Bill Gates House

Most people would assume that the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, would live in a house that makes P Diddy’s house look like a cardboard box in Harlem. I can’t quite confirm the speculation, but I can confirm that Bill Gate’s has one hell of a pad (as you can see from the teaser snap above); it’s worth a few pennies, too. There is one thing that is safe to assume, the place is filled to the brim with gadgets and other useless sci-fi junk that is certain to make any Star Trek fan wet their pants.

So let’s take a look at what, where and how the richest man in the world lives…

A sneak peak inside Bill Gates house

Inside Bill Gates HouseTo kick things off, let me show you teaser of inside Bill Gates House. Apparently this is a famous snap of a room inside moneybags crib…I’m not entirely sure how authentic this is, but apparently it’s real. Regardless, I don’t know about you, I think it looks swell, but i’m not sure how safe i’d feel with sharks and killer whales floating around so closely to home…what if the glass cracks?


Bill Gates’ house is a large earth-sheltered mansion in the side of a hill overlooking Lake Washington in Medina, Washington. To please the crowd that see Gatesy as a sexual object (I hear there is a huge bucket load of you out there), 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039, is his exact address. If anyone plans on stalking moneybags, be careful, apparently the place is protected by robots that are equipped with lazor guns. No, really.


The house was designed by a guy called James Cutler, the best-known architect of Northwest Style, apparently. “Pacific lodge” is the chosen style for the residence. What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s just made from huge wooden panels to give it a “cabin lodge” effect from what I can make out. Can anyone explain further?

There has been lot of speculation that the house was designed on a Macintosh. I’m guessing only computer geeks will “speculate” about which type of computer the Microsoft Mogal used to design it. Normal people wouldn’t give a damn. I’m sure if you search on Google for long enough, you’ll find someone called Howard who has whipped up an article in his parents’ basement, on how Bill Gates backstapped his own company by using a Mac to design his house.

Pictures of the Gates’ complex are both private and copyrighted- what a shame. There are a lot of pictures available, but they’re mainly of the building exterior and the grounds. Additionally, information regarding the house is quite limited.

  • The house occupies 50,000 square feet on 5.15 acre land. Garage space and outbuildings occupy an additional 16,000 square feet
  • A 17 × 60 foot (5.1 × 18.2 metre) swimming pool, which has an underwater music system and a fossil-motif floor
  • Swimmers can dive under a glass wall and emerge outdoors by a terrace
  • Lights automatically come on when you enter a room
  • Speakers are hidden beneath the wallpaper to allow music to follow from room to room
  • Visitors to the residence are surveyed and given a microchip upon entrance. This small chip sends signals throughout the house, and a given room’s temperature and other conditions will change according to preset user preferences
  • grand staircase
  • large private library with a domed reading room
  • formal dining room
  • exercise room
  • outdoor sports courts
  • Property records indicate eight bedrooms and four building levels
  • Much of the Bill Gates house is built underground into the hill, so the house looks smaller than it actually is.
  • The beach sand on the bank of the lake is not from Lake Washington, it is barged in annually from a tropical beach in St. Lucia
  • The wood columns from main floor to roof in entry area are over 70 feet tall
  • Some of the interior passage doors weigh over 800 lbs, but are balanced for easy use
  • The roofing is stainless steel
  • Hidden cameras are everywhere, including the interior stone walls
  • Gates insisted on saving a 40 year old maple adjacent to the driveway. The tree is monitored electronically 24 hours per day via computer. If it seems dry, it gets just the right amount of water automatically delivered
  • All woodwork is flawless. Much of the woodwork is of various rare types from all over the world – imported especially for this house
  • The theater (underground in a concrete shell) is the most state of the art theatre in the world according to specialty contractor

My mate Billy actually purchased the plot of land for $2million back in 1988. After 7 years of intensive makeovers; according to King County public records, as of 2005, the total assessed value of the property (land and house) is $200 million, and the annual property tax is $991,000. I imagine it’s probably worth more than that now.


Birdseye View
Bill Gates House- Birdseye View

Bill Gates House- Birdseye View 2

View from lake
Bill Gates House- View from lake

Bill Gates House- View from lake 2

Bill Gates House- View from lake 3

Bill Gates House- View from lake 4

Virtual View
Bill Gates House- Virtual View

Bill Gates House- Fireplace

Virtual Tour

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Ray Haynes Conley2011-10-28 16:24:21

His architect may have designed it on a mac because it is easier to manipulate, but the construction documents had to be AutoCAD, which is a pc product, and is world wide the best product for technical drawings. I have been doing AutoCAD since 1984 so I should know.

Ray Conley
84 year old licensed architect, Texas

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Haroon2011-10-31 04:13:01

Nice House And great rich man....

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bimal2011-11-21 17:30:50

looks like he is saving life of something more for human world.i mean feed them who dont get food in nepal.make them to generate income for life.

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hi xx2011-11-24 13:57:09

you are a chease ball

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Leiw2011-11-24 14:01:15


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brandon dollory2011-11-24 14:03:12

this is to all you pakeys out there all of the pakeys and you have had your forceskin cut of

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kc carroll2011-12-14 15:17:06


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NOBY CH2011-12-23 14:43:19

Bill gates DESERVE it Because his hard work and helping mind GOD BLESS YOU GATES ALWAYS AND WILL FOREVER'''''

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Loser2011-12-30 10:38:50

look at the right side bottom of the 1st pic how did sunlisght come thru the door

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shashank2012-01-02 13:23:04

I think it is fake but, even though i don't belive it. i am impresed by his design and shape.

