How to Report A Landlord That Doesn’t Comply With Health And Safety

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I’m under no illusion, Landlords have a bad reputation; real bad reputation, and much of the bad press is justified. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult stain to wipe away while so many rogue Landlords continue to operate.

Over the years I’ve encountered some shady landlords do the most bizarre shit, either because they’re too lazy to do a proper job, or because they want to cut corners in order to save money. From my experience, most of the wrong doings have been health and safety related e.g. neglecting to get a Annual Gas Safety check.

I don’t claim to be the best Landlord, I make mistakes, but I try my best, and I do stick to the law by complying with all landlord legal obligations.

I think a major problem is that tenants aren’t always fully aware of their statutory rights, and consequently have no idea if they’re “legally” being mistreated or not. That unfortunately works in the favour of the rogue landlord. However, I’d like to think that the majority of sane tenants are aware of their most basic rights- because most of it really is common sense. For example, ALL tenants are entitled to flowing hot/cold water and working heating- the landlord has to provide that by law.

Report your bad landlord

If you’re a tenant and you’re fully aware that your landlord is breaking health and safety laws, or you have a very strong suspicion he/she is, you should do the following:

1) Contact your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Before reporting your landlord, you may wish to seek legal advise first.

I would recommend contacting your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau for free legal advice. They should make you fully aware of your rights and clarify whether you have a case or not.

2) Report your landlord to Health and Safety Executive
To report your landlord, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the place to visit. There is an option to report a landlord online either via the website or via email. Alternatively, a designated team member will call you back within 1 hour (tested, and it works).

Bear in mind, HSE will only deal with the current problems. For example, if you have a mould manifestation that your landlord won’t address.

Once your complaint is lodged, and assuming it’s legitimate and meets HSE guidelines, they should take immediate action by writing a letter to your landlord. If they receive no response from the landlord, they will send a second. If your landlord fails to respond and take reasonable actions to resolve the problem, court proceedings may commence by the HSE.

So, if you’re a tenant that is at the mercy of a rogue landlord that isn’t complying with their health & Safety legal obligations, report him/her. Remember, if you let your landlord get away with it now, they will continue to get away with it!

Out of curiosity, any tenants ever had a Landlord that neglected their legal obligations in any shape or form?

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lauryn 7th January, 2014 @ 21:44

Hi well I have a child and lived in a place for 4 months now but of which couldnt stay for the first month, there was a washing machine and cooker there at the viewing but when moved in discovered that, cooker didnt work or washing machine it took him 2weeks to replace the cooker and a month to replace the washing machine, along with removing the previous tenants stuff (which took photos of) all down to back of his shop also found a months worth of food in a defrosted freezer that had been there for months..I have left it out for a airing as suggested by landlord for days and yet 4months on an I still have the smell of rotten meat In the freezer I bleach it 3 times a week and can freeze food cause it make the food itself and packaging smell.. I constantly telling him it needs sorting, and a light in my living room which is dangling down no pastic round bit at the top and exposed burnt wires which I found out by firemen that there was a dangerous fire in that property, I have had things like cctv in the house, but I took it all down due to the fact I have a son.. will be greatful for a e mail as my landlord can not continue to do this or to others..

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Jamie 24th January, 2014 @ 10:33

basically i live with my landlord and she has converted the living room into her bedroom. Because i went out at 1 am out the front door she is locking it at 10 pm and not giving me a key is this legal.

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zayne 26th January, 2014 @ 13:51

Hi I moved into my property 3 days before Christmas before I moved in I viewed the property and noticed that there was no gas meter at all in the property, he told me don't worry it will get sorted before you move in so we said ok the day come to move in we got there wit all our stuff to find the gas meter still hasn't been done, it's 26/1/2014 now and still we have no gas as it has been cut off from street because no gas man will sign a safty certificate until all pipes and boiler has been checked so me and my partner have been sitting in a small room for just over a month now with just a little electric fire no way of having baths drying my clothes washing my dishes or putting heating on it is so cold we have been i'll for weeks can someone tell me what I should do as I don't want to be on the streets as I am afraid to report the landlord

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P'D OFF 31st January, 2014 @ 20:53

zayne i am aiming this at you mostly:

I moved in my property 6 months ago and informed that landlord the boiler isn't working as it should, and that i don't have a safety cert..they said it's in the flat, but i can still not find one anywhere!

