently has no actual date when I can move in and has asked me to contact my current landlord asking for day extension which I did and luckily my landlord agree. I managed to extend until Friday.

I contact my letting agent yesterday and she still didn't has any actual date that I can move in. I'm not sure what I can do now. I'm a foreign student and I don't have any relatives here. I don't know what I need to do now if by Friday I still can't move to my new flat. I'm very disappointed with what is happening now. The letting agent even blame me because I'm rushing to move in. That's weird really. I have signed the contract and the contract stated that I should move in on 14th January! The letting agent told me that this is common and I should have a backup plan if I can't move in on that certain date. :(

Honestly, I thought by renting through letting agent I will be fine after what happened with my current landlord. It's still the same apparently. At least for now with the lousy service I get. My current landlord has never fixed the heater and the boiler. Been complaining since I moved in on the first day. I have been in UK without heater and boiler for a year! My current flat is single glazed and in house temperature is 13'c. It's so cold and I hardly can live in my current flat. Feel so sad while typing this.

What can I do now? I'm hopeless.


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Benji 15th January, 2014 @ 10:12


If you have a tenancy agreement signed by the landlord/letting agent then they are in breach of contract if you cannot move in on the agreed date. They are liable for your costs for alternative accommodation.

The letting agent should be fully aware of this. A gentle mention of 'breach of contract' might find them suddenly more helpful.

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Mohd 15th January, 2014 @ 22:15

Hi Benji, thanks for your reply.

Regarding tenancy agreement, I have signed it but I don't know whether the contract has been binding or not. I haven't received any let completion documents yet at this point.

I contacted my letting agent today and still no answer on the exact date that I can move in.

What should I do now? It's a waiting game now for me. I hope that this issue will be resolved at least by Friday. And in the meantime I need to ask my current landlord for another extension. Hopefully for the last time. :(

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Mohd 15th January, 2014 @ 22:19

Hi Benji, thanks for your reply.

Regarding the tenancy agreement, I have signed it but I don't know whether the contract that I signed has already been bind. At this point, I haven't received any let completion documents yet.

I contacted my letting agent today and I still didn't get any answer on the exact date that I can move in. I was asked to wait for a few more days.

What should I do now? I hope this issue will be resolved at least by Friday. In the meantime, I need to ask my current landlord for another extension. I hope he will consider it and hopefully it will be for the last time.

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Stace 21st January, 2014 @ 13:35

Hi all i have a similar problem with an estate agent.
What happened was my nan was renting a property of an estate agent she signed a 6months tenancy agreement, she decorated the house all through she was in the house a week and collapsed on xmas day.. She was told that she had to go in sheltered accomodation.. So my mother had a word with landlord explained the situation, i was looking for house ect ect, the landlord called me on Monday asked me when i'd like to move it told her as soon as, she told me my nans stuff be out tue morn i could move in tue night, deposit and rent had been paid means its the same family they'll carry all over and just change name on tenancy agreement, so i left my council flat for this 2 bed house moved all my stuff in, landlord called on the wed to tell me that some one coming Thursday to do loft and cavity wall insulation, the landlord visited the property whilst this was being done we spoke and had a verbal agreement that i could live there (2nd time i was told this) after all the insulation had been finished a hour later the landlord called me and told me i have to give keys back and move out (which is coincidental as it was done through the warmer homes schemes and because a pensioner was living in property the landlord only had to pay £30 for all this work done to her property) i called the estate agent asked what was needed in order to move in to the Property i found all the needed paperwork and had to find £1000 24 hours else landlord was coming to change locks, i went to estate agent with money and ID, they photocopied all my paperwork as i was counting money out she said she wants money and house keys and i couldnt return to property (will all my belongings in which i worked hard for) i told them they could either have the money or the keys they wanted both so refusing to give them the keys the estate agent and landlord told me i couldnt stay there after i explained to landlord and estate that i had a verbal agreement, which estate agent told me was void and she had no right to look for her own tenants without consenting him first, this man has made the past week of my life miserable and stressful is there any way i can get justice for being made homeless because i have heard a lot of bad things about this estate agent they don't seem fully legit.

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John 3rd February, 2014 @ 14:57

I am an overseas landlord having inherited mum´s house last year. I started renting through a letting agent then a couple of things went wrong, a pipe burst at the back of the house and rising damp was reported at the front. After initially helping out with the insurance claim and damp course contractor the letting agent has just written to me to say that they can no longer manage the property because of the problems. My first tenants have just left too. Can they leave me high and dry like this when I live the other side of Europe?

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carys 3rd February, 2014 @ 15:13

I need a reliable quick answer....
By law, should a letting agency make you aware of a noisy neighbour previously reported to them??

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Daz 11th February, 2014 @ 10:25

Morning all - I wonder if you could help shed a little light on what steps I could take next with a problem I have with a Letting Agent.

I rented a house through them in August and found that when it started raining in November, we started getting a leak through the Kitchen Extenstion, which then ran into the Kitchen Ceiling.

I called and reported it, and they sent a builder up to "repair it". He spent most of his time complaining that it was because of someone else, and said he knew what the problem was and would come back another day to fix it (Didn't even check the roof...).

He came back, did a quick fix, but again when it rained hard, the leaks happened again.

Again I called the Letting Agent - again they sent the same guy out, and again the same routine happened again.

This carried on for a few weeks, and the leaks got worse each time the build came around.
The week leading up to Christmas was pretty bad, and the kitchen ceiling was soaked and I could see water running down the wall and over to the light fittings.

I called the Letting Agent again who said they'd call him back, and the builder was good enough to grace me with his presence two weeks later.