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ggg2012-01-14 21:50:23

hi can you lend me ur money

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James H2012-01-18 21:36:18

what a great house

1. hes planing on giving away most of his money to charity so i think he can have as big of a house as he wants
2. all the people who are asking for money, if you worked as hard as he has you wouldnt need his money

3. for all you people who are saying god bless hes an atheist...

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margaret frank2012-01-19 19:10:54

A man can do nothing better than 2 eat n drink n find satisfaction in his work.This one is from hand of God becos all good gift come God.God bless u sir.

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lois2012-01-24 15:23:08

please can me and my law group come and stay at your house ?? love you xxxx

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brandon dollery2012-01-24 16:26:46

you are gay

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margaret frank2012-01-29 22:30:24

I wish to be like you sir,with so much wealth so that i can help whoever i want to.

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margaret frank2012-01-29 22:38:13

I wish to be like you sir,with so much wealth so that i can help whoever i want to.No that day God will not asked you how many houses or cars you have,but what have you done to God matter.

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margaret frank2012-01-30 16:55:17

Good evering dear sir.Hope you had a wonderful time with your family.Dear sir,my charity home is ready,but no cash to fun it. i was wondering if you can help i love taking care of less privilege children but i don't have the contact +2348077261570

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ibrahim2012-03-04 08:07:25

aaaassssss hhhhhhhhoooooooolllllllleeeeeeee he is the richist person of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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P.H.Hussain2012-03-22 10:09:01

in my life i see frist largest house.i wiss this house bulit engineer..............

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hey shinana2012-03-26 17:41:55

love ur house

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holly2012-04-19 23:49:49

Lake Washington (the lake he lives on...) is a freshwater lake. He can't possibly have that aquarium because all those animals are saltwater.. If it is real then all those animals would not be healthy because there is nothing inside that tank, no plants no coral, nothing.

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debs2012-10-18 13:56:51

leave the guy alone, stop asking him for money do you think he even reads this blog or gives a shit about anyone else outside his family and friends or weather your dad is dying or your school is closing, also just because he has a lot of money does not make him a god like some of you seem to think

2012 better bring a damn good culling - cull those who have more money than sense - cull those who have no concious

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Ron2012-10-28 01:52:46

Mr. Gate,
I really don't care about your money. You are rich, but I have lots of love from my love ones. Money can come and go. But when a person's journey life ends, where would the money go to. Thankfully, God has giving me the strenght to touch those who care to help each other.

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Buddy2012-10-31 05:28:50

These comments are crazy, stop looking for a handout, he worked very hard for his wealth and he's not going to send you anything. I'm poor also, always need money but I'm not going to try to ask a stranger for money.
Also he happens to be atheist so any god talk is just nonsense.

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Frehiwot2012-11-30 09:30:43

Bill gate’s houses is very nice I love it and I wonder him.
Frehiwot Tefera
From Addis Ababa (Ethiopia

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Frehiwot2012-11-30 09:33:39

Can I visit?

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sandrose kc2012-12-04 10:41:44

nice house one day i will also have mine better than this

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rixy2013-01-04 08:18:46

ur cool

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crazy lady.....2013-01-24 05:00:09

WOW you ppl r nuts............

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Akash2013-03-29 17:38:12

absolutely gorgeous

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KRISHNA2013-07-16 07:19:03

W0W AWESOM It's excellent and very gorgeous

Default Avatar
yogi2013-07-20 11:36:57

absolutely gorgeous

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Sheik gibriel musa2013-08-18 13:18:42

God is really Great to peoples all around the world especially Mr.Bill.may God endour him with courage to others to become sucess at him.

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Sheik gibriel musa2013-08-18 13:25:24

God it really good

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Jeff2013-08-22 04:59:31

Sharks and Dolphins cannot co-habitat.

Fake tank.

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Michael2013-09-10 05:09:42

Mr. gates nice house God bless you....

i too i have so many ideas but i don't have any support.if you don't mind Mr. gates help me please

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A Bill Gates rezidencia | Blog2013-10-02 11:46:59

[…] forrás: […]

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William Ring2013-10-24 23:14:48

Wow how can i live in this place like this. Bill Gates nice place you got.

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Macdonald2013-11-10 07:32:18

This is nice Mr Gates, i'm convinced that hard work brings success.

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[…] great ol’ Ballmer try, with top-tier support and new features gliding out faster than fish in Bill Gates’ home aquarium […]

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Which Console to Buy: Wii U, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 | nintendo-techzone.com2013-12-13 18:52:42

[…] nice ol’ Ballmer try, with top-tier support and new features gliding out faster than fish in Bill Gates’ home aquarium […]

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Arjun khandare2014-01-03 08:26:00

Its not the perfect HOUSE.....MR. BILL GATES....

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sibusiso blessing2014-02-06 22:51:55

I wish to be like u in mind and wealthy.I thank god for the man like your kind

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Swapan2014-02-20 04:58:35

Mr.Gates has shown the world that nothing is impossible for a human, what else a man can expect more than this...

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mir mansoor2014-02-28 16:40:23

dear sir,
I love bilgates Nd my desire is to see and met bilgates , even though I don't have ample money to Go USA but my love augmentes my desire to met bilgates. I am very very big fan of bilgates.
I love u sooooo much .

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Billy Elliott2014-03-17 00:43:55

Bill gates should have a tour of his house open to anyone

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morgan2014-03-23 14:20:14

Bill gates is awsome and deserves it because he works hard.

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Maryam2014-04-05 16:21:03

I wonder what he has done which cause god give him manner and health and wealth he must be a piece of light and empty of hatered

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doscoali2014-04-05 17:52:16

to expand with ur group i have own computer mind like u bill


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