How to Report A Landlord That Doesn’t Comply With Health And Safety

I’m under no illusion, Landlords have a bad reputation; real bad reputation. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult stain to wipe off while so many rogue Landlords continue to operate. Over the years I’ve seen some real shady landlords do the most bizarre shit, either because they’re too lazy to do a proper job, or because they want to cut corners in order to save money. From my experience, most of the wrong doings have been health and safety related e.g. neglecting to get a Gas Safety Certificate.

I don’t claim to be the best Landlord, but I try to be, and I do stick to the law by complying with all landlord legal obligations.

I think a major problem is that tenants aren’t always familiar with their rights and have no idea if they’re being mistreated or not. That unfortunately works in the favour of the rogue landlord. However, I’d like to think that the majority of sane tenants are aware of their most basic amenities they’re entitled to. For example, flowing hot/cold water and working heating. Surprisingly, some Landlords don’t even provide the basics, or take their sweet time to get the basics back in working order when repairs are required.

Report your bad landlord

If you’re a tenant and you’re fully aware that your landlord is breaking health and safety laws, you should do the following:

The Health and Safety Executive is the place to visit. There is an option to report a landlord online either via the website or via email. Alternatively, a designated team member will call you back within 1 hour (tested, and it works).

HSE will only deal with the present situation, and not with the past. So, if your landlord hasn’t provided you with a Gas safety Certificate for 3 years, the landlord walks unpunished for the first 2 years. As for the present situation, HSE does take immediate action and they start by writing a first letter, then a second one, and then they take the landlord to court if he/she fails to provide the certificate after the second letter.

So, if you’re a tenant that is at the mercy of a rogue landlord that isn’t complying with their health & Safety legal obligations, report him/her.

Out of curiosity, any tenants ever had a Landlord that neglected their legal obligations in any shape or form?

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amy2013-03-30 01:55:24

looking for some advice, i rent a 3 bed house from a letting agency. i live with my 5 month old son. here is a list of problems im living with
living room: the wall on the outside has a huge crack along the top of the window. the wall is also wet there is holes where cables come through from the outside. paint is very crumbly with mold that is starting to go black and where the damp is next to a plug socket, which is sinking into the wall.the doors wont shut properly and it never gets warm in the house its very drafty.
kitchen: draws benches and cupboards are falling to bits, no smoke alarms, 1 cooker hob is working the rest don't, it also makes a rattling noise when main fan oven is on.. radiator doesn't heat up in there,the extractor fan above trips the electric. damp around window.
bathroom: light doesn't work, toilet is blocked for no reason, shower looks ancient with no actual shower head on it which i haven't used. also keep hearing scuttling in the roof which i now know is mice as i found one inside the house.Black recurring mould on ceiling.
small bedroom: wallpaper coming away. the room smells foisty and a floorboard is loose in the corner which could be a way mice are getting in as its above the bathroom where i hear the scuttling noises.
upstairs toilet is also blocked. which could be linked with outside where there is an open manhole with the piece of rotted wood that was originally covering it and sewerage blocking it
black and gaps in skirting boards it gets very cold and house doesn't heat up.
I am not in a financial state to move and will be forced to extend my tenancy after the 6 months is up in may. Me and my son are always ill,full of phlegm and coughing and sneezing since we moved in. we need to move out but local council wont help me and landlord are aware of repairs and say someone is coming out to fix the problems but no one ever turns up. Im only 18 and have no help, i have no idea what to do its getting me depressed can someone give me some advice? thanks in advance.

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Dagmar2013-03-30 19:49:44


Looks like you are in a very awkward position, in particular with such a young one. If you are stucked and you can't move out on your own (try to get more qualifications under your belt by taking on more courses for free child care with the local college?) - is there any way how you can make yourself comfortable in a best possible way? I've been myself once in a similar situation for eight years. As my landlord was non-caring I fixed things by myself incl. a leaking roof. Eg the socket next to the dampness - bann it from using, by putting a plastic cover on it. Use DIY cardboard pannels mounted with tin foil to reflect the heat back into the room. Wrap yourself and your baby in blankets while you study towards a degree. Live/spent most of your time in the healthiest room that is available to you. Eat healthy, go outdoors for regular exercise, learn about 'power foods' that keep you both healthy. Do everything possible to prevent depression while you mature as a mum...try to dig yourself out of that place with positive thinking. Believe me, one day you will be proud about yourself. That's what I would do as obviously, by the looks of it, you won't get much help from your landlord. Save up for a deposit by putting every month a little aside and you'll be out in a year or two. Learn to become a better survivor while raising your young one. Also, aren't there any SureStart-schemes around in your area where you could meet up with other young mums and dads? Hope all this will help you. Stay strong, dear.