The radiators came on every time i ran the tap. My mother who works at YCH as a maintenance supervisor (i think for over 10 years at least) said that she has never heard of a boiler that does's not right.

The request to have a look was ignored. Then early December 2013 i was woken by my neighbors, and elderly couple, below me that the boiler was leaking. I put a towel under it and informed the landlords the next day.

6 weeks later into Jan 2014 i had to write a polite but stern letter about my rights, and quotes from the gov website about their responsibilities...

The next day a british gas engineer came out and condemed the boiler saying that its immediately putting mine and my daughter's life in goes the gas and boiler.

Landlord is then informed by both myself and BG, i have the paperwork, and she said she cannot afford it; was later refused credit to get one.

To cut a long story short, i bought 2x2000 watt fan heaters out of my rent, sent the reciepts off to the landlord and contacted environmental health at the local council.

They have been out and spoken to the landlord...i am now waiting for Monday to get the response.

So don't be scared! Being this way (even thought i know its probably hard for you) is going to end you up where you don't want to be. You need to read online everything you can about your rights and stand your ground :)

Hope this helps a little...i know it's a bit blunt.

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Rights None 7th February, 2014 @ 00:48

I reported private landlord to Gas Safe as he employed a rogue builder that was not gas safe and who left me for a weekend with no gas flue and covered the roof (any gas exit) with tarpaulin. I was ill and was saved by a friend noticing this. The Gas safe people came round saw the photos and reported to HSE who are now dealing with it. Today I have been served with a section 21 and have to get out in 2 months. I am livid that we have no rights, Can i take him to court and if so what would be the financial risks as I am not a wealthy person. The move alone and new deposits etc will be stretching my wallet and I have nothing spare.
Any ideas please

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natasha rivera 11th February, 2014 @ 03:46

im living in a basement aparment i move to the basement cause i couldnt afford the rent i didnt paid my landlord for to month i been telling him to fix my apartment he wont fix it i been getting sick since i move to these apartment my lips got swollen that never happen to me im about to be 3 month pregnant. he rush to fix my apartment

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Stuart Miller 12th February, 2014 @ 12:15

My local council have moved me into a temporary house which could be up to 2 years until they find me a 1 bedroom flat due to me being made homeless.Iv been in this house almost 6 months but here lies my problem,the house is infested with woodlice which iv been informed cannot be treated properly iv done everything possible to rid me of this infestation but have basically hit a brick wall.Do you have any advice which could help my cause as the council and environmental have not lived up to my expectations or i feel not taking my case serious enough.Do you know if my case could be serious enough resulting in me being eligible for rehoming?Any information would be much obliged,thankyou.

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kazzy 20th February, 2014 @ 10:47

I rent from a private landlord and he wont release me from my contract, i want to leave but holding me to term, yet i have no gas safety certificate i have no hot water or heating, the heating was switched off because the boiler was leaking carbon monoxide and the hot water tank flooded the house, the landlord wouldn't come out when it was flooding and made me fix it over the phone temporary, then he came and put a lever on the tank, so now i have to manually fill the tank each time i want water :-( , he has sold the house so i just want to leave, and i have three small children under the age of 4

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Ramgad 28th February, 2014 @ 20:41

@ Stuart Miller: my personal advice to you: do not rely on the council. If you want to get things done sooner, be yourself!!!

