Reasons Why Landlords Shouldn’t Accept DSS Tenants

Before anyone gets firmly on my tits about this, let me just clarify, this is a follow on article from The Positives Of DSS Tenants. So please, no angry hippies or DSS tenants start protesting, this is just a simple flip of the coin.

But I must confess, this list is longer than the pro-DSS tenants’ article! My bad.

1. DSS Tenants have financial difficulties

Whatever the case may be, whether we’re talking about genuinely sincere and deserving claimants, or piss-taking parasites that prefer to leech off the Government than make a real effort of climbing out of the system, all DSS tenants are shackled by financial restraints. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be claimants. That instantly makes them ‘high-risk’

Being a landlord is about managing risk, but more importantly, minimizing risk. And since this is a business based on cash, we need to do whatever we can to keep the cash flowing, and that’s easier to do when you’re dealing with tenants that don’t have financial restraints. But for a better example, we can use banks and their policy for loaning. Would a bank give a loan to someone on DSS? Very unlikely. Why? Because it’s unlikely they’ll have the means to make the repayments.

Why should landlords think any differently than banks? They really shouldn’t. Fundamentally, we’re all talking about exchanging commodities.

2. Landlords no longer receive rent directly

At one time, DSS tenants were sought after by Landlords because the council would pay the rent directly to the Landlord. Unfortunately, that changed a few years ago, consequently tenants now directly receive rent. The change occurred to encourage the tenants to become more responsible with money.

Historically, many DSS tenants caused a lot of anti-social problems for Landlords, but we tolerated it because rent was guaranteed- directly into our pockets. But since tenants have been responsible for their own allowance, there’s been a predictable rise in tenants failing to pass on the rent, and presumably spending the money on other things.

The only real security and compelling reason landlords had to accept DSS tenants is no longer there.

3. DSS tenants need to cover a shortfall

DSS tenants will typically need to cover a shortfall each month. For example, if the tenant’s rent is £500pcm, they may receive an allowance of £400 per month. In that case, the tenant will have to cover a shortfall of £100. Bearing in mind, a lot of DSS tenants aren’t working, so it’s important to recognise that the money coming in won’t necessarily be enough.

4. Difficult to get Landlord Rental Insurance

Rental insurance is always a useful policy to have in place, especially if you’re not 100% sure of your tenants credibility.

If your tenant fails to pay rent, your rental insurance company will cover the costs. However, many insurance companies won’t insure your rent if you have a DSS tenant. And if they’re willing to, they may ask for a higher premium than a private tenant.

If insurers are refusing to insure DSS tenants, or demand a higher premium to do so, you kind of have to put the dots together and realise that their figures show high claims when DSS tenants are involved. If that wasn’t the case, they’d happily insure.

These insurance companies aren’t fools, so it’s safe to follow their lead.

5. The Council are useless

I’ve already raged about how useless the council are when problems occur with DSS Tenants so I won’t drag on about it too much. Basically, on various occasions throughout my involvement with DSS tenants I’ve needed to contact the council in order to resolve some outstanding issues. It goes without saying that they have been less than helpful and added to my misery. You can read a more in-depth discussion on how the council are rubbish when it comes to providing Landlords with support.

6. Even Letting Agents refuse to deal with DSS tenants

A letting agents job is to find suitable tenants for their landlords’ as quickly as possible. If they don’t find tenants, they don’t get paid, it’s that simple. So it must say something about DSS tenants if more and more letting agents refuse to deal with them.

When a letting agent prolongs filling in vacant properties by denying a certain type of tenant, alarm bells should ring. I’m sure letting agents have dealt with DSS tenants at one point, and on the back of their experiences, they’re now refusing…

7. Claimant allowances can randomly change

I’ve been in the situation where my DSS tenant’s allowance entitlement randomly changed overnight. I didn’t get any warning from the local housing association, no notifications, just an unexpected phonecall from my tenant informing me rent would be short this coming month because their allowance had been slashed, and there was nothing they could do about it.

For several months she was receiving £400pcm, the next month it had been slashed down to £300 for some reason that will never be disclosed to me.

You’d think the landlord would be entitled to a warning from the council, but apparently discussing their clients’ personal finances is a breach of data protection regulations. Do me a favour, seriously! Meanwhile. I’m left with a tenant that can’t afford the rent.