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Jeremy2013-03-31 10:33:11

Your landlord seems determined to both take your money and provide a terrible place to live. If you've exhausted all reasonable steps with him, then get Environmental Health in. Things like tripping electrics and open sewage should get them motivated to do something for you / against him.

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John2013-04-17 16:14:32

Can anyone advise please. We moved into a house that was impossible to keep warm for various reasons eg old heating system/no insulation/single glazed wooden bay window etc.The boiler and gas fire failed their gas safety check in December when it was freezing and we were told as the boiler was 30 years old it was beyond repair and the whole heating system would need replacing. After six days still nothing had been done as agents said owner (who lives in Australia)would not release funds and they could not tell us when it would be fixed. We had had to move out and were sleeping on relatives floor and called EHO Housing Standards. He came round and found lots of issues with the place apart from the boiler and contacted our landlord on our behalf. Nothing got done apart from British Gas managed to get boiler working again under warranty. The EHO officer emailed the landlord asking if he would release us from our contract so we could move to a warmer house and he agreed. The EHO officer forwarded this email on to us so we had it 'in writing'. We finally found a house 2 months later and put a deposit on but were told when we gave our notice in that the landlord had changed his mind about releasing us from his contract and we would need to pay up to the end of the tenancy (October). We will therefore have to stay and lose the deposit on the new house. The EHO says he is powerless. Does that email not give us any claim that we had the agreement in writing?

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Claire2013-04-21 09:34:57

I'm having bad problems with my landlord! I have had a faulty boiler now for 12 days, and it still won't be replaced for another week (so I'm told). Had to buy 2 electric heaters which the electric is going down pretty fast. The landlord told me he would compensate me for buying them and give me extra to buy more electric. Still waiting after 3 days. My electric went last night after 9pm so I messaged him again and said that it will stay on till 9am today so could he put that money in my account asap. Still nothing. Messaged him again saying I'm now sat here with no gas or electric and he still hasn't done a thing. I've got 2 small children and it's really affecting them aswell. Any help please as to my rights and what I can do. Thank you

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Anthony2013-05-03 16:07:40

hi i have a question.

basically my landlord has been a pain in the arse since i moved in,i rent my property privately and initially paid close to 1000 pounds just to move in.
the place was a disgrace,it was unfurnished and clearly hadn't seen a lick of paint in quite some time.
the problem i have now is that i had a problem with my door (nightlatch) in which i couldn't open or close it so i was basically using a mortis lock all the time.
the landlord agreed to have the door fixed and sent his builders out.
unfortunately the builders done a shoddy job and one day when i went out upon return i found myself locked out of my house with no way of getting in.
this was due to the fact that as i have closed my door the snip on the nightlatch has fell down and basically prevented me from accessing my house.
i contacted the builders and they made me wait outside for 2 hours with my dog and my girlfriend.
upon arrival they proceeded to chisel away at the wall area around the night latch destroying the plaster and breaking the door so i could gain access.
i would like to point out that the damage caused was not rectified for a number of weeks.
eventually the same guys come round to rectify the damage they had caused (after much persistent calling to the letting agents) and ultimately re-do the job they failed to do in the first instance.
christmas day next and after travelling to my mums house for christmas dinner i return to find the exact same thing had happened,understandably i was not happy.
as it was christmas i could not get hold of anyone to get the door opened and thus had to boot the door in.
my question is this.
even though the landlord has sent these cowboys out to proceed with the work (even though they done the job wrong twice) can he now refuse to carry out this work based on the statement that my door still has "ample security in the dead bolt" even though the plaster and damage to the door is rather substantial.
i do not want to withhold the rent as this is quite silly but i want to know if i have a leg to stand on basically as they are saying its their word against mine,even though the key i snapped trying to open the door is still stuck in the lock.
please help as im at a loss. :(

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donna2013-05-22 19:31:49

I live in a fairly new build apartment, I just have one question which seems trivial compared to the others on here
I have one bathroom with just a shower cubicle no
Bath. The paint in the bathroom has been peeling off since I moved in 3 months ago.
The room has an extractor fan and I have the Windows open all day.
I asked the landlord if he would have a look at it as it is now terrible and the paint drops off onto myself when I'm using the bathroom.

My landlord has looked and told me the only reason the paint is peeling is because I use the shower, if them said stop using the shower and it will be fine

can I get him to repair the paint or do I have to put up with it, I do pay a lot of rent to live here, it is supposed to be a luxury apartment.