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kay 2nd March, 2014 @ 15:41

hi, can you go to health and safety if your kitchen is falling apart? I have informed my landlord numerous times and they come out and fix the draw back on cupboards etc which resulted in them falling off again and hitting my sister who's 3 in the head. I have lived here five years and never had anything done with my property the kitchen is depressing. ant advice welcome

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bella 5th March, 2014 @ 15:19

Hi i was just wondering if our Landlord should get taps in bathroom fixed. Bath tap hot just trickles, whilst cold tap on sink leaks. Same in kitchen. Plus the toilet has no pressure & takes ages to flush. Push down handle on toilet rusted. Please help & let me know. Cos just to have bath my hubby has to go out & turn water off then temporarily fix tap. It's awful. Shower not right height either. Bella :0 (

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marcel Jagger 21st March, 2014 @ 20:50

i live in a 5 story single flat each floor tenancy , the people in charge of leasing it are working i believe on behalf of my landlord , we have no fire escape whatsoevr , and if u ring about anything the lady in charge plays hell about the time ...take tonight i got home no electricity ..the water pump as failed , i rang her all she could say was im having my tea , anyway she did offer advice where to go and it worked ..but i rang her and explained it HER water pump thats failed ,,she said i dont need to know that at this time at night ive no heat or hot water

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karen 3rd April, 2014 @ 23:16

Omg. This has too stop I've lived next to a rented property for twenty years. This is this worst landlandy of them all. The floors are sinking with the joists having with wood rot. Dangerous. The roof needed replacement twenty years ago. No smoke alarms. A back door with no handles that you can't open. So many problems at number 1 fern ave at Bentley Doncaster you would not believe being a daughter and father ownership. I'm disgusted and would like some help to takle the prob

Guest Avatar
karen 4th April, 2014 @ 15:58

Would like some advice on how to tackle the situation at the property I mentioned.

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bobbi lynch 9th April, 2014 @ 10:50

I have a landlord that promissed me he will fix the damage in the house that I. Moved in with I have lived here 7 month and still nothing has been done . I go into the shop and ask him if there is anything he is going to do as there is lights hanging down holes in my babys bedroom floor and he is stood in the shop were there was other people shouting at me saying he is giving me 2 weeks to find a new house I have to be out all because I asked him about the damage

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SpeedySpod 11th April, 2014 @ 18:32

@ Bobbi Lynch

First of all stay calm and focussed. Your landlord cannot through you out like that. He probably felt deeply embarrassed, as let's face it: you challenged him in the open crowd like that. There was probably someone in that crowd he did not wanted to be exposed to like that.

Regards letting you go on a 2-week notice. Landlords may claim the property for their own reason, but then it's probably in your tenancy agreement, how much time he must give you in advance. And that usually should come in writing. Plus, in case he really means it like this (I would try and work on mutual good relations. If it's minor things I would even fix them myself to keep the landlord happy. 'cause it's kinda obvious psychology.) If he's really sincere about it he's going to put your eviction into writing. As soon as you got that go to the Citizen Advice Bureau and ask them for tips, regards how much time do you really have in legal terms to vacate (which can be up to 3 months, so hopefully enough time to save up for the next deposit and move). Good news: change in life usually comes for a reason. If he's not a good landlord you rather want to move on earlier than later, as this may not be the only trouble with him.

Best of luck!!!

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karl 2nd May, 2014 @ 06:10

How can I get a really dirty roommate out of my house that I rent and their not on the lease? Cuz in Philly the landlord has to evict them and I'll have to pay him back for the cost of the eviction process and I'd like to know if there's another way plus I've call the cops cuz they been physical with me and yell and making it hard to live with and I tried to have them removed but Philly cops suck and I found out they were paid to leave the place they lived at and they were on the lease there and the landlord and other tenants paid 1200.00 cuz their landlord was going to evict all the tenants.... So bottom line how do I get rid of dirty violent hippie Wit out have to spend 500 cuz I'm at a friends cuz I don't feel safe in my home

Guest Avatar
Celia Tec 31st May, 2014 @ 23:02

We moved in to a low income apartment building in the summer last year. Until the winter 2013 we did not realize how drafty all and I mean all the widows were. Even the bathroom window located in the shower at shoulder level is drafty and makes for a very uncomfortable shower. I called the land lord in November 2013 who sent someone to take measurements. Being satisfied that something was being done I just waited. A month later I called again to find out the status. They claimed to have no clue what I was talking about. Long story short this happened several times since and here we are six months later and still nothing.