Anyone else got anything to add? If so, blurt your stuff…

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Grandma 29th May, 2014 @ 23:45

Allan, Master Jack ( And PP, tut, tut!) - when you contribute to an open forum, you have to expect all sorts to contribute - it would be lovely if we all had a degree and understood the best process for debate, but that's just not the case. So can we please stop the infighting and get back to the subject? People on both sides of this forum have valid points they want to contribute, even if some of them don't know how best to express them. Or even understand why they are in the position they are in. There's a chance that something someone says might help.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 13:00


It goes without saying that one expects all sorts to contribute to an open forum and not everyone has a degree, including myself! However, one doesn't need a degree to spell, only a dictionary! Of course, one does require the ability to read English and have some idea of how the words one wishes to use are formed! Regarding ALLAN, I'm sure many DSS tenants are far more educated and intelligent than he appears to be!

Getting back to the subject matter it appears to me it's a 'them and us' situation. On the one side we have such 'landlords' as ALLAN, mentioned above, who I can only visualize as a slum landlord for reasons already stated. BENJI, who is obviously suffering from a severe case of DSS paranoia and, like PRESIDENTPETERS, believes he knows everything. What is glaringly obvious, none of them will budge on their opinions and beliefs. On the other side we have the DSS who, no matter what opinions or argument they put forward in their defence does, and always will, fall on deaf ears.
The landlords mentioned above are probably those who used to happily rent their properties to DSS tenants but, when the government decided to pay housing benefits
directly to the tenants and then later capped those benefits, said landlords reacted like rats deserting a sinking ship! No doubt they recognised the problems this presented them with, having difficulty renting slum accommodation to prospective tenants, having to do repairs they'd normally ignore, the possibility of tenants withholding rent until such repairs were carried out. I don't believe the government decided to pay housing benefits to the tenant instead of the landlord in the hope it would make a tenant more responsible. No, I believe the government came to realise they were paying housing benefits to too many slum landlords so they decided to save money by placing the responsibility on the shoulders of the DSS tenant. If a person can't rent a property from a private landlord he obviously won't receive any housing benefit until he does and at the same time they deprived slum landlords of a guaranteed income. Clever move.

There are landlords out there who don't practice discrimination and who are making good money from DSS tenants and smiling all the way to the bank. Good luck to them say I.

I've indicated previously that DSS has become a dirty word, made so by landlords similar to those mentioned above. Yet I wouldn't mind betting they, or members of their families, have received some kind of benefits or grants in their lifetime just as the people they condemn.

Grandma, you believe the government could solve the problem by building more houses? People who have invested in their own homes don't want council estates on their doorstep with all the problems that might bring. I, personally, don't want to live on a council estate either, for the same reason, so I'm happy to rent from a private landlord and if I have to go without some 'minor' luxury in order to bridge the gap so be it.

You still believe there's a chance that someone might say something that will help? Well, this particular forum has been running a long time, and as long as there are landlords such as those on here there's nothing anyone can say that will help to solve the situation between them and those on housing benefits.

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Benji 1st June, 2014 @ 15:56

@Master Jack,

I let good properties to DSS (sic) and have done for some time. I certainly don't believe I know everything but your comments show that I know a lot more about it than you do.

What I don't do is let properties to dishonest people with a chip on their shoulder who try and 'fool' me about their circumstances.

Guest Avatar
Benji 1st June, 2014 @ 16:07

P.S Your use of the pronoun "one" is laughably pretentious in the context you have used it.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 17:43


That you let properties to people receiving housing benefits is encouraging, if true!

I don't believe I've indicated that I know more than you about letting out property.

If you are suggesting I'm dishonest, with a chip on my shoulder, and in the habit of fooling people you are sadly mistaken! I don't need to be dishonest. There's no reason for me to have a chip on my shoulder. And I haven't tried to fool you or anyone else re my circumstances.

However, if I managed to get up your nose then I achieved my goal. :)

Happy lettings.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 18:11


PS. In your haste to respond you made a mistake, sic should appear in 'square' brackets. [sic] Not (sic). Never mind, we all make minor mistakes from time to time. No one is perfect, not even me. :)

I'm afraid I must end my responses now as I have to finish packing for a 10 day cruise. I have a three hundred mile journey ahead of me starting tomorrow morning. The question is which car should I take? The Jag, my white classic MR2, or my silver MR2 G-Limited Rev 3. Mmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions. I'd better take the Jag as the boot offers more space for my luggage.