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SpeedySpod2013-05-23 00:06:05

Looks to me you are still in that 6-months period of preliminary tenancy agreement and you have a good communication level? First of all take photographic evidence of the current state. You should not be prevented of using your shower, in particular as it is your only decent area you can wash yourself in. Try to convince your landlord to get the area tiled ASAP. Try to convince him that this will work in his own interest 'cause when the damage gets worse the costs for repairs will rise. As it's an alteration of the place you will need his support. Best of luck!!! - SpeedySpod

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Nat Lenton2013-05-26 09:48:40

@ CAH177 & DAGMAR....Ref pompey flat - sorry for the delay! Just woken up from gas poisoning - only joking....we kicked up such a stink that within 2 months the landlord served us notice - reason: 'building works' had always been in his plans to convert the split level flat into 3 separate units- a neighbour told us on our moving out day - nice of the agents who let it to us when we said we wanted it for at least 3 yrs and signed 1 yr contract! For health reasons we are glad we are out-still disputing money from our deposit nearly a year on....been to Watchdog as the landlord has forty other properties and pharmacies -ha!- but they've not taken it up.
Yep it was iron deficiency which led to severe aneamia, cause not found, possibly diet / monthlies.
This renting game is such a corrupt system - from the lack of rent caps right through to how landlords are allowed to be how tenants can and do get away with not paying. With how particular this country is in regards to health and safety and subsequent risk assessments how can we get this process so very wrong when - at the end of the day- it is our economy's bread and butter now...!

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Dagmar2013-05-27 03:00:08

Ref Pompey flat...

Congrats on the landlord giving you a notice. And thanks for reporting back how you fared in the mean-time. So now you are off the hook regards your 1 year contract. As I know from five years ago when it once happened to me getting evicted due to stenches from a neighbour I complained about, you will be even entitled for an interest-free loan from your local Housing Association to cover the deposit for your next place, if you happen to be on a low income. All you need is the money for moving.

Moving out can well be the solution of solving a strained relationship with a landlord and an unhappy place. Look forward to a better future. Learn from it, check your next place out more thoroughly. I assume you were given a timely limit until when you have to vacate? You may even debate this up to three months but you must be supportive that your landlord can do viewings. 3 months should be plenty of time to save up and find a better place. Please double-check this with your local citizen advice bureau. Good luck!!! (and regards your chronic anaemia, hope it's not physical but only diet related. Seek expert advice (GP, nutritionist, online...). Wishing ya the best!!! - Dagmar

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jade2013-07-13 09:49:11

Hi on monday i got the keys to my first home the landlord never gave me any gas or electric certificates so we got a electrition to go round to check the electrics and he said that they are dangerous and not fit to live in the house while there like that. My question is can i just get my deposit and first months rent back as the landlord doesnt seem interested in fixing anything properly. I have not moved in yet people have told me that helps my situation alot but i dont no as its my first time renting

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sabrina2013-08-14 17:28:12

I was 19-20 when I moved into a small apartment. From day one when I had guests over, my guests would always tell me how my apt wasn't safe. I have a gas stove with NO overhead vent. There has been at least 10 or more occasion's where I wake up in the night smelling gas due to the pilot lite going out. Or walking up to my apt and smelling gas before I even open my front door. That was explained to my landlord but nothing ever came of it. I feel like I could of died in that apt and no one would of cared. I feel like I've been done wrong and taken advantage of because I'm a young girl. I've already put in my 30 days notice I cant take that place anymore. I know that the next tenant that moves in will be treated poorly as well. Is there any action that I can take? Help is 100% appreciated!!

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david teen2013-08-28 11:09:17

Hi I moved into a property and the cellar has been gathering water, to the point where it has rotten the timber and my living room collapsed what is the landlords responsibility as my telly sofa and other goods are now damaged as well as my partner having injuries and has a hospital report as she was in the room when it collapsed we have spoke to the landlord and he says that its our fault and he will do the repair but for the time we have to carefully walk through what use to be our living room to our kitchen I have 4 children in the house I'm scared of the house collapsing as my neighbor is a builder and he says that the house has subsidence please help me

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shirley2013-08-28 11:20:03

I have been renting my flat for the last 10 months and was told it had a new bathroom fitted and so far have been paying for a shower that we have never used as it does'nt work and the plumber switched it off at the mains as was dangerous and have damp all around the windows and have draughts coming in the windows and also she has told me that she has spent our deposit money and our tenancy ran out in april and she is demanding that we give her 2 months notice before we move out .

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helen2013-09-01 16:57:30

we have just signed a contract (four of us) for a house, and were promised everything would be ready and redecorated on the due date. We got the keys and found the bedrooms had been redecorated but the kitchen had not. It is a real mess but also there are cockroaches both downstairs and upstairs. We can't move in and we can't afford to wait weeks before it is is ok. I can't move in while they are being treated I have asthma.
Can we vlaim the rent & deposit back and claim breach of contract for the landlord and find somewhere else, we are desperate for somewhere to live.
Also, the back door is not secure either.