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Frantz Joseph 9th August, 2014 @ 03:36


Can you go to health and safety if your
bedroom and kitchen are falling apart.
I have informed my landlord numerous times about this problem
Water leaks from the roof and also under the ground inside there.

My dresser is getting messy because of that
I can see the sunshine outside my bedroom from the crack of the ceiling
The fridge in the dining room just dropped water all over,
I have lived here 3 years and never had anything done with my property
The kitchen is depressing and advice welcome

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Vicky 12th September, 2014 @ 14:33

Can some one help in the property we live in now the hot water for the shower/ and for washing up wont work or something it will work for a few minutes then it will just switch it self of with the words ere on the boiler. Now we have had this since we have moved in and we have phones the landlord almost ever week and at first he would send somebody out but what they did didn't help and now he don't send anybody out to he us. As the months went on it has got a lot worse we can't even wash out hair because we can't do it in cold watch.

Guest Avatar
Daniel 6th October, 2014 @ 16:05

It pains me to see how many people have problems with their deposits. please remember. IT IS THE LANDLORDS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVE BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT YOU DID THIS DAMAGE/THE REPAIR WAS NECESSARY BECAUSE OF YOU. It is not on you to prove otherwise.

With deposits they LEGALLY have to be protected, if not take your LL to court for 3 times the amount he paid.

Then dispute, dispute dispute! EVEN IF YOU PUNCHED A GIANT HOLE IN THE WALL! Still dispute it. ALWAYS DISPUTE IT! You will find their ''reports'' mean nothing. I work in Real Estate and own my own properties, trust me. Always dispute, keep it in writing.

Guest Avatar
Mitchell Ray 12th October, 2014 @ 01:55

I've constantly told my landlord about the living room floors. It started off and now the whole living room floor is falling in making it a safety hazard for my children and anyone else who walks through. She has tried to say the floor was redone before we moved in but i know for a face that is not the truth. we continued to pay rent even though she never came to fix the floor. I would like my rent refunded for the past two months what do i do?

Guest Avatar
Ceiya 17th October, 2014 @ 11:24

How can you report landlords who are lawyers and judges that bring in site mgrs that get kickbacks from newly placed tenants receiving urban relocation monies and towing charges

Guest Avatar
Ceiya 17th October, 2014 @ 11:26

They may even be doing illegal tampering with electricity also wire tapping

Guest Avatar
Kayleigh 19th October, 2014 @ 15:56

Any advice on if I am able to take legal action against my ex landlord? He fit a socket that was taken from a spare, he used a 1.5mm cable instead of standard 2.5mm cable and he had no electrical safety check done on the house. To cut a long story short, my house burnt down. Me and my 6 month old son were at home at the time and got out with seconds to spare. He then told me when he arrived that the gas safety had ran out so he wouldn't need to get one of them now as the house is totally unlivable.

Guest Avatar
Mitchell Ray 20th October, 2014 @ 14:53

My landlord was informed that half my living room floor had fallen in and still did nothing about it with a one year old and a 3 year old living there. No lock on the childrens window for a year; It was hell. Ridiculous; what should i do about this????

