Getting Listed In The Tenant Eviction Table

If you’re interested in getting listed on the List Of Tenant Eviction Services table, there are 3 ways of achieving that…

1) Monthly payment*

Listing typePrice (monthly)
Eviction Specailist£120

*minimum term is 2 months.

2) Offer my readers an exclusive discount code

I want to offer landlords/tenants (my readers) the best possible deals available. So if you can provide a generous discount code for your services, which is exclusive to Property Investment Project, then I’ll wave any fees, and I’ll list your service.

3) Affiliate partnership

Setting up an affiliate partnership benefits both parties, but above all, it’s fair.

If you have an affiliate programme in-place, then great. If not, maybe it’s something you can look into. Essentially, it involves tracking visitors I send to your website, and for each visitor that becomes a client, I get a commission.

Reasons why you should consider advertising

  • The site has a pretty decent Google Page Rank (currently 5)
  • The site gets over 130k unique visitors per month
  • The site reaches out to a broad readership of landlords, tenants and letting agents, so the traffic is very targeted
  • Usually just one referral a month is going to cover your costs.
  • The site has been growing in readership on a month-by-month basis

The Golden Rules

  • I only accept payment PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  • Outgoing links are redirected through an internal script on this server, for the purpose of internal tracking.
  • I don’t claim that advertising on my site will be any use to anyone at all. If results aren’t as expected, please just stop advertising.
  • I have the right to refuse any service from being listed. It will be down to my own digression.

If you would like more details or are interested in being listed, please contact me.

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