Again, lots of sucking air through teeth, blaming the apprentice - still no ladder or attempt to find the leak. But - he know's what's wrong. Again - the leak still wasn't fixed.

At this point, I decided to hold the rent back after sending them another email and calling to say that it's still not fixed.

Oddly - he re-appeared, complete with ladder and several people. Great. But after all that - it still wasn't fixed. His parting comment was "I'll have to come back when it's raining" - I asked why don't I fire the hosepipe/bucket onto the roof, but he said it's not the same.

Again - I contacted the snotty woman at the Letting Agent to complain about it, and she just gave me his number and said to call him and sort it with him, no, they won't get someone else in, and no, they won't chase it as they've paid for it and if it's not fixed the builder has to come back.

I asked why I'm paying her then to chase it myself and why use the same guy for nearly 2 months if he can't fix it - I was then told that he was paid to fix it, and I was to arrange that with the builder.

I'm due to pay the rent shortly, but I'm extremely not happy with everything that's happened. 2 months of a leaking kitchen roof, mold on the roof (above the only worktop we can use to make food), flickering light where the water damage has done something with the lights, plus my OH is pregnant and I'm not happy with her staying there with this.

Where do I stand, and what can I do to unf*ck this situation?

I have all the pictures from when this started, and all the emails from Dec...

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Another Emma 11th February, 2014 @ 11:22

@Daz: you could try and call the council. If the lights are flickering, it's dangerous. Ask them to take a look. Then, depending on what they say, you can take things further. Warning: have a backup plan, because if they declare the place unsafe, you may have to sleep somewhere else til it is fixed (at the Landlord's expense, of course - his insurance will cover that).

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Help 4th April, 2014 @ 10:23

Hi All,
As a Landlord does anyone know if you are legally entitled to ask for a complete copy of the property file (ie tenancy agreement, letters to service providers etc and inventories etc) you are paying the letting agent to look after if you feel they are or have not managed the property adequately?

Thanks in advance for any help much appreciated.

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Nic 6th May, 2014 @ 16:12

So I'm in a very sticky situation. I'm currently renting a property which from the start has caused nothing but problems, for example, the estate agents failed to inform me that there had been issues previously with the bathroom, the taps on the bathroom sink does not work properly and leaks water onto the floor, which has cause obscene amounts of damp above the kitchen, so much so a part of the kitchen roof has collapsed, and we can see the mould and damp through the hole, although I have complained to the estate agent and asked them to help, I have had no response and this was months ago. So now I've had enough, I gave the estate agents notice on the 30th April that I am moving out, that's exactly 1 months notice that I have to give, I had heard nothing from the estate agents and paid the deposit for the new house I am going to be renting, all fee's paid, I was on track to be moving into this house in 4 weeks time. I got a call today from the estate agent I am currently renting from and was told I cannot move out until the 25th June, that's almost 2 months, because I moved in on the 25th. Are they allowed to do this? I've simply had enough of their rude, unhelpful behaviour and want this over as soon as possible. Please help.

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ellie 5th June, 2014 @ 01:16

Recently moved into a property and have had nothing but trouble since being here, firstly the bath leaks and completely floods the bathroom and landing area (landing is carpeted and stays damp for around a week) our windows are faulty and we have a constant draft coming through, the oven they provided us with is faulty (payed for fully furnished) the restraunt next doors bins are outside our kitchen window and there exes gas fan blows into our window also the pipe for there toilet facilities is just outside and the constant smell of urine and feces lingers and just today I noticed about 15dead flies on my hall way floor do I moved my daughter's bathing table to clear them up ans there were thousands of maggots in coccoons but they had appeared within 4 hours as I bathed my daughter earlier on in the day my flat is no way dirty I bleach the kitchen and bathroom twice a day, and hoover at least once, theres no dead animals or food laying around so I dont know where they're coming from.
All this with a 5week old! I just want out its really getting me down its no place for a child to live. Is there anything I can do to get out of the tennancy yet sti recieve our deposit as the cpst has rinced us dry?

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JONANG MAKOFANE 13th June, 2014 @ 18:25

i was renting in one of just letting property in witbank;i moved in that house and the house was so dirty and there were lot of things broken and i reported those things to the branch they never fix them,but the day i moved out they said i caused all the damage and took mall my deposit to fix those things,if you are oput there thinkign of renting out from just letting witban oyu must just think twice,sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

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MissHammond 23rd June, 2014 @ 09:01

Hi all, really need some advice here.
Myself and my partner viewed a property a week or so ago. We were told about the fees etc when we viewed the property.
This is the fee breakdown:
£75 per applicant for application fee (references etc)
£200 holding fee to be paid at the same time of application
£595 first month rent on day of signing contract
£695 deposit
£150 fee for tenancy and inventory

I went to the letting agents and handed in my application and paid £350 (application fee and holding fee), I was told it would take a couple if days to find out if my application was successful.
When I was in the letting agents office, I was advised that they don't work on a first come first serve basis, and in actual fact if someone else was to want to view the property they would grant that and if they were to put in an application they would then process it and it would then be up to the landlord to decide who he wants in the property.....
When I got home I processed this information and had a question for them so the next day I called and asked 'if you don't work on a first come first serve basis then what exactly is my holding fee for?' They couldn't answer me but made it clear if I was to pull out for any reason all monies were non refundable. They would withhold the 'holding fee' for any costs they have incurred.
After a couple of days I still hadn't had any word about my application and the property was still openly being advertised so I asked a friend to call the office and enquire about the property and pose as an interested party. She called and spoke to the same guy I had been dealing with who advised they had not received any applications for the property in question and would she like to arrange a viewing!
The following day I received a call from them advising I needed a guarantor even though both myself and my partner can more than afford the property and have no adverse credit history.