Guest Avatar
dale 24th November, 2014 @ 20:27

I am a tenant of a housing association if been told not to use my fire witch heats the radiators and not to use my back doors as its not safe if I've had no heating for 13 days and I keep ringing and they keep giving me of what can I do its very cold if got two young kids can't dry there clothes help plz

Guest Avatar
Lauren 26th November, 2014 @ 13:07

I wouldn't bother commenting here with problems or concerns as the owner never replies to issues most of the problems with tenants these days can be resolved by going to your local housing environmental health or if nothing trying going to you local councilor who will tell you your local mp to help as most local mps have the power an knowledge of most housing issues private or council..

Guest Avatar
tracey lincoln 8th February, 2015 @ 20:00

I was privet renting a flat .well it was once one big house but over the years it was trend in to nine flats...rooms..he took in every drug addict perverts alcoholics.tramps from the streets whit never coplaind .slept on pissy matresses .and a few fag ends they had picks up from of the streets.. How health and saftey passed that place no one nows.drug worriers at our doctors try'd to get the place close down but no joy.he mad 3 flats just out the roof roof .with no way out if there was a fire..not Evan a rope to grab if u did try to get out the sky light note no ladders. There was a fire me my 20yr old dorghter neirly lost our life's that day.the junky who had been awake for past for days arguing with her junky bioyfriend finally fell to sleep .she had borrowed an electrick Fire from our landlord who lived in his big worm house next door. The heat from the fire eventulie dorghter fire to her bedroom kertons.. My friend who lived across the landing from me never got out ..lost his life in there.there was a fire alarm going of slight lie'but that went of all the time enemy way...eney way the hole block was destroyed..I never Evan had a pair of shoes on my feet nor a coat on my back .we literalise had what we was stood in.. I had spent hours and hours of hard were doing our one bed flat up . . We owns hundrads of pounds just in clothing.60 inch TVs.. Beauty full ferniture i will never own things like I've just lost x partner broke my jaw few yrs ago.nockd all my teeth out.compansation payd for my TVs.expencive Sophia plus it was a couple of weeks till exams.lost all my presents that I'd been payin for for the past yr.for my 2 kids that live with my sister and my grown up dorghter who's 20.. Every thing gone..surliest there must be some one to pay for this .it was an axedent I have been told .my landlord had been rentin rooms from there for past 25yrs .hes 80 so thing .italion rich old cunt.hed sold the property just a couple of days befor it Brent down...all a bit wears if u ask me' my WhAT IM Triying TO SAY 'is .what ever the other 8 Tenants end up with is a bonkers they had fuck all eney way.... And the building was ruff that'll all be reehomed so owts a bowners ..I'm gutted totally gutters, I'm 42.on bennifit so.pls help with some sort of advice in is there a clame I should be going for'm thank you so so much,xxxxx

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cassief 13th February, 2015 @ 21:36

ive been living in my flat for 6 month now ive got 2 kids under 5 years and this flat is freezing the fire broke ive got mould and damp in nearly every room in my flat my bedroom window is single glazed it dosent even shut proply my walls have no insulation and my walls are cracking and falling down my toilet is falling off the wall my boiler is about 20 year old my electrics are old fashionedthey are like black square things and when all my electrics blew lastweek i had to have a full rewire my landlord is not botbered about any ov this he just happy hes getting his rent ive rang him and he turns his phonr off so ive rang environmental health and there coming on monday and they tell ya if its fit to live in and if its not they help ya to get landlord is a joke and he needs sorting once snd for all he knew what the flat was like he just saw my 900 pound (2 months rent in advance) and didnt care that he was in the wrong even lettin the flat out

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Sylwia 3rd March, 2015 @ 12:15