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Presidentpeters 1st June, 2014 @ 18:23


How cringeworthy.

Enjoy your cruise, hopefully in the burst of "jet set" lifestyle outlined above you will forget this thread...

Guest Avatar
Benji 1st June, 2014 @ 19:48

@Master Jack,

Your previous posts boast about being dishonest to landlords. If that wasn't true then your posts are, erm, dishonest. Either way...

My only minor annoyance is that you have further discouraged landlords from taking on the majority of honest 'DSS' tenants, which is a hard enough battle as it is.

But you've made up for it by calling a Toyota MR2 a "classic"!

-Best laugh I've had in ages.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 19:49


Ha ha ha, Jealousy will get you nowhere, ducky.

Somewhere in this thread a lady called you PRESIDENT PRICK, aptly so.

Yes, thank you, I will enjoy my cruise, both in my Jag and on the cruise ship.

Of course, it isn't my first cruise. In fact I've probably wrung more salt water out of my socks than you've sailed over, or likely to sail over.

There's nothing to compare with a 'jet set' lifestyle old son. You should try it.

'Cringeworthy's' feeling good, sport.

Try as you might, you can't annoy me PP (Pee Pee) I've been dealing with smart asses like you all my life.....successfully too. :)

Relax, be happy. I won't be thinking of you...........except maybe when I have to use the bathroom.

Guest Avatar
Benji 1st June, 2014 @ 19:53

P.S The Mersey ferry is not really a 10 day cruise, you just need to remember to get off on the other side.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 20:51


As I mentioned earlier, you THINK you know it all but you don't. You are a complete ignoramus.

Highlight, in any of my posts, where I have boasted/claimed to be dishonest with any landlord. You can't! No, as usual, you assumed I was dishonest. I wasn't dishonest in my posts either. You should have gone to Specsavers.

I negotiated my first rental through a reputable estate agent from a distance of over 6,000 miles via email and the telephone over 5 years ago. I told the estate agent I was prepared to pay six months rent in advance as a show of good faith. After a discussion between the agent and the owner my offer was accepted. On arrival I found the property not to my liking and gave notice and left six months later.

I came across my current accommodation almost immediately but when I applied I was informed by the agent that they had received lots of applications and as I would be 'last in' I wouldn't have a chance. Nevertheless, I drove 30 odd miles and filled in an application form and when asked how I would be paying I indicated I would be paying six months in advance and then monthly by direct debit. I offered the six months rent because I was determined to get the property. I then went to look at the property and was met by the owner who showed me around. Two days later the agent phoned to say the landlord had accepted my offer.

I fail to see how anything I've said could possibly discourage other landlords from accepting honest DSS tenants. You really are full of it.

"But you made up for it by calling a Toyota MR2 a "classic"!
"Best laugh I've had in ages" Unquote.

Your ignorance knows no bounds. For your information a car becomes a classic when it is 20 years old and remains a classic until it's 45 years old, or thereabouts, when it becomes an antique. Mine is a 1990 model which makes it 24 years old, just in case you can't find your calculator.

If that truly is the best laugh you've had in ages you really need to get out more!

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 20:56


PS. I wouldn't know about the Mersey ferry. I've never been on anything that small. However, I am of the opinion that you have just just got off it!

Guest Avatar
Benji 1st June, 2014 @ 22:29

@Master Jack,

You asked-

Highlight, in any of my posts, where I have boasted/claimed to be dishonest with any landlord.

See post 519;

"offer six months rent in advance to fool landlords such as yourself!"

And post 486;

"when applying to rent a property don't mention you might be availing yourself of Housing Benefits...

...Worked for me!"

Right, now that we've established the level of your honesty...

How about some more info about your "classic" G reg Toyota? Is the coachwork really finished in traditional old Japanese racing white? Have you fitted a body kit and furry dice or just kept it to original? It must be turning some heads at the concourse competitions.

Better hang on to the silver MR2 G-Limited Rev 3 as well, once that becomes a "classic" too, it might be worth even more than 500 quid!

And once they become 45 years old, well... the sky is the limit for antique Toyotas. Collectors will be queuing up for them.

