Property Development

With shows like Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder highlighting the possibilities of financial success through the medium of property development, it’s no wonder the nation went property crazy.

This section takes a sexual look into the art of property development- the do’s and the “you’d be crazy to do that, fool”. I’m no property development expert, but no fool either. And hey, if you have any tips you want to share with me, don’t be a stranger…

My Incompetent Tenants Painted Over Mould- Guide to Treating Mould

My Incompetent Tenants Painted Over Mould- Guide to Treating Mould

18 Jan 2013 / Property Development / 65 Comments

Seems like many blue Moons ago now, but it was only a month or so ago I was shaking my fists in the air while projectile vomiting over my overalls, after having witnessed the horrific conditions my donkey tenants (now ex) chose to live their existence in. During my hissyfit, I briefly discussed how the […]

How To Paint A Front Door

How To Paint A Front Door

22 Mar 2008 / Property Development / 2 Comments

Right, so I got an email the other day about someone enquiring about how to paint a front door. Problem is, I’ve never really self-proclaimed my expertise as being a general renovation handyman. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to be an expect in any property related field. However, whenever I get an […]

I Have A Small Bathroom: Shower Vs Bath

28 Dec 2007 / Property Development / 9 Comments

I received an email the other day from Darren, he wanted to know how the value of a property would be affected if he decided to replace his bath with a shower cubicle. It’s a good question, and i’m sure others have been in a similar situation. Hi, My wife and I are thinking of […]

Carpet Vs Laminate Flooring In Rental Properties

30 Nov 2007 / Property Development / 19 Comments

Most landlords have to endure the painstaking process of renovating an/or decorating their rental property at one point or another. Unfortunately, it’s usually after a dirt-bag tenant is escorted off the premises by a burly henchman that’s been summoned by the courts. Once the aftermath of the tenants occupancy is assessed, from my experience, carpets […]

Will A Loft Conversion Add Value?

18 Nov 2007 / Property Development / 9 Comments

With the dramatic increase in house prices it’s no surprise that people aren’t able to afford upgrading to bigger, more suitable homes. A lot of families are finding themselves in situations where they need more living space as their families are growing. As a solution, people are starting to build upwards- converting lofts into suitable […]

Golden Rules For Property Development

07 Nov 2007 / Property Development / 4 Comments

Property development is becoming increasingly popular, especially in a cooling market. Profit margins are becoming slimmer for straight flipping (buy to sell without development) so people are starting to look for properties in need of a little TLC to make that extra fortune. It’s still frustrating to witness inexperienced developers fall into the most basic […]

How To Increase The Value Of Your Property

How To Increase The Value Of Your Property

30 May 2007 / Property Development / 7 Comments

Increasing the value of a property is all about spending wisely and focusing your effort in the right places. For example, there’s no point pumping high amounts of cash into a 3rd bathroom in a 2-bedroom property. It just wouldn’t make sense. In a lot of cases, it’s always a good idea to check with […]

Don’t Cater For Your Own Taste When Developing Property

Don’t Cater For Your Own Taste When Developing Property

10 Jan 2007 / Property Development / 0 Comments

The single biggest mistake most amateur property developers make is catering for their own personal extravagant taste when developing a property. For those that are also a avid fan of Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder, will know this problem all too well. As a lot of the developers get lost in their own taste, and consequently […]

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