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kevin2013-09-11 11:39:40


I recently moved out of a rented property. I did not know that a gas safety check was a legal requirement, my landlord has never done 1 and I lived there for nearly 3 years. Is there any point in reporting the landlord as I have now moved out?

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Gill2013-10-07 10:29:38

My landlord has not got us to sign our six month contract for two years. We have electrical plug sockets falling out of wall. I have emailed him and he doesnt respond. We have two small children and a cat, what can I do. I AM FRÍTENED TO MOAN IN case he throws us out.

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Daisy2013-10-14 19:59:05

As students in our final year of university, we moved into a terraced house, and paid a deposit of £250 each. (£750 total) Upon the moving in date - July 1st - my landlord told me that the previous residents had only just moved out so the house may not be as clean as expected. After claiming to have it cleaned, we moved in. The house was FILTHY. Dirty oven, disgusting bathroom (urine, hair, foul smells, broken glass mirror) mould all over the walls in the living room and downstairs bedroom. After complaining about this, nothing was done. Instead, he painted over the mould and did not get it treated. After refusing to clean the house, my parents had to help me clean it over the course of two days in order to make it liveable.
Over the course of a year, our machine broke immediately after we moved in, and he provided us with a new one, only to tell us at the end of the tenancy agreement that it would come out of our deposit. My bed also collapsed, and the stain covered mattress he had provided me also had to be thrown away because it was disgusting. Again, after vacating the property he informed me that a new bed and mattress would come out of my deposit. After cleaning the house top to bottom before we left, he claimed that the house was not cleaned and thus sent us a cleaning bill receipt which would be taken out of our deposit.
He has not responded to messages or contact. He is based in Sheffield in the S11/S10 area, beware! He will take your money and not provide you with adequate appliances and furniture, and will steal your money.

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Lea2013-10-24 17:38:21

I have a question i am currently living in a flat with 6 other people. I wanted to know if it was legal to have the gas and electrical box in the bedroom.

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Rosario2013-11-09 09:51:33

The front door of the house I am renting is very drafty, it has some small cracks on it and single glassing. The amount of cold it gets through this door is enough to make the whole house cold in minutes.
I have informally reported this problem with the letting agency that manages the property, as we have no contact with the landlord, and all they said is that they can work on the insulation but they know the landlord and he will not get a new door.
I have tried to find legislation that would back up my claim, as I am not happy with them just working on insulation, because regardless of them making "amendments" the door is still a single glassing door, which has cracks on it. However, all the legal information I found is somehow vague.
I have offered to buy a reasonable priced door and install it myself, but they wouldn't allow me to take measures on the property.
Is there anything I can do, or anything I can rely on to get them to change the door?

Many Thanks

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Rebeccat2013-11-12 05:18:49

I live in a basement apartment, I woke up today freezing, and figured out the heater wasn't working.. its not the first time happened before and the landlord took days sometimes to come. it wasn't so bad then but now its freezing. I texted him and he said hed ask other tenants. during that time I went to get a hot bath I was so freezing and my hotwater wasn't working either, so I texted him again, and he said he would come tomorrow. im freezing cold in mmy apartment right now and I feel he should be here to fix it. it wasn't late at night when I texted him or anything :/

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abi2013-11-14 23:11:54

i moved into this property in august and up till now, the landlord has not fitted a boiler in as promised. the only hot water I have in the house is an electric shower head! the house has no gas central heating either, just two small gas fire in 2 bedrooms in the whole house! (the house is a 3-bed , 3rd room n=has no kind of heating or any other room in the house, even the front room!). I have signed up for a free gch which i'm still waiting for feedback on and the landlord is using that as an excuse not to fit the boiler yet-that the boiler will have to be removed anyway when gch is ready to be fitted!
another thing, my back door has no lock, I cant open the front room windows and molds are piling up! theres a crack on one of the front room windows. the landlord is aware of all these wince I moved in and its promises after promises!!! I don't even get any acknowledgement any more of my calls and texts!!! I have reported to the council and they said someone will call me, still waiting for this call too since Monday. what do I do please? (NB: I have a 3 year old daughter)

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Niomie2013-11-21 12:37:55

Hi I'm one month into a 6 month short term contract. Since I moved in I have been in 5 times and had numerous phone calls and text relating the problems with my flat. I'm also 3 months pregnant. So the problems are, the window in the bedroom. Doesn't have a lock on its double glazed and won't actually shut as there is no latch to shit it. Due to this it's too cold to stay in there and I've had a cold for four weeks now, we've been sleeping on a pull out bed in the lounge and. Also when it's been too cold I've stayed at my parents. There is a smoke alarm that isn't fitted looks like it's been taken off. The post box which is outside the front door has no lock on it and is open to the public and other residents. And there is a hallway light that has been out since I'm moved in. As I'm pregnant these are all health and safety issues that the agency/landlord are not complying with and it is uninhabitable. Do I have rights to leave.