Best cancel the ferry and nip out and buy a few more before they are all snapped up.

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 1st June, 2014 @ 23:49


You really are a moron! Didn't you understand the question. What are you, Irish? Just off the ferry?

Post 519. Forgive me, unlike you I can't be bothered to read it. I repeat, where have I boasted about MYSELF being dishonest in my dealings with ANY landlord? Where?

Post 486. "When applying to rent don't mention you MIGHT be availing yourself of housing benefits" "Worked for me" Well, in a sense, I suppose it did.......6 months later! So, after reading about the plight of many people unable to rent a house because of landlords who refuse to accept people claiming housing benefits I suggested a way around that problem. However, I repeat, I wasn't guilty of that.
Sorry to disappoint you but you haven't established the level of my honesty or dishonesty!

I keep telling you that you should have gone to Specsavers. I didn't claim to have a classic G Reg Toyota! In fact I never mentioned the word Reg!!!!!!!!! To save you scrolling, what I said was, I have a classic Toyota MR2 and, yes, it is the original, white coachwork. No additional body kit or furry dice, I leave that to idiots like you.

Yes, I intend hanging on to both, not for the increasing value but for the simple pleasure of driving them. £500? Like I said, you should get out more.

You really are a very childish, immature individual. You keep tripping over your bottom lip in your desperate attempts to score browny points. All you've actually managed to do is make a fool of yourself.

You and President Prick are a couple of keyboard warriors who sit on the sidelines waiting to pull other peoples posts to pieces. The pair of you need to get a life or move in together.

You keep harping on about the Mersey ferry, have you got shares in it? Perhaps you rent it out to day trippers, that would be about your style.

Grow up!

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 2nd June, 2014 @ 07:26

Time to forget about landlords & DSS problems and enjoy the 'Jet set' lifestyle I've been accused of living. :)

Bon Voyage.

Guest Avatar
Benji 2nd June, 2014 @ 10:13

@Master Jack,

Thanks for the laughs, good look with your "antique" Toyotas!

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 3rd June, 2014 @ 13:36


Grow up

Guest Avatar
Benji 3rd June, 2014 @ 17:01

Hi Master Jack,

That 10 day cruise must be damn boring if you've nothing better to do than post me insults.

Or was that another one of your little fibs?

I believe you about the "classic" Toyotas though (it still makes me chuckle:)), no one would ever make that one up!

Guest Avatar
Master Jack 6th June, 2014 @ 12:23


How many times do I have to tell you? You should have gone to Specsavers! I don't join the ship until June 7th! You don't really think I'd have you on my mind while I'm on a cruise do you. I wouldn't dream of insulting you, you're too thick skinned!

I don't tell fibs....I'm not a landlord!

While I'm away don't worry your little mind about my Toyota.

On yer bike, pal.


Guest Avatar
Master Jack 10th June, 2014 @ 21:57


Perhaps it is the salty air, or just having the chance to relax a little, but after much contemplation I have come to the conclusion I have stumbled into an argument one loses simply by participating.

As I gaze out at the Mykonos shoreline from my premium economy cabin, I look at the preceding discourse on this topic and can't help but feel that I have misrepresented myself. Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact I am indeed a humble and friendly sort that has actually had, on balance, an amiable relationship with the private landlords economic necessity has caused me to come into contact with throughout all of my independent adult life.

On reflection, I realise my plan of accumulating six month's rent would be a tall order for someone not in receipt of DSS, and a critic could call this naivety, but (and you may say this is the ouzo talking) is there anything wrong with a man being an idealist?

After discussing this topic with an new acquaintance, I appreciate it was not necessary to vocalise the finer things in life I enjoy. Within a thread in which many of the aggrieved complain they live below the breadline, I reluctantly conclude my boasts of fast cars and an intracontinental lifestyle were at best irrelevant to the topic and at worst, the crassest of crassness.

Phew, well I am glad to have got the above off my newly recently bronzed chest. All- Keep on trucking and stay positive and happy.

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M.H. He 19th July, 2014 @ 12:16

This blog - not just this article, the whole blog - is highly entertaining. The whiny output of someone who keeps talking about risk assessment ... yet doesn't do his homework. If being a landlord is such a difficult business and one tenant falling in arrears already endangers your own liquidity, maybe you're not wealthy enough to afford landlording. Go, search for a decent job that pays your bills!

