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Confession time. I’ve personally never used emoov.co.uk to market or sell my home.

That’s precisely why I’m not qualified to throw together an honest review of their services. I literally don’t have a good or bad word to say about them. I mean, I could lie, and I would probably enjoy feeding you a pile of rotten cobblers. But I won’t.

If you’re after reviews, check out emoov’s TrustPilot page– that place is filled to the brim with enthusiastic reviewers’. As I’m writing this, they’ve got a respectful rating of 9.4/10 (at the same of writing this). Not too shabby. Not at all.

So why am I here and what am I doing? My job is to share the £100 discount code + FREE Premium Listing for emoov’s online estate agent services, which is normally £785 Inc VAT (discount price is £685). I like ensuring my readers are informed of the best rates/offers for services they’re likely to benefit from. So there you have it.

Estate AgentPriceDurationRatingNotes / Includes
£685*Inc VATNormal price £785

Discount Code available
12 Months
9.3 / 10
TrustPilot Reviews
Notes / Includes

Will market your property on Rightmove, Zoopla + more.

Includes an expert local agent who will visit your property to carry out an in-person valuation (no obligation thereon).

Service includes professional photos, professional floorplans, for sale board, offer negotiation, and personal support until completion.

*Special Discount: £100 discount code & FREE Premium Listing - expiry date: 29/09/2017

Visit WebsiteBook Free In-Person Valuation£100 Discount Code + FREE Premium Listing: SEP220

Technically, my job here is done. But… while I’m here, I may as well make myself useful and provide a quick overview of emoov, and the general concept of online estate agents (in case you’re still trying to figure it at all), which seems to be all the rage when it comes to selling property these days…

‘Bye’ expensive traditional high-street agents, ‘Hello’ the future…

emoov & online agents

emoov Online Estate Agents

I don’t think it’s accurate to call online estate agents a new way of selling property. Not anymore. They’ve been around too long, and that’s why there’s a bunch of online estate agents to choose from. However, they’ve only started to make some real noise over the last few years; people are just starting to pay attention. That’s probably why it may seem like a new and/or alien concept.

Why are they suddenly blossoming like a teenager that’s just hit puberty? It’s mostly due to the fact that a bunch of extremely filthy rich people have started to cotton onto the idea that there’s actually a massive market for an alternative to the ludicrously expensive traditional high-street agent (go figure), so now they’re thinking it’s a good idea to throw money at it. Savvy.

I’ve already written an in-depth guide covering online estate agents – if you walk away from that piece ‘not getting it’, you’ll never get it. However, for those that simply want to know whether using an online agent *might* be for them at this stage, let me give you a ‘nutshell’ description, without the fluff…

  • Firstly, most people use online agents to save money. A shitload of money. It’s as simple as that. The average high-street agent will charge £4,000 (which is typically calculated by a percentage of the sale price) to sell your property, while the average online agent will charge a fixed fee of approx £700 (irrespective of the sale price achieved).
  • Online agents don’t operate out of local branches, so you can’t just walk into their offices to have your hand held. They work out of a centralised office… somewhere, which is mostly the hub for their telephone support. That instantly reduces online agents overheads massively, and why they’re able to offer such comparatively low fees.
  • Online agents will market your property across all the biggest UK property portals like Rightmove & Zoopla in order to generate enquiries from prospective buyers. So in that sense, they’re no different than the local high-street agent, because most of them generate the majority of their leads in the same way. So if you’re looking to find out how to privately sell your house on Rightmove, using an online agent like emoov is precisely how.
  • Viewings. Yeah, this is one of the major differences, and why there’s such a big difference in price. Generally, online agents won’t take the viewings (although, some ‘hybrid agents‘ are starting to offer the service), that responsibility is typically left to the vendor/seller (a.k.a YOU!).
  • In principle, I’d say that the main job for online agents is to generate leads for the vendor/seller, and then it’s up to that person to process the leads. That’s a VERY basic evaluation, and in all honesty, it probably doesn’t do the service online agents provide the credit it deserves, especially as the service they provide is becoming more and more elaborate and efficient by the day. In any case, a traditional high-street agent generally provides more of a ‘physical’ presence during the whole process (whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you to decide).

If your interest has been officially perked and now you want to know more, as said, it might be worth heading over to my online estate agent guide.

Getting started… emoov’s free in-person valuation

Ok, so let’s jump back over to emoov, and how you can get started with them…

So first, before using their discount code, or signing up for their service, you should hop over to their free property valuation service, which allows you to book an appointment for one of their local agents to visit your property for a thorough in-person valuation (just like a regular high-street agent would). Nifty, aye?

I told you, the services online agents provide are getting more elaborate by the day.

When online agents first started, they never provided the in-person valuation service option. Of course, some online agents still don’t, instead they rely on the information you provide along with local market data to generate an valuation, and these online agents are generally cheaper. So you do have options regarding the level of service you want from your online agent, which will generally reflect on the price. Either way, whichever option you choose, it will be hell of a lot cheaper than the high-street alternative.

If you’ve used emoov, or any other online estate agent, or are in the midst of contemplating, let me know in the comments section below…

Good luck and happy selling!

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