Kind regards

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Craig2013-11-22 14:13:34

I am after some advice. My girlfriend lives in a Rent Deposit Scheme with a private landlord adminsitered through our local council. They pay the landlord directly as she is currently on benefits. She is a single parent with 2 children aged 5 and 3. She has always had issues with the landlord whereby they are based in Nigeria and extremely difficult to get hold of them. Even when she does report problems to them they do not fix the problems. Most of the problems you can just live with and get on with it. However, 3 months ago the heating stopped working. The landlord has had British gas round at least 10 times and had over plumbers looks at it. The problem is the boiler is 12 years old, and it needs replacing. This is obivously expensive, and even though they have been told it needs a new boiler they keep saying they are going to fix it, but 3 months later nothing and it is freezing cold. They still send British Gas engineers around for system flushes even though a system flush has already been done and they say its needs replacing. The boys are constantly ill as is she. She has gone to the council numerous times as well, and most recently she refused to leave the council until someone sorts the situation out. They called the police and told here to leave as they are doing all they can (nothing since she notified them in September 2013). Surely heating for young children is essential and as this is a council scheme, should they not step up and deal with this. It is getting us all down, we are freezing cold and whilst we have managed to get portable heaters, they do not manage to heat up the flat.

We are at our wits end, and cannot beleive the council called the police when surely they job is to ensure the landlords under their scheme abide by the the rights of tenants and landlords. We want out of the property and be rehoused to at least a landlord that will do the basics to ensure us as tenants have the basic requirements to live. HELP

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Julie2013-11-23 12:46:56

I came home from work thursday to a house full of water through a burst pip. My landlord sent a man out who took more of the kitchen ceiling down and fixed the pipe work. Landlord came out and assessed and then said Chemdry will come to install driers etc. They have been today and have to get back to him, they are saying the machines cost £5 per day to run can I get this from landlord? ALso the damage has caused electical equipment to not work i.e microwave, toaster, and george forman grill he is now saying i have to claim for these on my contents insurance? Surely this is down to him also as well as the carpets, decor etc. this is down to faulty pipework not me. PLEASE ADvise

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Anis2013-11-24 22:37:11

Can anyone help me please.
My landlord do not want to do anything in the flat.
Damp everywhere , boiler not working no hot water no cenyral heating. Kitchen state is disgusting , cupboard dont have door.
I got 1daughter and she is suffering in this situation.
I tried to phoned she divert my phone into busy options.
This problem is more than three weeks but she dont want to spent money.
As i followed the procedure i paid my rent already i report her
to the council but no heard anything yet.
I will look forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you
Can anyone tell me where can i report her.
She never take anything seriously but i really want to sort her out.

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casper2013-11-30 11:23:22

My landlord has always been nice to me, but I have had problems since I first moved in there. The first issue was the maintenance man who got caught sexually harassing another tenant walking in my house w/o permission on 3 different times. Until I brought my dog over who put an end to that. Now with the trailer that is not suitable for my dog to live in, more or less my children to live in. The doors don't lock, and you can't put one because the frames are on backwards. The Windows are broke or boarded up. The toilets were broke for two wks, I had to take my kids to the store to go potty. I refused to pay rent and he came and fixed one toilet. The sink, bathtub,& one bathroom is still broke. The smell is horrendous. Electrical outlets are all off. My girlfriend got shocked turning on the lights. No heat & when I refused to pay he turned off the electricty and it was below freezing. I had to move my FAM. Into a hotel. How do I report him???????

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Heather Maddox2013-12-06 09:20:39

So I have a landlord who doesn't seem to care to do his job. The pipes in my bathroom an sink are completely horrible. I've even opened them myself an tried cleaning them out an yet nothing is working. They are still constantly clogged!!
The windows in my room are from like the 60's. They don't open an they are very flimsy an cold air comes through them all the time. Its winter time an my bills is jumping to $200 a month or more just to keep my house even close to warm. I bought plastic to put over them an yet its still not helping. My daughter an me both have been to the emergency room with sever colds an Croup do to the conditions of my bedroom. I feel like he should be doing more to help the people in the building. I'm paying rent to live in an apartment thats only making me sick constantly an is in safe for my child's health. What should I do?