By the way: Owning (and letting) properties is NOT a business like any other. It is about people's homes. Your investment comes second to that.

Once more: If you can't afford your properties, don't be a landlord. Take on a proper job. Work to earn your money, don't try to leach on people who actually have an income.

Guest Avatar
Eric Dickinson 19th July, 2014 @ 13:11

M.H. He, sorry but you sound ridiculous.

I only have 2 properties and I can afford to be a landlord (even if my tenants fall into arrears). But why is that even the point? The point here is we as landlords want tenants that don't fall into arrears. Its not a case of being able to absorb the costs of bad tenants. Im sure many hotels could survive if 50% of their guests left without paying. But why would they want to operate like that even if they could?

Every business is tough and every business needs to consider risk assessment. This is nothing to do with being able to afford properties. But beyond that it's like you saying if you cant afford to fix a broken boiler, don't buy a house. Many homeowners CAN'T afford to fix their boiler if it breaks, but it doesnt mean they shouldn't own a home.

You need to get real!

Guest Avatar
M.H. He 19th July, 2014 @ 18:39

I am very real. Housing is not a business like any other - being a landlord comes with social responsibilities. Like being a doctor. Housing is a basic need for human beings.

Treating housing like any business is simply wrong.

Laws should be in place to protect tenants and make sure that landlords are able to fulfill their duties. The German rental market does this quite fine.

What you do in your own property, while living there yourself, is nobodies business. But as soon as you have tenants, you need to be able to take the responsibility.

The whining of this underfunded, ill-prepared blogger about a job that he chose and apparently can't fill properly is really hilarious. Business comes with risk, and human business comes with high responsibility.

Guest Avatar
Eric Dickinson 19th July, 2014 @ 18:52

I still don't understand your point. This post is about why DSS tenants are high risk. I'm not sure how you know the financial situation of the blogger based on anything here. Have you read something we haven't? I've been reading this blog for a few years and left comments frequently and i'm struggling to remember a post which indicated that the blogger is underfunded or struggling. Where are you sourcing your information from? Are we even reading the same blog articles? :S

No one wants high risk tenants and DSS tenants are high risk.

Guest Avatar
M.H.He 19th July, 2014 @ 19:36

Yes. That you don't understand is pretty obvious. :)
It might help you to read my whole postings... but you're not required to.

Guest Avatar
Stacey 28th July, 2014 @ 07:00

I have a big problem with this article.
I am 27, with two daughters and I am in receipt of benefits.
This does not however mean I am a bone idle, money grabbing person, riding off the governments money.
If I could work I most certainly would!
Both my daughters are two young for full time education and I cannot afford child care.
I am currently in the position that iv just ran from a very abusive and violent relationship, I'm pregnant and homeless.
Up until now I was privately renting and a upstanding tenant. Because iv left my dangerous situation, iv been left with nothing but a few suitcases, my kids, and my dog. I haven't got a penny. I am genuinely in need of government help.
But your article gives landlords a whole list of reasons not to help a person like me.
If you had any idea what being in my situation is like you would be pleading with people to change their views on dss letting.
The money from a trustworthy tenant (like me) IS guaranteed it wouldn't go anywhere but to the roof over my head, I actually care about the properties I am in and I'm certainly more caring about its upkeep than 5 partying students!
I am not a scum of the Earth, lazy, scrounger, I am mother who has fallen on very hard times and because of views like yours and unwillingness to trust I am likely to stay this way for a very long time.

Guest Avatar
Presidentpeters 28th July, 2014 @ 07:37

Me and my partner are 26 and are having to put off having children because we want to be certain we can afford to provide for them, we know at least one of us wont be able to work until they go to school and we want some kind of safety net if we fall on hard times. I'd also like a dog but its not very practical as we both work full time and intend to keep doing so. IMO you can tend to be a lot less unlucky when you make responsible decisions.