Now due to personal circumstances I am now unable to proceed with the application and am fearful I am losing £350 which is a lot of money for them to keep for little work in their part. Is there anything I can do??

Please help.

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Rosa 23rd July, 2014 @ 22:24

Instead of me placing an ad in the local newspaper for a tenant, I paid a renting agency to find someone for me. The agent brought someone over and told me she knew the tenant well and went on to tell me how good he is,he had just got divorced but had a great girlfriend and he was moving from a flat about 45km away from my property to move into mine. I took her word for it. When I saw the contract (2 weeks after I signed) instead of the one years we had agreed it was 2 years. When I confronted the principal (as the agent refused to take my calls or return my messages) he said that I had said I wanted 2 years. Later I found out that this tenant was black listed, which the agent did not tell me about. I had a lot of problems with him and went to the lawyer to get him evicted as he would not let me view the property and there was 6 months utility amount outstanding. After 3 months I went past my house to find that the gates to the property were open and the doors were broken. After inspection my property and getting quotes to repair (as he had maliciously damaged my property)its about half the value of the property to repair. We started to investigate this tenant and he does this to every property he rents and then disappears. Now the principal of the agency and agent refuse to take responsibility for placing such a tenant in my property. What can I do?

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Sid 24th July, 2014 @ 11:49


i am supposed to move in a property in next days, but today i got an email from letting agent saying that this property cannot be let due to reason:
The Landlord regrettably will not authorise for a Gas Safety Certificate to be done on the property and this is a legal requirement. We cannot move a tenant into any property without a Gas Certificate to show that the property is safe.

Before that:
i also told to start serving notice at my current place which i am serving it already, now that this issue i am left no where ?
i confirmed my broadband installation date which is in next 2 days.

they sent me all contract details & asked me to sign & scan & return which i have already done it. not sure what is gonna happen to those documents?

I am in a weird situation & i am very angry with my agent ? don't know what to do ? now they are saying they got couple of other properties if i want they can show & move me on the same date, this is sick those properties what they have sent don't suite my requirement & pricing & not even the location ?

Could some one help me out plz ?


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V SINGH 27th September, 2014 @ 17:01

Please help
We rented a flat through letting agency in London. This agency manager signed contract for one year and gave three month rent cheque post dated in Agust 2012. November rent we was not paid. When we asked, he gave hand written bill. No rent for November.
Then rent came few month.
We wanted to view our property, every time he made excuses. We managed to see some how tenant. Tenant had dispute and court case against letting agent about security money and too much rent. We do not know what happened.
Agust 2013 subletting agreement expired and we wanted our flat back.We went to letting office, Office name was changed. Director of letting Agency met us in our flat and said he has regined from the company, and he will live himself with his newly wed wife in the flat. He did not give flat key back. We made agreement and sent by post. We received signed agreement. Now he stopped rent from eight month. We could not contact him after several emails, recorded letter, twice we went ourselves. Management company said all evidence is no body living in the flat so infront of management co loock was replaced. Inside was lot of mess. After few hours management rang that tenant changed lock again.
We went to court and I was in shoc that ex director refused signature on contract. Another person signed contract and living in the flat. This person is paying rent to letting agency but we are not receiving anything. Even letting company claiming security money from us, which we never had. He is claiming, he has given cash.
Court has given another date, need investigation
We do not know how investigation will proceed, who will do.

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Linda Blake 31st October, 2014 @ 14:27

My parents left me a house in Swansea and I decided to rent it out. The managing agents I use to look after the property have been sending me inspection reports saying that the house is tidy and clean. However, when I recently visited the property (I live in Jersey) the ceiling was hanging down in one of the bedrooms where there had been a leak, the ceiling in the kitchen had a big mark where there had been a leak previously and I had not been informed, there was a black mark around the fuse box which looked as though there could have been a fire and the garden was a total mess (which was my father's pride and joy where all the fences were down and the garden was totally overgrown. When I visited the Agents the next day, they were totally indifferent. I threatened them with legal action but to no avail. Unfortunately I was only in Swansea for a couple of days but since being back in Jersey my e-mails and phonecalls have been ignored. I am at my wits end as to what to do. I have also since found out (on facebook) that the tenant is leaving. Can anyone give me some advice as to what to do next please?

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emma6 31st October, 2014 @ 14:35

@Linda. Go back. Or send someone else round. Take photos. Preferably with the date stamp in the picture.

Then fire the agent, and hire someone else. And this time sit down and read the terms and conditions and discuss with them what you expect by way of inspection and notification.

Then do the repairs, keep the receipts and then sue the agent in the Small Claims Court for the entire cost of the work. You may not get the whole amount, but they are contractually obliged to act on your behalf and to not inform you of the works can easily be argued to have increased the cost of the works required by the delay.

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Housetrashed 1st December, 2014 @ 07:35

Great site, btw! I'll try to keep this brief but a long long story! Basically, rented out my house through a well-known High Street Agent - won't name them and shame them, for will probably go to litigation, and its possible, if not probable, that some really bad LA's may be undercover.... hey, I sound paranoid! Nope, just that I rented out my house, July 2013 for what was meant to be a long let. From day 1, LA's more than useless, no one to do the Inventory, all staff couldn't stand them, finally done same morning of commencement of Tenancy I could go on and on re non-disclosure pre-contractual as to the size of the party ( 4 adults, two toddlers and a cat) Non- provable - all hearsay evidence there, but I managed to get them out a month early - by early surrender. The house was a mess, I cried when I saw the state of it - not only dirty and there was not a speck of dust anywahre at handover, , but damage so unbelievable, I really did have to sit down and cry. As a Christian, I even gave them a welcome present of chocs, flowers, on the day of move in, when tenants were waiting for LA to hurry up with the Inventory - at my cost, sadly. Even LA came out to 'help', though not qualified to do so, don't know about that - think they have to take some sort of Inventory course - but as soon as she got through door, she said and I quote verbatim - thank God for that, I can't stand them in the office any more' Now that stood me in good faith, of their abilities to fully manage my unit, didn't it!