I have been renting the flat for the last 5yrs in London and have multiple repairs in it but it always take long with our landlord who tries to save money on everything. The building is old anyway but the location is the key so that is why we stayed there for that long. Now we had been experiencing some problems with our gas boiler, since December. After the first plumber visit we were told that water was gathering in one place so he change some the pipes below the boiler and when asked if this boiler is safe he said of course and that it has 5 different safety pins so we should carry on as usual. Well ,the pressure signal was still not fixed and unfortunately the same plumber has died in the meantime ,our landlord has arranged another one to come only to discover that there has been a whole our the pipe going out of the wall which exhales the CO2 so we are lucky that for the last 5yrs we have not accidently died of the C)" as this could happen if the wind blows towards the wall . He also said that he needs to exchange few parts and sealed this whole pipe. We also discovered few cracks in the flat , we have no fire blanket or fume detector or CO2 detector .
As this is a serious matter , wanted to find out what legal steps I need to do for my landlord to check the condition of the building as they insist that it is safe to live. Can anyone advise me ?

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jessica 28th April, 2015 @ 19:20

I have been renting for 7 months now and my property manager is LAZY! I live on the 2nd floor. When i have company i am ebarrased at how dirty the steps and hallways are that lead to my door. The walls have spackle spots all over them and its been like that for 6 months. When we moved in, the PM said she was going to mark the trash cans so that each apartment would have there own, never did it. 2 weeks ago she put letters on all our doors saying there would be assigned parking(we have off-street parking) because some new tenants decided they wanted to be petty and bitch about dumb shit. Needless to say assigned parking hasnt happend yet. Dont think it will. Also, 2 weeks ago the PM told me that the people on the 2nd floor arent allowed to have dogs over 15lb and no pitbulls in the building. Well the Property managers daughter lives downstairs and has a pitbull. Her dog shits in the yard and they dont clean it up. I have pics and video of this incase they ever try to blame it on my 5lb puppy. 2 days ago, the pipes under my sink came apart and i was doing dishes,so water got everywhere. I immediatly told the PM and she said somebody would be over the fowllowing day after 3pm. Do i have to say it?.... the guy never showed. I cant use my kitchen sink. Theres gotta be some kinda law against this. I looked on the internet for an hour and couldnt find anything specific to this situation. I could go on and on about this PM. Our landlord lives in another state and i dont think she knows how lazy her PM is. Even though i have alot to complain about, i dont say anything to the PM or landlord because its not worth making enemies.we all know thats what would happen. So any legal advice would be greatly appreciated.

Guest Avatar
john 6th June, 2015 @ 20:22

Baseball bat and his car will fix the problem 😁

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Leslie C 8th July, 2015 @ 12:50

PLEASE HELP! I really just need your advise. My landlord JUST fired the last maintenace man after about 3 years knowing he was using drugs and stealing money from her only to hire a new scumbag maintenance man. The new maintenance man came in my apartment while i was not home and drank my 3 year old sons liquid pain medication and filled it back up God knows what. I knew because I had caught him in my apartment the day before without me being home and without my consent to "fix my toilet paper holder"! He admitted 3 times on the phone to me that " YES LESLIE MY FINGERPRINTS ARE ON THE BOTTLE BUT UNLESS THE COPS ARE GOING TO TEST FOR SALIVA GOOD LUCK PROVING I DRANK IT" Here is the even crazier part... my landlord did not fire him. I have lived there quietly and happily for almost 4 years. Anytime the landlord had a flood in the laundry room or someone there to see an apartment and the maintenance man was too high to do anything she would call me and I was right there to help her and this is how she helps me when i need it. What should I do besides going to the cops because I did that already. The jerks took a halfass report that had more mistakes in it than facts and are taking their time to come process the bottle if they ever even do come. Im actually going to the Camden County Prosecutors office to deal with them but i was hoping you may give me some insight in how to deal with my landlord.
Leslie C

Guest Avatar
Daggi 8th July, 2015 @ 13:05

Dear Leslie C,

that's pretty straight forward: tell your landlord that this maintenance guy is trespassing/entering without permission/ breaking in and that you will report him to the POLICE. (If you can try and gather the evidence, eg by leaving a webcam in recording mode for any more of such activities).

You as a paying tenant you have legal entitlement for peace at your good home, and your landlord is responsible for ensuring that.