Guest Avatar
Stacey 28th July, 2014 @ 07:53

Excuse me. While I take you off your high horse!
My life choices are nothing to do with you.
My responsible decisions were, I was married, I owned my own home and I had my daughters with husband in a financially secure situation and like I said in my OWN home.
Yes I have been full time employed, yes I have payed a mortgage and bills and yes I am a responsible, conscientious person. You are the epitome of judgemental, to judge me by my current circumstances.
My marriage fell apart through no-ones fault, I gave my ex husband back his full house. I then got embroiled in a dangerous relationship in which my life was tied to a new man. He had full control over my finances and I was not allowed out of the house 7days a week. I was with him for three years. He had money, plenty of it, I was trapped but I was secure and as I loved him I wanted to give him the child he wanted. Once he'd got me pregnant and penniless he beat me a final time and left me.
This is now why I'm homeless.
I hope very much life doesn't turn round on you and leave your smug self in a situation like me. Because god forbid someone would class your decisions to be irresponsible.

Guest Avatar
Grandma 28th July, 2014 @ 09:24

President Peters,
Sometimes we make mistakes - that's the human condition. You've made them, I've made them, and Stacey 554 has CERTAINLY made them. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to get back up again. Which is not to say that I think private landlords should be the ones who stick out their arm. See my one hundred and one previous posts, Build Council Houses Again.
Stacey, what is your position re. council housing? Are you in B&B? I would suggest you actually go the council offices in person as often as you can - being there shouldn't make a difference , but it does. And if you can, write to your local MP and Labour Party Executive ( you can usually email free at your local library) It's about time they woke up to the fact that the housing situation in this country is a major problem.

Guest Avatar
Onion 17th August, 2014 @ 21:03

I belong to a family where we get help from the council for the rent, even though both of my parents work. There hasn't been a time when both of my parents didn't work. We do pay our rent on time and it's sad that everyone puts all of us in the same group. In order to rent a house we had to not mention we had dss. In the end, this article summary is that some people are scumbags and good people will suffer because of them. Nothing new.

Guest Avatar
donna 19th September, 2014 @ 20:06

i can understand some of the reasons a private landlord will refuse dss, as the house im wanting to rent the landlord is a bit funny now as his previous tenant trashed the house, but i only work part-time as work is a little hard to come by but least im working, the girl i will be living with as been told by her doctor she isnt allowed to work at the moment so we'f both have to apply for some housing benefits we're both reliable people and are too proud to trash a house so its a shame that when people are in our situation because of the people who do screw landlords over we don't always get given a chance.

Guest Avatar
Katie Moudry 21st September, 2014 @ 14:29

You are the reason people like me, disabled and unable to work, are unable to find a place to live even though my housing benefit has continued to be paid for years. It is a fallacy that all people on benefits are high risk, or that we are unreliable. Someone self employed is a much higher risk than me.

Guest Avatar
thinking lady 8th November, 2014 @ 09:26

I have lived through quite a lot of life events. Some pretty bad. Just noting that some people have closed shrivelled hearts and no humanity.Can be rich or poor. Labelling people 'DSS' is ridiculous and mean.Where did all this nastiness start? Was it Thatcher? I think so.Her worshippers are in control now. Her wish to get back to Victorian times is coming true. Maybe the evil witch is waving a magic wand from the afterlife.Capitalism will eat itself and hopefully those riding on suffering people's backs.Hope it's a new age.

Guest Avatar
Barry Blust 13th November, 2014 @ 19:38

I am a pensioner with a small amount of pension credit to top me up. This is perfect for me as I get the advantage of a menu of benefits which make my retirement livable. One of these benefits is housing... the payment of up to £350/month and tax. This benefit is paid in addition to my pension of @£600. I also have modest savings and own a car. For the life of me I cannot see why I should be denied the rental of a private let flat for £350/mo. Seems to me you are lumping the good citizens in with the not so good, and refusing rents to some decent folks who would make good tenants. I also feel there is a case here for civil rights violations.

Guest Avatar
shirley clement 23rd December, 2014 @ 00:21

To much FAMILY TAX CREDIT was paid to my tenant so they recovered it through my HB. How can they do that ? Tenant was then getting less money. Said they couldn't afford to pay the money back to me. Every problem I have had is with DSS and bloody dogs.

Guest Avatar
thinking lady 23rd December, 2014 @ 09:07

Hi. All you intelligent landlords with money to spare should keep up with the situation. Its DWP. There is no such thing as DSS or DHSS.There is LLL. Lazy Leech Landlords.There always will be.

Guest Avatar
Benji 23rd December, 2014 @ 22:07

The old abbreviation is still often used informally. Advertisements for rented accommodation often describe prospective tenants who would be paying their rent by means of Housing Benefit as "DSS" tenants.