Anyway, because T's so bad, from day 1 after moving, and one day, when I have time, will relate to you all the Tenants and the LA's from hell, that I was employing and paying them £400 pcm to do so...

Just to tell you how bad LA were, they submitted my claim to DPS without my permission. I was on hols at time: I couldn't get back I in time to present all the documentary evidence of the damage, filth, blood even - don't, it was a nightmare and still is! LA just signed it off as clean, missing the obvious cobwebs, and the very noticeable blood on floor. Because I was scared of these horrible tenants, knew where I lived, and had missed the deadline to get doc evidence in to DPS, I just let them keep it. Sometimes life is easier if you just accept bad LA and bad tenants!

But now I have got a bit of the fire in my belly back to name and shame these LA's whom from the very start, were bias to the Tenants. The management was soooo poor, I'd be here all day to tell you.

Early surrender of Tenancy and got them out in May. Asked to be present at checkout: done without my knowledge. House was clean? What with blood and cobwebs and all the damage done.....

Obviously I am a bit ticked off at the moment recounting it all. Sorry guys!

OK, no dealing with LA since asked what to do with their post - July time. Advised to chuck it in the bin, and I quote verbatim. I forwarded it to LA.

But my big prob now is, how long do I have before starting formal complaint, mindful that contract ended May, yet still had dealings with the chap who did the check out ( who had never seen the house before and thought that was CLEAN????) Hey, I am reasonable, but I am talking damage, burn marks to carpets, blood - but after my rant, sorry, my question is, how long do I have to make a formal complain against LA. It looks bad that I let their T's have their deposit back and some dopey persons at the DPS did nt even grasp the concept that when renting out through a LA, the tenants become the LA's tenants. Phwwww!

So basic question is, now I am back and seen the damage to my house, have I left it too long to start the ball rolling - yep, I know all about ARLA, PO and all that, but first off, I need to tell this well known High Street agent that I am not a happy bunny. Anyone know if there is a time-limitation to do that?

Sorry for going on! But months later I am still finding damage - that is how bad they left my beautifully clean house in a pristine condition.

Just off for another cry now! Hope you found this helpful re your own problems, but there are some really good LL out there in the private sector, such as me, but had misfortune to let to a 'professional letting agent'. What a joke!!!!!

OK, said enough! Sorry for length of this, but cathartic - got it off my chest! x

Guest Avatar
Housetrashed 1st December, 2014 @ 07:54

Me again, just had to compliment whoever started this site off! I'd ask your permission to enlargen that pen sketch of throttling a LA and hang it on my wall! I will chuck money at this case, for I am very principled, so don't think such LA like that should get away with it: also for tenants sake with a hugh LA presence like that on the High Street. Of course, there are some good tenants out there, didn't mean to suggest otherwise, just that third parties betweem good LA's and good Tenants, such as really crap LA's, ruin the relationship. It was my misfortune I got really bad T's and really bad LA, that I was paying for their - shall we call it their 'optimum service'. What a joke. Just want to know if I've left it too late since May after formal serverance of AST to start the ball rolling. Cost me money, already handed over a £2000 deposit back to them due to the characrer of these people - but will chuck money at this, just to name and shame this bunch of LA's who actually think it is ok to throw old tenants post in bin as policy????? Hmmm. OK, thanks for any replies - busy off on business trip, but will say in advance thanks for any replies. Am only asking one question though - have I left it too late since May to make a formal complaint to LA? Cheers guys and gals!

And what a brilliant site - well done, to whoever you are, who initiated it! Got to get to work now, filling doors they took chucks out of, and repainting......... and these charaltans who parade as professional LA's are just sitting there counting their money!!!!! Over to you - have a good day all of you, whether you be hard-done by T's, or like me a really excellent LL who happened to employ a LA and got a bad one and bad tenants too!

Take care all! End of rant, sorry!

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Sukhi 3rd December, 2014 @ 21:49

My tenants just moved out of my apartment which is managed by a well know franchise. The property was handed back to the agent and they reported back as having some wear and tare and that I should also have the apartment repainted. I also gave a set of keys to another agent and to their horror they found mould and damp spores around the windows frames and also the walls! The carpets were dirty too! Whenever I have had routine inspection reports, they have always stated that the property was in clean tidy order, they never ever mentioned the condensation and mould!! What do I do and who is to blame? The agent for negligent management or the tenant?

Guest Avatar
Esk 24th January, 2015 @ 11:04

Re: How to make a complaint - another option is to go to court!This is the only way you will have any hope of recovering any actual losses, as awards made by ombudsmen tend to be for only token amounts.
I just won compensation against my letting agents for a catalogue of failures. The judge agreed that the service was "poor" and refunded the management fee, plus compensation for mental distress, as I successfully argued that this was also a contract to provide "peace of mind".
The judge was unable to refund the letting fee due to a "no refunds" clause in the contract - but he did say that this clause was unfair to the landlord. Had I brought a claim under the UTCCR (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations) there is a good chance that this would have succeeded.