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Tyra2013-12-07 11:16:30

I've had a few problems with my property very similar to some of those of other tenants above, e.g. mould, damp, no gas supply to the property, broken flooring etc. Over the past three years this is what I have learnt:
1) You MUST pay your rent regardless of the condition of the property.
2) You must document every incident, every conversation and keep copies for yourself
3) You MUST follow your Council's complaints procedure.
4) You MUST make your landlord aware of the situation in writing.
I am currently making complaints against my council Social Services, Housing and Environmental Departments. I followed the Council's complaints procedure and supported my complaint with written evidence and photographs. Within 2 days of my complaint against the Housing Department I was given every support possible and they supported me in taking court action against my landlord.

The only course of action a tenant against a landlord is through the courts. The system is totally managed in favour of the landlord and Councils. The tenant will always be blamed.

I'm writing this because no one should have to live like Amy or any other person, especially those with children. Dagmar you're obviously a landlord - telling a mother to wrap her child in blankets when its her landlord that provides inadequate facilities makes you inhumane.

SpeedySpod and Benji - arguing over statistics? you obviously have no brains - the issue is not how many rogue landlords but WHY and Why can they get away with it?

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Tyra2013-12-07 11:44:33

MY advise to anyone living in inhospitable conditions is 1)all communication should be written and postings should be by special delivery and all documentation should be photocopied.
2) write letter of complaint (stating it is a complaint) to your landlord listing the grievances
2) ask for a copy of the policies, procedures and code of practice for your local council environmental, health and social services (where necessary)departments. By law any council who is asked for this information by a resident within its borough MUST provide this IMMEDIATELY. Do not be fobbed off with excuses that it is unavailable - the desired code actually states that Councils should publish this on their website.
3) write a letter of complaint to both Housing (even if you are a private tenant) and to Environmental Health Departments
4) letters should always state that you are making a formal complaint,
5) always state you are the giving the person involved (landlord, environmental health officer or anyone else) reasonable time to investigate the issue
6) always state the exact amount of time you will give the person
7) then state what you will do after the time has lapsed
8) always take the first and second names of the person you speak to regarding your issue and their position of authority (landlord's wife, kids, council officers etc)
9) never agree or confirm in writing that you are satisfied with a course of action - even if your issue has been resolved
10) you must wait until the very end ie when you move out of the property to then say to Council departments or the landlord that the complaint is now closed as far as you are concerned
12) if you claim your issue has been resolved then your case will be closed and if another issue arises at a later date you will have to start the process all over again.
13) every claim you make must be supported by written evidence whether that's photos or medical notes from your gp. ask your gp to put down in writing what they think has aggravated your asthama and give you a copy of it etc.
14)always remember that as long as you are paying the rent you have a LEGAL RIGHT to safe and habitable accommodation. Even if you are a private renting tenant every Council has a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of its residents.
15) complaining against a rogue landlord is not easy, timeconsuming and emotionally draining. unfortunately no one is going to fight for you. However, council guidelines do a give a step-by-step guide as to how to complain. Also, claims against the landlord through the courts is simplified by the help of court officers who are there to help YOU and well worth the effort.
16) Join any campaign that will help YOU fight against the landlord - often you will find its quicker to complain against the council being negligent in their statuatory duty to ensure safe accommodation for residents than any other way in getting the accommodation you deserve.
18) After 3 1/2 years of disputes with my landlord I finally have a housing, environmental health and social service department on MY side taking my landlord to court. But I am still not stopping my complaint against each department. I don't know what the future will hold.

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Tyra2013-12-07 11:57:29

By the way - NEVER phone the council - they will never return your call.

Always write to them saying your complaining.

I've read so many people's blogs they have rang the council but no one has got back to them. The only guaranteed way for the council to start taking notice is for you to personally go their offices and ask reception for that departments code of practice and complaints procedure. From then on follow the procedure and do everything in writing. Never have a meeting with a council officer on your own always take someone with you. Make written notes during the meeting and tell the officer that you are making notes for your interest. They cannot disallow you not to make notes. Always follow up each meeting with a handwritten letter (sent by special delivery) from you to the person confirming the meeting, what was said and what will happen next. Sometimes meetings will be close together but each one should be acknowledged by you in writing and its outcome stated as YOU see it.

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Tyra2013-12-07 12:08:00

Advising people to wrap their baby in more blankets or asking the landlord again to fix the shower is inhuman. I think Speedyspod and Dagmar are landlords themselves - reread their solutions to peoples' problems.