Guest Avatar
Pete Cowell 30th January, 2015 @ 23:59

You sound like a bunch of judgmental snobs. Reason people have to rent privately is because there's often a housing association waiting list for years if they're not single mothers. I doubt if they would choose to pay a fortune to pay for somebody else's buy to rent property, then be ripped off when asking for their deposit back.

Guest Avatar
shirley clement 31st January, 2015 @ 01:28

How very bitter are all these comments from the renting/DSS people here on this forum. Why are you all blaming private landlords? Why are you all so angry? What bad things have we ever done? How sad you are to tell us we are doing things wrong. It may be you that are doing things wrong. If you need to blame someone try looking in the mirror. Then stop writing nasty comments about us very nice private landlords.

Guest Avatar
thinking lady 31st January, 2015 @ 08:50

Hi Shirl. Lazy leech landlords can feel smug and vote for more austerity for poorer people. That should cheer them up. However, things are changing in the world very quickly. Capitalism est Mort,or in its death throes. Also its DWP.Many more people will be claiming in the future from DWP not DSS or DHSS which do not exist. Wages are low,rents are high.What can that lead to? And yes poorer people can do wrong. Like not setting out to ride on the backs of others to survive instead of working.A rent cap would level the playing field and maybe stop the heartless greedy ones.But power to anyone who gives a thought to others. Ofcourse some landlords get ripped off but that's business. If you can't stand the heat don't go in the kitchen.

Guest Avatar
Grandma 31st January, 2015 @ 11:22

It's not the private landlords - some of my best friends are private landlords. It's not the DHSS tenants - some of my best friends are on the dole. Who can blame private landlords for getting as much money as they can? - wouldn't you? Who can blame those on benefits? - most of them are in low paid jobs (despite what the Mail says, most of our work related benefits goes to people who HAVE jobs, they are just on incredibly low wages)Anyone see that programme on the super rich the other night? - this was not about rock stars covered with bling, it was about the REALLY rich - those people and businesses that keep lending to the poor and raking huge returns, buying up swathes of our cities and driving up the price of property, deferring and evading their taxes. If we carry on at this rate, we'll ALL be living on the Isle of Wight, private landlords and DHSS tenants together while the wealthy of the world roll around in the long green grass of what used to be England but is rapidly becoming a nice little piggy bank for the sticky fingered rich. There's an election coming up - vote Labour - they're not much, but they're better than the other lot. And they HAVE promised to do something about social housing ( I know, I know - politicians promises... we can always hope..)

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thinking lady 31st January, 2015 @ 17:41

Shut up grandma. Vote Labour? Do me a favour. There's a revolution coming.' We can always hope'? No get off your bum and fight. Greece and Spain getting their mojo back. Yeah. Your friends are landlords. Great. We're where we are becos of people like you voting for corporatism and Thatcher lovers. No to oppression and corruption. Evil. Miliband a sock puppet.Smell the coffee before you're facedown smelling the gutter.And no I wouldn't rip off people if I was a landlord. I would have respect not greed.

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Presidentpeters 31st January, 2015 @ 18:28

Grandma might not share you political POV (she doesn't share mine) but she is always polite so don't tell her to "shut up".

Guest Avatar
Barry Blust 31st January, 2015 @ 18:42

Exchanging a commodity... such as a £ for a dozen eggs in Farmfood. Yet in FF they would lose their business if they only chose certain customers. No FF must take them all if they have the £.

Now certainly there is a matter of longevity and potential damage to investment, etc. And currently there is the issue of who gets the money. I believe the Landlords deserve to be protected to the extent of 100% of their investment including any damages and any back rents and any loss of rentals due to repairs.

Now it the councils cannot come up with the dosh to represent their clients in the same manner a private client would need to prove he could pay the rent, such is life. We cannot expect private investors to subsidize our housing problems. This is the responsibility of govt. No ifs ands nor buts!

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Benji 31st January, 2015 @ 18:56

@ Thinking Lady,

If you can't stand the heat don't go in the kitchen.

That is exactly what they are doing, hence all the adverts saying "No DSS".