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Shoaib 6th February, 2015 @ 21:37

Hi, I just rented a room from a local agent in Colchester for 3 months. They charged 110 bucks for the services. Now they are asking for my card details including security digit. I said that I will make the payment through bank transfer but again they are demanding for the card details. They are also going to charge me for additional 60 bucks as I am going to renew the agreement after 3 months. This is their policy. What should I do now if they insist about the card details?


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cheeky 7th February, 2015 @ 19:17

Please help!! My brother found this property advertised through a estate agent.... paid the admin fees plus six months up front... signed the tenancy through the estage agent, but seems like the landlord is going to maintain himself.... hes been 2 weeks has not been issued with gas safety cert... water pours through shower unit.... the fridge which was supplied dosent work food had has to be thrown away... and too top it all tonight their is water pouring through the ceiling from now the bath...... legally whos to blame the estate agent for advertising it.. PLEASE HELP A WORRIED SISTER:-(

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Housetrashed 9th February, 2015 @ 12:07

Hi all, thank you to recent posters, but especially to Esk: helpful info there, Esk, so thank you again.... But just to get this thread back on topic which I thought was about good LL's employing bad Letting Agents? I had the misfortune to employ bad letting agents who landed me with 'their ' tenants - 'professional' company with a High Street name They were my tenants, who the sub-let to the family from hell. Even the DPS don't understand the concept that major blue chip company were my tenants who then sub-let

I am sorry for those contributors who are renting and have a bad agent and/or landlord or both! But there are some good LL's out there, of which I am one. I was hoping to find some solace and solidarity in hearing of other LL's experience with bad Letting Agents. Thank you again Esk for most useful advice. All I know is that House was trashed, pristine condition before hand, and soooo let done by LA. No duty of care given to me, and bias towards their tenants. Highly unusual, that LA is the tenant who sublets. Any advice re litigation re LA's, highly appreciated. Thanks for listening. Sorry again to those of you who are tenants, but this post is about a LL who employed a LA as her tenant and do not know where to start re litigation.
Bye then, and thanks to the chap who started this site! Made me smile when crying at the state m beautiful house was left! Cheers, mate!

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Crystal 9th February, 2015 @ 22:16

Compared to some of the messages on this board, I have no doubt that this is trivial.

I used a larger company to fully manage my property which is a 1 bed flat on the M25 belt into London. It was my pride and joy as it was my first big purchase at a younger age and hence why I could not see someone else live in there.

The landlord called numerous times during the first 6 months with things for me to sort, of which I did as I was new to this and trusted what they were telling me.
When the couple moved out they had cut into major pressurised pipework, damaged brand new lino and done a bodge job repair, marked, removed, damaged and thrown away furniture. I know some is part wear and tear but some was just wrong and they were in breech of the contract for damaging and disposing of items without informing the agent or the agent informing me.

I am now seriously out of pocket as the boiler has now broken down twice and both have been costly repairs; I have stated that this must be from the original tenants but the agents are saying that it is now!!!!!

In addition I am continuously being told one thing that results in another and more stress my way; this time round I agreed (before I knew the issue with what they had done to my flat) that the first tenants could extend the agreement by 6 months; they then changed their mind and hence moved out whereby I visited after their inventory company and a agent from the management company and they missed the pipework damage and missing/damaged furnishings!!!! that was a worry to start.

Anyway a new tenant was put in and as I had only seen the last tenancy agreement where I clearly stated 6 months as sadly the fees I have to pay for the care of my relatives has drained us and although we work all the hours we can it is still not sufficient, so I told them why I would only offer 6 months.

I made contact with them to arrange the handover in a few months as I have agents ready to value the property to sell it to my horror to be told that the property is rented for 1 year and that was what I agreed which I clearly did not, on the original email it states that they have a tenant but do not state the length and as the last contract I wrote 6 months I need to find out if this is upheld or do they actually have more power than the owner of the property!!!!! I am so upset and obviously to trusting and soft for being a landlady! I feel that I am over a barrel and have lost money and am still in the process of fighting to get funds back for the damaged pipework as the old tenants did not agree and the DPS are holding the money, although I have had to pay out for the repairs! I dread to think if I will have to take it to court the hassle and stress has been unbearable and I am a bag of nerves and distraught by this whole process I would not recommend it for those with a caring nature as you just get abused by all people and do not trust ANYONE!

The company is run by a cold hearted manager they are based in Loughton Essex, be warned and take care as they will abuse your trust!

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christine herbert-mo 18th February, 2015 @ 16:19

tHE LAND LADY HAS A VALID LEGAL CASE She should get herself a contact solicitor/ Citizen advise Bureaunto sicuss her case to see the way forward., regarding the last contract she wrote 6 months. Further she need to find out if this is upheld or do they actually have more power than the owner of the property!!!!! she is so upset and obviously to trusting and soft for being a landlady! I feel that I am over a barrel and have lost money and am still in the process of fighting to get funds back for the damaged pipework as the old tenants did not agree and the DPS are holding the money, although I have had to pay out for the repairs. Dont give up the fight if she loses not to worry as she made an effort to fight injustice.
I wish her the best.
Christine H-M Advocacy

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Dave 25th February, 2015 @ 00:35

Hello Everyone
I do hope someone can help as I am so very worried and my stress & depression has got so much worse (have doctor prescribed meds for depression).
My eldest son & I have been renting a ground floor flat for 2 years now and over the last year or so had so many problems with noise from upstairs and their 4 yr old who constantly races up and down the flat sounding and feeling like an elephant is about to come crashing through the ceiling, amongst numerous other noises including washing machine running from 6:30am regularly, which obviously wakes me up, (I sleep in lounge as my other son joined us and gave him the other bedroom, also i take many other medications for pain which are very strong and wipe me out most mornings, asleep on sofa)all these noises wake me up even through strong meds meaning i get no more than 1 hours sleep at a time, through all the shouting, screaming, things being thrown and child running and seems to be jumping off furniture all mornings, whilst his mother stays in her bed watching daytime tv, so he's obviously wanting attention...