Warm regards,


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kelly 9th July, 2015 @ 16:02

Hi we have had loads of problems with our private rented property, land lord making promises he can't keep, my son is now 5 and had new carpets measured when i was pregnant, the bath is rusty, kitchen sink held together with cable ties, washing machine, fridge and oven don't work properly. no gas safety check in past 2 years. Been saying for past few years about new kitchen and bath.
Was promised whole new kitchen beginning of year keeps coming up with excuses and has the cheek to put rent up.

Guest Avatar
Daggi 9th July, 2015 @ 16:30

Dear Kelly,

you and your landlord, your relationship is a relationship between two private parties. I bet deep in your heart you know what you want to do. In your life you are in charge!!!

Best wishes,


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iulia 28th July, 2015 @ 12:06

SO, basically my landlord has started building another room on top of mine and my other house mate without telling us when it would start or letting us know whether we need to move out or not.
At the moment, the work has started a little over a week and my colleague's ceiling has collapsed! Luckily they were at work and no one got hurt, but I can see how my ceiling is coming down as well and when checked, the ceiling was very frail as it left 2 small holes in it. I'm scared I will die crushed by the ceiling and I have nowhere else to move, since it is such short notice! I don't know how reporting the landlord will improve my situation...
Any ideas?


Guest Avatar
Admire 15th August, 2015 @ 17:28

The drain was blocked ad thy cal manucipality 2 unblock ad thy found a towel blocking ad that towel was mine ad i don't know who put it because dat towel was lost ago whn i put it on de wire now thy a saying i must pay 200rands they also switch electricity off until i pay dat mny so wat must i do?

Guest Avatar
Kendra 23rd August, 2015 @ 01:46

When I moved into my trailer there were roaches all in the kitchen. I called and told my landlord. She said she would put the order in for the exterminator to come out and spray. I moved in at the end of May and the exterminator just came out last month. Since they came out I have more bugs. It pisses me off because when you call the landlord she rushes to get off the phone with you and acts as if she doesnt care and would rather not deal with anything. I wanted to know if I should call DHEC on her because of how nasty the trailer is inside and out or try and give her yet another chance to get things straightened up. Someone please let me know what I should do for the sake of my 3 young children.

Guest Avatar
Amy 26th August, 2015 @ 17:29

Why do the HSE only deal with the present situation? I'm reading their case study and seems like they take previous years very seriously. Can you provide a link to your claim?

Guest Avatar
Nicola 10th October, 2015 @ 15:06

I was left for a year with a boiler constantly breaking down on a weekly basis being left for up to 3 weeks till being 'bodged' fixed for a week until calling out again with a young child Aswell! Finally after not taking no for an answer got a new boiler installed a few weeks back but still leaking roof, old crumbling windows, broken cooker still waiting to be sorted for the last year! Give up time to move on again :-(

Guest Avatar
Anna 21st October, 2015 @ 09:10

We live in a semi detached house that has been converted into a flat, our original neighbours upstairs moved and rented the flat out to tenants from hell.
They have since been evicted but ourselves and the adjoining house next to us have now got cockroaches, rentokil looked upstairs where the problem stemed from gave a quote to the landlord of the above flat but he refused to pay as said he couldn't afford it as insurance company wouldn't pay out, ourselves and next door have spent money on bombs etc is there anyway we can get this money back from him

Guest Avatar
Alison 26th November, 2015 @ 16:45

My landlord asked me to sign a new lease agreement. Once he had the signed agreement he now tells me I cannot flush the toilet between midnight & 7am as I am causing a disturbance! I work in a bar 6 nights a week and do not get home until 1:00am, Is he breaking any laws by this as he only informed me of this after I signed. He says that when I flush the toilet when I get home is causing a nuisance to him & other tenants. I also have to take my shoes off to walk up stairs as this is also a nuisance. These are flat shoes that I have stood in all nigh, not big heavy shoes

He also comes into my flat to deliver packages and empty the meter when I am out or in bed in the morning without any notice. I have a new flat as I believe he is in breach of his contract but he now wants 6 months rent. Can he claim this?