Guest Avatar
Grandma 31st January, 2015 @ 20:41

Dear Thinking Lady,
I'd appreciate it if you'd read to the end of this comment, which you obviously didn't with my last one. You're arguing on adrenaline, not logic. I agree with you, strangely enough, this country DOES need a revolution - but a peaceful one, back to a caring supportive and supported society. Why should DHSS tenants care how they treat private property, if they get it into their heads that the landlords are ripping them off? Why should the landlords let to DHSS tenants when they get it into their heads that they risk their investments? And I'm talking about REAL private landlords of which there are thousands - people who use it to supplement their pension (instead of applying for benefits!) People who are trying to make their lives and their kids lives a bit better. Just like the DHSS tenants. We are fighting against each other, and we are each the wrong enemy. While we keep growling " Bad Landlords!" and "Bad tenants" we are not concentrating on the real problem, and that's just what the Government and the Big Boys want - while you are fighting the other kids in the playground, you don't notice that Dad is sawing Mummy up in the woodshed. There won't be a violent revolution in this country - the British don't have that kind of mental makeup - Hitler had to actually start dropping bombs on us before we took him seriously. And, sock puppet or not, we only have two political parties in this country at present. I don't like it, you don't like it - what can you do about it? What happens if you riot? Well apart from the fact that the rioters often destroy their own communities and facilities, (not too much damage done in the City in the last riots, was there? )- the police come out fully tooled up and break it up. If that doesn't work ( which it always has in the past) the Army comes out and THEN it gets broken up with bodies and bullets. There's a lot that needs to be changed in this country, but you can't eat an elephant whole, start by nibbling at it's toenails. Shouting screaming and making wild and unrealistic claims might make you feel better but it doesn't do any good.
President Peters - your chivalry is always appreciated!

Guest Avatar
thinking lady 1st February, 2015 @ 08:53

Grandma. Who mentioned riots. Calm down. I hate violence but I have spirit and adrenaline otherwise I'm dead. You wouldn't have a vote now if women hadn't shown courage and spirit in the past. Sure let's dream and hope. I'm sure it will lead to happiness and justice! Shouting and screaming? I don't use capitals to denote screaming. I don't have to. I'm a writer. Used to write for a local paper Grandma Yes I'm upset and angry about inequality,but I know how to talk about life and reality not pie in the sky. I'd like to hear from students, young people about their shaping world views on housing, a basic human right.Don't push Miliband on people. Other small parties can rise,and will. There aren't just two anymore.Thank God. And no I don't think that a DWP tenant on LHA's first thought would be to trash the place if they felt ripped off. Maybe the majority would be turning to the people in power locally and in Government to help them. MP,useless org.Shelter,local council.Fat chance.Question,always question. Find out what your rights are and stand up for yourself. They like you Grandma put people in boxes and are able to manipulate the vulnerable and desperate.Don't think about soldiers and guns. That's negative. Dickens said. There's Want and theres Ignorance. Beware the latter.I'm shutting up now. Got letters to write in pursuit of Justice.

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thinking lady 1st February, 2015 @ 09:10

Benji. I meant letting generally. Dealing with people in such a personal way.People in work behave badly in property too. You should get out more. I know a rich landlord.He has day to day problems with running his business. Lots of tenants to cope with.But he chose that living. He's pretty hands on,so gets his earsbashed a lot.Heating,water problems,maintenance issues, bad builders. Its not all DWP tenants.And yes he tries hard to meet all regulations and does repairs quickly.Not a bad chap overall.But getting richer every day as rents so high for so little.

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shirley clement 1st February, 2015 @ 23:59

I've never read so much rubbish in my life. Thank goodness I don't live in your world Your all quite mad. Such anger. Such twisted minds. Always blaming other people for your self inflicted problems. How did you all get this way. If you don't come to your senses you will be as miserable tomorrow as you are today.

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thinking lady 2nd February, 2015 @ 09:14

Tell us what to do. Great thinker Shirl. How do we who believe in fairness come to our senses? There are a lot of us rising now. Decent people shafted. I'm interested in your point of view if you have one. Tell us why we are right or wrong in your opinion. You can use a keyboard,use your brain. Sad world, lots of pain, fear and want.Let's laugh and have joy but let's not let the world slip into heartless greed and squash people into nothing with no human rights. You and I, and everyone else are equal in respect of rights. You are bitter. Maybe you should go into some other form of 'work' if you are a landlord.


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