As we hear almost everything, the property obviously isn't sound-proofed and noise transmits so much. The landlord says there are slabs of concrete every so often on floors above yet doesn't seem to help deaden the noise
So not all the neighbours fault i supposeas floors, ceilings are so thin

The problem i have is the agents want me out and i have no funds to get another place for deposit and rent in advance nor is my credit record very good

I don't get, why I am the one being asked to go yet i have been the victim all through the issues and incedents with the noisy neighbours. I recently had to call the police as noise was bad one late saturday night that i went upstairs to ask them to stop (the chap was making banging on purpose because i banged my foot once on the floor when heavy banging started)

He smelt of alcohol and started threatening me and wanting to go outside to fight, which was all he was interested in, and coming right up to my face with abuse and language etc

I reported it several days later and informed my agent. The agent replied to my email rather harshly/negatively as he usually does with me for some reason and stating "well there's always 2 sides to every story"

So just because i have followed procedures and also tried the noise dept at the council, that i am being seen as the bad guy and not the victim - what am i supposed to do - roll over and keep my mouth shut and do nothing? The banging EVERY DAY for most of the day is driving me crazy.

The outcome of the noise dept in council simply stated the recording didn't give enough evidence as they say everyone uses washing machines regardless of time, all children do as this one does by running, banging etc and all children throw things even heavy items making a lot of noise and no doubt damage

Any advice and help would be much appreciated

Thank you very much

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emma6 25th February, 2015 @ 09:48

The Police won't help unless you have been specifically threatened. You should be keeping a diary of what noise occurs at what time and what it does to you and then you call Environmental Health.

But if you have been asked to move, why don't you just move? There are other places to live that will give you less misery. As regards deposit, if you leave your place nice, you'll get your last deposit back and you can use that for the next one. Borrow off friends for the rest.

Guest Avatar
Dave 25th February, 2015 @ 12:31

Thanks Emma
But I've done that and environmental health put recording device in but as I said they reckon the noises are normal, si no luck there.

I would have moved like a shot if I could but no one to borrow from, certainly not tthat much and obviously deposit comes back way after its needed for another place, and as credit not good I would need to find private landlord which aren't many about as most go through agents now

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RRRRRRRob 18th July, 2015 @ 18:31

Hi please help, ive just paid 3 agent admin fees for a property £120 me £84 my partner and £84 my teenage son to reference us for a property,unbeknown to me my partner has failed her credit check due to a CCJ, are the agents within their rights to keep mine and my sons fees due to my partners failed credit check????? any advice is welcome thanks Rob

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christine herbert-mo 31st July, 2015 @ 16:44

Thank you Rory for the up-date property complaint agent lettings, this is unjust treatment for the tenant TO BE un beknown to her partner he was in IGNORANGCE to check her credit check due to CCJ. I don`t think that the agent has the legal right to keep their fees if they haven`t had aaaaaaaan tenancy agreement.


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Luisa 27th August, 2015 @ 08:18

I recently bought a property and have nothing but trouble from the estate agents and their solicitors which by the way are not our acting solicitors.Unfortunately we had no option in which estate agents we used as they were the ones selling the new builds. The manager was rude and would call me numerous times during the day forcing me to exchange and complete. Their solicitors would send threating emails saying we were a joke and if we didn't complete we would lose the property as other people were interested. After we finally exchanged as this is our first property and we were worried we were actually going to use it the manager was so rude to me constantly because of my age would continuously speak down to me and be rude. He would make comments like "some of us have kids to look after" when we were trying to arrange a visit on the property he made us rush to exchange on. When I confronted him and said he would never make comments like that if I was older and he only feels he can speak to me like that because of my age he responded I never spoke to your mum like that which proved my point really. He said I was just demanding and when I didn't get my way I would throw a fit which is the most inappropriate comment to make to a customer at the best of time especially when that accusation is a lie!!!
Their solicitors who were the ones who bullied us to complete on a property that wasn't even properly ready sent 3 leases all breaking the data protection by having the old tenants name and address on it which we asked them to change all 3 time and it still wasn't done. I had my solicitors who was suppose to be working with me instead was working with whatever the estate agents solicitors said and kept forcing us to sign an incorrect lease which we refused as I wanted to see the lease had been properly corrected before I signed a legal document. We have been trying to sign a corrected lease for a month now still no sign of it I have emailed the estate agents solicitors directly as my solicitors doesn't seem to be chasing it and still no corrected lease. so after they forced to complete on a property that wasn't finished we have no signed lease and are still having to deal with rude estate agent's! is there anything I can do? I have tried to make a compliant internally through the estate agents just to have him be rude to me and make it sound like I am the one in the wrong so no solution has been made. They have brought so much stress on me so at a time where buying my first place with my partner was meant to be exciting instead has been the worse experience of my life. HELP

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Ali 23rd December, 2015 @ 12:54

Landlords, beware of Whitegates estate agency in yorkshire. They are totally rubbish and inept!

They have shoddy contractors that damage properties and no re-compensation is sought, the landlord is left to foot the bill!

Avoid at all costs!