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jennifer cooley2013-12-17 16:25:26

I have rented a trailor in October of this year and paid 1st months rent last months and deposite, when utilities got turned on , I called the landlord about not having any heat no vents nothing, I also have a stove that doesn't work and a lot of mold, he has taken all the money and wont answer his phone. I recently was admitted in the hospital in Birmingham al for pneumonia and with it being 20 decrees outside a electric heater doesn't do much, I have 4 kids and no heat. I called him the 1st time and he brought me a heater and said he would be out that weekend to fix it all. He wont return a call and hasn't been out since he brought the heater the 2nd week of October, I need help please someone tell me what to do, please need a miracle, Ive given over 1500.00 in rents and deposites plus some. I cant just keep moving due to this...please help need a miracle

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jennifer cooley2013-12-17 16:29:21

Forgot to mention this, when utilities got turned on not only didn't I have any heat or vents, he states the people was dope heads that lived here and scraped the heating and air, no working stove, but I have a total of 5 plugs that work, I have to have extention cords to have my lamp tv and heaters on, I cant sit in my living room and watch tv or anything because they don't work, front porch light all outlets in living room don't work, bathroom plugs don't work etc.. need help someone please

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lauryn2014-01-07 21:44:31

Hi well I have a child and lived in a place for 4 months now but of which couldnt stay for the first month, there was a washing machine and cooker there at the viewing but when moved in discovered that, cooker didnt work or washing machine it took him 2weeks to replace the cooker and a month to replace the washing machine, along with removing the previous tenants stuff (which took photos of) all down to back of his shop also found a months worth of food in a defrosted freezer that had been there for months..I have left it out for a airing as suggested by landlord for days and yet 4months on an I still have the smell of rotten meat In the freezer I bleach it 3 times a week and can freeze food cause it make the food itself and packaging smell.. I constantly telling him it needs sorting, and a light in my living room which is dangling down no pastic round bit at the top and exposed burnt wires which I found out by firemen that there was a dangerous fire in that property, I have had things like cctv in the house, but I took it all down due to the fact I have a son.. will be greatful for a e mail as my landlord can not continue to do this or to others..

Default Avatar
Jamie2014-01-24 10:33:50

basically i live with my landlord and she has converted the living room into her bedroom. Because i went out at 1 am out the front door she is locking it at 10 pm and not giving me a key is this legal.

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zayne2014-01-26 13:51:27

Hi I moved into my property 3 days before Christmas before I moved in I viewed the property and noticed that there was no gas meter at all in the property, he told me don't worry it will get sorted before you move in so we said ok the day come to move in we got there wit all our stuff to find the gas meter still hasn't been done, it's 26/1/2014 now and still we have no gas as it has been cut off from street because no gas man will sign a safty certificate until all pipes and boiler has been checked so me and my partner have been sitting in a small room for just over a month now with just a little electric fire no way of having baths drying my clothes washing my dishes or putting heating on it is so cold we have been i'll for weeks can someone tell me what I should do as I don't want to be on the streets as I am afraid to report the landlord

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P'D OFF2014-01-31 20:53:46

zayne i am aiming this at you mostly:

I moved in my property 6 months ago and informed that landlord the boiler isn't working as it should, and that i don't have a safety cert..they said it's in the flat, but i can still not find one anywhere!

The radiators came on every time i ran the tap. My mother who works at YCH as a maintenance supervisor (i think for over 10 years at least) said that she has never heard of a boiler that does's not right.

The request to have a look was ignored. Then early December 2013 i was woken by my neighbors, and elderly couple, below me that the boiler was leaking. I put a towel under it and informed the landlords the next day.

6 weeks later into Jan 2014 i had to write a polite but stern letter about my rights, and quotes from the gov website about their responsibilities...

The next day a british gas engineer came out and condemed the boiler saying that its immediately putting mine and my daughter's life in goes the gas and boiler.

Landlord is then informed by both myself and BG, i have the paperwork, and she said she cannot afford it; was later refused credit to get one.

To cut a long story short, i bought 2x2000 watt fan heaters out of my rent, sent the reciepts off to the landlord and contacted environmental health at the local council.

They have been out and spoken to the landlord...i am now waiting for Monday to get the response.

So don't be scared! Being this way (even thought i know its probably hard for you) is going to end you up where you don't want to be. You need to read online everything you can about your rights and stand your ground :)

Hope this helps a little...i know it's a bit blunt.

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Rights None2014-02-07 00:48:08

I reported private landlord to Gas Safe as he employed a rogue builder that was not gas safe and who left me for a weekend with no gas flue and covered the roof (any gas exit) with tarpaulin. I was ill and was saved by a friend noticing this. The Gas safe people came round saw the photos and reported to HSE who are now dealing with it. Today I have been served with a section 21 and have to get out in 2 months. I am livid that we have no rights, Can i take him to court and if so what would be the financial risks as I am not a wealthy person. The move alone and new deposits etc will be stretching my wallet and I have nothing spare.
Any ideas please

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natasha rivera2014-02-11 03:46:18

im living in a basement aparment i move to the basement cause i couldnt afford the rent i didnt paid my landlord for to month i been telling him to fix my apartment he wont fix it i been getting sick since i move to these apartment my lips got swollen that never happen to me im about to be 3 month pregnant. he rush to fix my apartment

Default Avatar
Stuart Miller2014-02-12 12:15:18

My local council have moved me into a temporary house which could be up to 2 years until they find me a 1 bedroom flat due to me being made homeless.Iv been in this house almost 6 months but here lies my problem,the house is infested with woodlice which iv been informed cannot be treated properly iv done everything possible to rid me of this infestation but have basically hit a brick wall.Do you have any advice which could help my cause as the council and environmental have not lived up to my expectations or i feel not taking my case serious enough.Do you know if my case could be serious enough resulting in me being eligible for rehoming?Any information would be much obliged,thankyou.

