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Here in my world, Property Investment Project, Sarah Beeny is our Property Guru. Over the past few months I’ve wrote a few articles about her, and now i’ve put together a shrine in the form of a page with a selection of my favourite Sarah Beeny pictures. Please pay your respects and enjoy the visual pleasantries :)

UPDATE (28th November 2013)


Unfortunately, I recently received an email from the powers that be, instructing me to remove all the wonderful and perky Sarah Beeny images that once graced this page. Apparently the images are, and I quote, “copyrighted and not for use unless clearance has been given by the photographer, Sarah and Channel4″ Ouch! Seems like a futile power-move on their behalf, because all the images are still easily accessible via other arenas, so what difference does removing them from here make? Ahh the politics.

In any case, tragic shame *tear-drop rolls down my face*

Despite the fact this page was merely a small collaboration of Sarah Beeny pictures in comparison to the Google Image Search Results of her pictures, it still feels like I’ve had to bulldoze a landmark that pulled in tourists from all over the globe for many years. I’m sorry, my brothers and sisters.

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bigfan2008-03-20 15:46:15

She probably the sexyist woman on tv, with that gravely, dirty voice and of course, those amazing tits. They are massive and topped off with the best nipples ever, always hard and sticking through those tight tops of hers.

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gary2011-07-13 18:40:15

sarah beeny is sexy women x

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jeremy joe2012-07-05 13:31:55

Hi very sexy and Beautiful Sarah Beeny thank you i am such a Big fan of Her. Keep your Curves Sarah don't worry

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Chris2013-08-13 16:55:30

Love Sarah's happy, generous, indomitable English spirit and sense of humour. Perfectly ocmpliments the twins with their protruding indomitable presence! Courage, energy and sex appeal. Brilliant.

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Johan2013-11-17 09:16:44

Smart and sexy. What's wrong with that?

Really sexy voice too!


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