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bbarba 3rd March, 2016 @ 01:51

do not use Edward mellor estate agency. as a tenancy 2weeks from moving in I reported maggots in the living room. informed agency and then the landlord came around abusively it was awfull. I explained to the landlord its not personal that I was ibiding to my obligations to prevent the property from manefestaion. the agency told me oh do not woory its the landlords first house he has no peoples skills ???. I pottered along etc and vidiod the maggats moving . I wanted to move out but n where else to go. fast forward the fridge stunk even after many many in and out cleaning and frige freshners lemon etc. letting himself into the house threatning me etc. the agency were so laid back its unbeliverable . yet the agency according to terms and conditions also have a duty to the tenant and not just landlord. end result I kept the house clean tidy. also reported repairs that was not carried out appropriate timeing or not repaired at all. i am now moving out after receiving a notice 21 ha . i was going anyway ?. my rent is up to date . the agency did not even send me a curtisy letter to inform me. my daughter called the agency to ensure they were informed off the landlords actions. was only after i then get a letter stating leave the house clean. ha the house is in better standards on that scale to when i moved in. but hey does that mean i have to leave replace the maggots then to the standard it was on the inventory ???. if i did i would love to be a fly on the wall when they noticed the maggots. My leave them where i found them ??. any tips from you lot reading this ?? cheers

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Dave walker 15th April, 2016 @ 13:49

Please can anyone advise?? My daughter recently found a flat through Connells estate agents to rent. She was so excited to be finally moving in with her boyfriend so had no hesitation in paying a £500 holding fee. A few days later my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been given a few months to live. My daughter has now decided to stay at home to nurse her mum .
She informed Connells of this and although it was only a week after signing the agreement they have told her she will not get a penny of her holding fee back. Are they within their rights to do this as I'm very angry about it and assumed that they would return most of it at least. I'm very stressed as you can imagine.

Guest Avatar
Simon Pambin 17th April, 2016 @ 12:35

Hi Dave,

Legally, they probably are well within their rights (depending on the terms of the holding deposit. Morally, well, they're living up to general reputation of estate agents. If I really had to defend them I'd point out that they will incur some additional costs through having to find new tenants but, if the property's halfway decent, that could be as little as picking up the phone to one of the couples who missed out.

You might try appealing to their better nature (ha!) or, if that doesn't work, a word with the local paper, although they may be reluctant to rock the boat with one of their main sources of advertising revenue. Don't let it stress you though: £500 isn't a trivial amount of money but you're better off cheerfully waving it goodbye, rather than letting it nag away at you when you've got more important things to care about.

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Emily Maposa 5th May, 2016 @ 21:02

Please advise.Euro Estate Agents in Leicester who managed my property have let me down by their poor management.They didn't take photos when the Tenant moved in & when the Tenant moved they they blamed them for the torn carpets,but the Tenant took photos when they moved in.The carpets where torn by the previous Tenants.They also deducted some money from the rent to fix an outside leaking roof & it was never done.They never did any inspections on the property.
I feel the Estate Agent need to pay for the torn carpets because of their mismanagement & refund us money for the roof.They are saying they will inform the previous tenants about the torn carpets .

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Anna 25th June, 2016 @ 10:13

Hi- Looking for advice pretty quickly if anyone has any! I have been viewing properties in Manchester, and viewed one yesterday which I immediately told the estate agent I would like to put an application in for. It was her last viewing of the day, I had filled in an application form and had cash available for a deposit and application fees. The estate agent told me to wait for the fee's until the morning and scan the application form over and email it to the email address on the application form as she did not accept cash as she was going straight home. We shook hands and as far as I was concerned it was a done deal for going so far as referencing, etc. She even agreed I could cancel any further viewings I had. I scanned and emailed all the appropriate paperwork across that night and now today, I rang up as requested first thing to pay the fees over the phone with my card to be informed that the other estate agent was in a meeting with someone else who had just put an application in? This is despite the fact I had left a voicemail before they opened asking them to call me back first thing and ensure I had the correct documentation so everything was in order. Now the estate agent tells me there is nothing she can do but speak to the landlord and I basically have no rights. Naturally, I feel cheated, frustrated, and very upset as I had finished looking and was delighted! Is there anything I can do here? Do I have any leg to stand on, or do I just have to accept that due to colleague miscommunication I am back to square one? Any help would be appreciated!

Guest Avatar
Simon Pambin 26th June, 2016 @ 15:42

If it's any consolation, the estate agent who dealt with you is probably feeling pretty peeved that her colleague has jumped in and nicked her commission.

I don't think there's much you can do from a legal standpoint as the landlord or his agent is not obliged to accept tenants on a first come, first served basis and it would be hard to quantify a financial loss in any case.

Your only hope is if the landlord is either moved by your plight or reckons that you'll make a better tenant than the other applicant. Failing that, you're better off forgetting it and moving on, I'm afraid.

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Scared to loose home 26th October, 2016 @ 04:51

Have rented a property for nearly 2 years with my children after my separation with my husband, when I first signed I paid over 7500 as deposit and fees and 6 months up front .. When 6 months was up I signed again paying a fee and they wanted another 6 months rent up front I did this again in June having to pay up 5500 up front plus a fee... My 6 months is up in December and the letting agency are wanting me to pay another 6 months upfront .. I have asked them if I can pay monthly now but they are saying no I have also offered 3 months up front but they are determined to take the whole 6 months money or me and the kids are out at Christmas .. The boiler is broken at the property and I hardly get heating and hot water the guttering is broken it's been reported but nothing is ever done by the maintenance side .. Which also makes me wary of paying do much up front .. Are they in there rights to do this or can I stay and pay not do much up front .. Please help!!!!