Default Avatar
kazzy2014-02-20 10:47:10

I rent from a private landlord and he wont release me from my contract, i want to leave but holding me to term, yet i have no gas safety certificate i have no hot water or heating, the heating was switched off because the boiler was leaking carbon monoxide and the hot water tank flooded the house, the landlord wouldn't come out when it was flooding and made me fix it over the phone temporary, then he came and put a lever on the tank, so now i have to manually fill the tank each time i want water :-( , he has sold the house so i just want to leave, and i have three small children under the age of 4

Default Avatar
Ramgad2014-02-28 20:41:40

@ Stuart Miller: my personal advice to you: do not rely on the council. If you want to get things done sooner, be yourself!!!

Default Avatar
kay2014-03-02 15:41:54

hi, can you go to health and safety if your kitchen is falling apart? I have informed my landlord numerous times and they come out and fix the draw back on cupboards etc which resulted in them falling off again and hitting my sister who's 3 in the head. I have lived here five years and never had anything done with my property the kitchen is depressing. ant advice welcome

Default Avatar
bella2014-03-05 15:19:55

Hi i was just wondering if our Landlord should get taps in bathroom fixed. Bath tap hot just trickles, whilst cold tap on sink leaks. Same in kitchen. Plus the toilet has no pressure & takes ages to flush. Push down handle on toilet rusted. Please help & let me know. Cos just to have bath my hubby has to go out & turn water off then temporarily fix tap. It's awful. Shower not right height either. Bella :0 (

Default Avatar
marcel Jagger2014-03-21 20:50:55

i live in a 5 story single flat each floor tenancy , the people in charge of leasing it are working i believe on behalf of my landlord , we have no fire escape whatsoevr , and if u ring about anything the lady in charge plays hell about the time ...take tonight i got home no electricity ..the water pump as failed , i rang her all she could say was im having my tea , anyway she did offer advice where to go and it worked ..but i rang her and explained it HER water pump thats failed ,,she said i dont need to know that at this time at night ive no heat or hot water

Default Avatar
karen2014-04-03 23:16:36

Omg. This has too stop I've lived next to a rented property for twenty years. This is this worst landlandy of them all. The floors are sinking with the joists having with wood rot. Dangerous. The roof needed replacement twenty years ago. No smoke alarms. A back door with no handles that you can't open. So many problems at number 1 fern ave at Bentley Doncaster you would not believe being a daughter and father ownership. I'm disgusted and would like some help to takle the prob

Default Avatar
karen2014-04-04 15:58:05

Would like some advice on how to tackle the situation at the property I mentioned.

Default Avatar
bobbi lynch2014-04-09 10:50:59

I have a landlord that promissed me he will fix the damage in the house that I. Moved in with I have lived here 7 month and still nothing has been done . I go into the shop and ask him if there is anything he is going to do as there is lights hanging down holes in my babys bedroom floor and he is stood in the shop were there was other people shouting at me saying he is giving me 2 weeks to find a new house I have to be out all because I asked him about the damage

Default Avatar
SpeedySpod2014-04-11 18:32:10

@ Bobbi Lynch

First of all stay calm and focussed. Your landlord cannot through you out like that. He probably felt deeply embarrassed, as let's face it: you challenged him in the open crowd like that. There was probably someone in that crowd he did not wanted to be exposed to like that.

Regards letting you go on a 2-week notice. Landlords may claim the property for their own reason, but then it's probably in your tenancy agreement, how much time he must give you in advance. And that usually should come in writing. Plus, in case he really means it like this (I would try and work on mutual good relations. If it's minor things I would even fix them myself to keep the landlord happy. 'cause it's kinda obvious psychology.) If he's really sincere about it he's going to put your eviction into writing. As soon as you got that go to the Citizen Advice Bureau and ask them for tips, regards how much time do you really have in legal terms to vacate (which can be up to 3 months, so hopefully enough time to save up for the next deposit and move). Good news: change in life usually comes for a reason. If he's not a good landlord you rather want to move on earlier than later, as this may not be the only trouble with him.

Best of luck!!!


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