Do You Feel Sorry For Estate Agents?

Do you feel sorry for estate agents? Many do, the majority proudly don’t.

The property market is officially dead; it’s reported that estate agents are shifting an average of 2 properties a week- that’s pretty pathetic, innit? I know of a legless prostitute pulling in more trade than that.

If estate agents are selling 2 properties a week on average, how are they actually surviving in this current economic climate (bearing in mind estate agents rely on commission)? The point is, they’re not. So that brings me onto my question, do you feel sorry for them?

For the most part, I don’t. Just like I don’t feel sorry for the large portion of Landlords that were convinced that short-term property investment was a “sure thing” and consequently relying on property prices going one way. Of course, now they’re all in negative equity and coming off their fixed rate mortgages with the urge to pull the trigger.

A lot of estate agents had their honeymoon period where they got to do extremely little work to make a huge amount of money. They literally had to do nothing besides from take a few viewings and make a few phone calls. From my experience, agents were dealing with so many vendors/buyers that they were unable to provide a quality service. But the punters didn’t care, because they just wanted to buy. It was a crazy period; kind of like a huge jumble sale where people were just ruthlessly barging past one another.

The unfortunate aspect is that a lot of agents joined the industry during the boom, so they didn’t actually need any skills to make money- just a suit. Now that the market is dried up, you’ll find that it’s only the genuinely good agents that are surviving. As for the others, they’re struggling with even the most basic of concepts…

Do You Feel Sorry For Estate Agents?

Do You Feel Sorry For Estate Agents 2?

One thing is for sure, any agent that makes it through this period has my respect- because they must be pretty damn good at either bullshitting and/or selling.

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Guest Avatar
Rick 3rd November, 2008 @ 18:42

very bitter !!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 4th November, 2008 @ 07:17

Bitter about what? I'm chilling like Fonzy over here :)

Guest Avatar
Rick 4th November, 2008 @ 11:27

I wonder....this anti estate agent crusade.....did you get turned down for a job?
Being a 'landlord'; I am to preseume that you have bought and sold property? Did you get therefore its the agents fault?
Did somebody decide not to buy the property you were selling?

There seems to be lots of issues.

You seem to have a lot to say, but do not like when your judgement is questioned? A little unfair I feel.

estate agents don't need your sympathy.....we would just like the opportunity to feed our families and pay our owm mortgages; and currently it is a difficult corner we find our selves in; mainly due to circumstances created by the banking world........have you not got something to say about them also???

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 4th November, 2008 @ 14:18

You seem all bitter because I've offended your profession.

I've mentioned a few home truths about estate agents and you seem to be having a mental masturbation all over my site. Some estate agents are corrupt and deserve a kick in the face. SO WHAT? I've also wrote articles about Landlords in a negative way (that's my own kind). Some landlords also deserve a kick in the face and negative equity. SO WHAT?

If you're a good, genuine estate agent, then fair play.

This is my blog, of course I have a lot to say, you simpleton. Shall I create the world's first wordless blog?

When my judgement is questioned fairly, I accept. But when some idiot makes ridiculous comments based on nothing then I feel obliged to retaliate with a sharp tongue. HEAVEN FORBID!

Guest Avatar
Rick 4th November, 2008 @ 16:44

when YOUR judgement is questioned fairly, you become abusive, and delve into name calling....whats the matter nobody else in your playground today?

I think that you are an attention seeking individual who is wanting to be loved and constantly seeking you thought you would come up with the idea for your blog, to slate a profession which is commonly up for ridicule (fairly or not); as you believe the masses (many not educated by the facts)will agree; and you will ultimately be a 'topical comedian'; but unfortunately for you in the eyes of many.....a bit of a pratt !!

Yes, you have touched on the subject of poor landlords ('your own'). But why not a 'all Landlords are tw@s' blog. Too close to home?

What qualifications did you need to become a Landlord?
whats to say you shouldn't supply your tenants with a better fitted kitchen?
If a potential tenant was trying to decide between your property and a rival landlords; you would not try your damndest to get them into your's? Of course you bloody well would?
Do you give tenants deposits back with out a fuss? I bet before the recent legislation come to the fore...the answer was probably NO !!

So come on; grow can come up with something more original.....can't you?

So whats the next 'witch hunt'.... traffic wardens???

you may have a sharp tongue.....but it seems you have a blunt abusive head !!

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 4th November, 2008 @ 19:31

No, I'll leave it at estate agents and landlords, because this site is about property/being a landlord. Go figure.

What's your next witch hunt going to be about? You going to find someone that says something negative about primary school teachers and bore them to death with irrelevant dribble?

"I think that you are an attention seeking individual"- and thanks for giving me the attention I oh-so-much desire :)

Guest Avatar
ROC 9th December, 2008 @ 23:32

This article is absolutely spot on. Following my estate agent's miserable attempt at selling my property, I've taken it off the market and decided to rent it out.

Before Rick mentions the "state of the economy", I'm well aware, which is why I'd have expected my agents to actually put some effort into advertising my property. It's not like they're all too busy selling houses after all!

I agree that they've become lazy after the boom years, and now half of them don't have the wherewithall to advertise a house successfully. Do I feel sorry for them? No, I'm delighted! Parteh.

Guest Avatar
Tristan 31st December, 2008 @ 14:24

I have a low opinion of estate agents, I used to work as a an independent mortgage broker and on more than one occasion I had to educate my prospective clients to the dark ways of the estate agent.

On one occasion, the estate agent rang my client and told her that she couldn't pass on her offer to the vendor as she hadn't been in to see the estate agents (tied) mortgage advisor. I explained to my client that this was bullshit, merely a way of trying to get some more business for their in house broker.

In the end she refused to see the broker and threatened to pull out of the sale, explaining that she already had an agreement in principle. After a bit of huffing and puffing the wanker estate agent agreed to pass the offer on.


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