Reducing Mortgage Payments

I’m proud of this category because it contains the blog posts to my second documented property investment project- first being my journey to buying a property and becoming a landlord.

I go through every step I took to raise £15,000, with the initial intentions of buying another buy-to-let investment. However, due to the uncertain condition of the property market and the lack of desirable properties available during the time, I ended up investing the money into one of my existing properties, by reducing the interest-only mortgage and converting it into a repayment mortgage.

I know, what a pussy move. I should have just expanded my portfolio and taken a risk like a real entrepreneur, with balls of steel.

Unfortunately, my property investment strategy is low/medium risk (because I’m a pussy with marshmallow balls), so it doesn’t cater or play well with opportunities that may effect my sleep. I enjoy my sleep.

Essentially this category is a documentation of how I raised £15,000k and how reducing my mortgage saved me 30k on interest payments. Use the mortgage calculator to see how much you can save by reducing your montage debt.

Perhaps there’s some food for through and/or inspiration in here.

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