Guest Avatar
kira 26th November, 2015 @ 20:22

All private landlords are cockroaches except for the exceptional rare exotic floor liners, who house and furnish their rent payers with beautiful persian comforts and walk-throughs. Please start a free housing revolution as roof over head is a most basic and human right to shelter.

Guest Avatar
kira 26th November, 2015 @ 20:28

Housing if a fundamental human right and never not a luxury - when did it become so fashionable for property owners to profit from the most poorest members of our society and when did having shelter become such a common and legal tradeship?.

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Laura 28th December, 2015 @ 16:31

Hi, Can anyone tell me my rights as a tennant after a flood. House flooded Boxing Day and landlord is not returning our calls. left messages to tell him house is un-habitable but no reply. No safety checks for gas and electricity have been done and has reached the hieght of sockets in the kitchen and electricity has been tripping. Have ripped all flooring of downstairs out but walls and units especially in the kitchen are unusable and covered in sewage water. Rent is due tomorrow but will have to find a new property, do i still need to pay my rent? All other houses in the street have had council and landlords out to them but nothing for us, not even a phone call. We have even had a lovely charity bring us cleaning things and food parcels. Can our landlord just ignore us like this??? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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shikira pressley 29th December, 2015 @ 18:14

Hi Laura,

I am not sure if anyone has yet replied to your post yet wanted to try and advise you of your tenancy rights in the circumstances you have found yourself.

You are not obliged to pay any rent to a landlord in the event of a flood and in which your health and safety placed in serious jepordy. Make an urgent visit to your local Citizens Advice, even if you have to sit there all day to see someone as a matter of priority. They shall write a letter of serious complaint to your landlord and hopefully find you temporary shelter in the meantime and until the flooding subsides and tests carried out regarding safe usage of appliances after such a natural yet catostrophic event.

The threat of being electrocuted by exposed or tripping electricity cables is immensley dangerous even if you are not able to use electrical appliances - live currents will still be running if the mains are still connecting the house appliances. Your personal safety is of more importance than paying any due rent - you have legal human and tenancy rights to have the rent stopped or significantly reduced in the event that you cannot use the rented premises for its full intended purposes.

Going to the Citizens Advise Bureau will help you with all this and there is no shame at all in using their free legal advisory services in the situation you are currently faced.

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Liz 17th January, 2016 @ 10:17

My landlady told me they were going away for a week and would give me the contact number of their husband. She never gave this to me and it has now been 1 week and 5 days without heating (it is snowing outside) and a significant leak in the study. It is freezing and damp which is setting off my asthma and I have no number to contact about the leak. I tried her phone but it is switched off. Can someone please advise?


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Kirsten reynolds 27th January, 2016 @ 02:26

I live next door to a provide rented property ,the land lord lives in the same street , he puts alsorts in the house we currently have a alcoholic who has all his mates around drinking smoking weed and taking cocaine and heroine there quite blatant about it , the land lord is aware but isn't bothered so long as he gets his money ,we live in the Wolverhampton area what advice can you suggest many thanks. Kirsten

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Ang 8th March, 2016 @ 14:49

Hi,I have been living in my property for 8yrs now and today had only the second gas check done since moving in. The boiler was replaced just over a year ago by my landlady's hisband and his friend who was supposedly corgi registered. Turns out the boiler is unsafe and whoever fit it didn't have a clue what they were doing! What can be done about this? Also, I have had a damp problem since moving in, work has been done but didn't solve the problem. I have been waiting at least 5yrs for it to be sorted with her promising to get it looked at every summer but nothing ever gets done. My daughters health is now suffering as a result of this. Any advice would be muchly appreciated. Thanks


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