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Beatriz Pilat 26th November, 2016 @ 06:24

Hope someone could help me, We rented a property in January 2013 - January 2015.The letting agency did not mention the initial gas reading,but they instructed us that we have to use or inserted a £1 in order to have electricity supply.After two weeks of leaving,we received a gas bill which is estimated reading.I rang the landlord cause he told us that we can contact him straightaway if we have any problem.I asked him where is the gas meter reading as we received a estimated reading,he replied dont worry i will sort it out.I was in doubt because even summer time we continiously receiving a gas bills every three months.I rang the landlord again that was about September 2013 asking where is the gas meter reading as we always received the estimated bills.I never seen no one as well from the british gas coming to get the reading.During our stay for two years we received the estimated reading.The landlord never told us the location of the meter reading.I did not give attention too much as well regarding that matter as the bills was only £10 maximum of £ 35 during our two years of stay.I did not surprised if low amount as we used gas supply for only one old fire gas
which located in the. kitchen.Before moving out i contacted all like water ,change of address and the british gas informing them that we moving out,but they were asking about the final meter reading which i. can not provide as i dont know where is the meter reading.I contacted the letting agency telling about it but i been told i need to leave my current address and contact number so tthat they can contact us when needed which i did.On June 2016 I received a letter from debt collection that we have to pay £646.00 from bill period of January 2016 to March 2016.I rang the debt collection and the british gas that we move out January 2015.They sent us onother bill which they move the date to October 2014 to January 2015 which the same amount.I contacted the letting agency and the landlord but i did not get positive answer or attention from them.I went to citizens advice Bureau but they can only help me to sort the payment.I asked help as well from ombudsman but still they did not involved the landlord or letting agency who can supposed to give the initial and final gas reading if they got one as i never seen one in the Flat.Still we need to pay but i am not happy as i wanted the initial and final reading reading during our stay but no one can help us.Im hoping you can give me advice.Thank you

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Indres 6th December, 2016 @ 11:30

My house was let through Foxtons in Battersea. Apparently I agreed online to a contract fo a two year lease with no termination clause.

I understand that this si dliberate that they can receive their fees upfront and tie up the landlord and tenants.

Now that I want to sell the property, the tenants are fefusing to leave and demanding compensation.

Foxton's fees are exhorbitant and the service is very poor and they are not interested in assisting in any way.

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Shaida 8th December, 2016 @ 12:27

Hi we rented a flat in a well area .on seeing the flat everything looked good ,but day before we moved in I req to see property agan ,to my horror the kitchen oven and hob disgustingly dirty and problems with doors open. I did not relise this was going to be start of my problem,next day mov in to find no shower heads were working.sick taps when swith ed on water over fallen sink and that's why there was damp smell in Bath room and skirting board all cracked and paint flaked no heating working no fans working .no fair alarms which later after 3 wks fixed and we're 2yrs old. and problems went on and on .the shower heads took three days to repair heating had so much problem we were told we didnt knoepw how to use the heating .that's true as nit leflets given until 1wk after miveing in was sent by agen on e msil lefket.still today I'm struggling with no fans in Bathroom and kitchen .no vantilatiom in either of these rooms ,I'm on the phone to agents and there not helping ,they keep sending people to look at fans but no one wants to repair as long is now 8wks since iv moved In we have very poor communication with our agents who are based in Essex when ever we complain of problems they say the previous tent did not complain and said us emails like we are stupid. They have also put me on a speaking without asking my permission where a senior member of the agents accused me of making
Things up was very rude which I heated up and nasty words were exchange and I live 2 hours away from agent have repeatly asked for them to sort problem but in there not urgent, we have had to leave our bath room door open so the air is clearing in baths but told that I will cause damp in other rooms and need three problem with fan sorte my ddaughter is asthmatic and is get regular attacks.p cause of poor vantilatiom. We have leaking water fridge which is not cooling fridge evenly as well and being told we don't clean or we are switching fridge as been very stressful living in the flat as it is really cold in one of the rooms and keep getting cold but agents.please helpppp I have repeatly asked agents I will drop my rent payment I'm are in my rights ,was told by citazine3 beau in 8 wks they have to sort all your problems which they have not done.please help

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Fed up landlord 23rd February, 2017 @ 19:54

As a landlord I am being refused any access to the property and when costly repairs ate needed (I have to take letting agents word for these) I am not allowed to know who the contractors quoting for the work are and don't even see the actual quotes just one line in an email from the letting agent eg cost of work is £450 & vat. I never get to know the contractors names and as such never have any guarantees for any work done. Is this fair?
Any advice gratefully accepted!

Guest Avatar
Jim Mack 19th April, 2017 @ 20:49

I am currently renting a house on a 6 month contract. As we are coming to the end of the contract I was contacted by the agent as they wanted to conduct a property check. I let them know the date i was available and took the day off work, however they didn't turn up or bother to contact me. Due to this, I was unable to hand over my written notice, which is required even though my contract is up.
They are now demanding that i pay an extra months rent and are threatening to extract the money from my guarantor. My question is, as they didn't bother to attend (i suspect purposefully), am i liable for the extra month?
Any advice would be welcome.

Guest Avatar
Fern Sting 21st April, 2017 @ 15:33

We are renting a property and have given our month notice to vacate. I came home today to find that all the curtains had been opened and our estate agents had conducted a viewing without our knowledge or permission. We feel violated and our contract states that at least 24 hours notice has to be given. The estate agents said a voice message had been left, but we have no record of this. Where do we stand?

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 21st April, 2017 @ 17:35

Giving you notice alone isn't enough, you need to grant access, otherwise it *could* be deemed as harassment. Refer to this blog post for more details:

I would lodge an official complaint with agents and make them aware you know your rights (even if they don't, which wouldn't be surprising). If you want to take it further, notify the agents you will be lodging a complain with the Property Ombudsman ( and/or whatever other redness schemes they are registered with.

The details are all in the blog post above...

Good luck.


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