How To Sue Your Landlord

It occurred to me that I haven’t really given much support to tenants, but I’ve written a lot of articles for landlords. I guess that’s because I’m a landlord and have never experienced life as a tenant. However, I’m about to broaden my horizons. Here’s how to sue your mean little landlord…

Most ‘tenant Vs landlord’ issues are resolved through small claims courts. Claimants (tenants) can use the procedure to recover unpaid bills, rents or refunds of rental deposits for property for a sum under £5000.

What the court expects

The court expects the parties to have explored all other avenues of settlement.

You must try and settle a claim before taking court action and only use the court if you cannot get the problem solved by negotiation. The court will expect you to make your claim in writing, giving the other person a reasonable time to reply- a month is ample. You should also warn them that you will take court action if they fail to reply within the given time.

As a claimant, you must be able to prove that court action was taken as a last resort and that you’ve given the defendant every opportunity to resolve the dispute. Make sure you document all your contact with the Landlord.

Having failed the rational route, as so:

Debt Collector
(for those that aren’t “street” or “with it”, that translate into, “hey babydoll, it’s in your best interest for my boss not to have any problems with you. So please, handover the money you owe him or….I will kill you”)

You do the following…

Locate your nearest small claims court

Locate your nearest small claims court and get a claims form. You can download it from the HM Courts website or for your super convenience, make a claim online.

HM Courts Service


Fees are reasonable, but vary depending on the amount you are claiming. Costs usually vary between £30-£120. You can claim the fees back from the defendant if you win your case. However, if you lose, you may have additional expenses to pay to the defendant, to cover his or her costs.

Compact Law

Preparing the Case

It is important to prepare the case carefully- you need to convince the court you are in the right- the best way to do that is by making your case as strong as possible. Ensure you research how to prepare for it and all documents, evidence and witnesses required are available. Ensure that the defendant has been sent copies of all the evidence, which you want to use in your claim. If you fail to do so, you may be stopped from using this evidence in the hearing.

  • notes about the case should be set out in date order. It is very useful to note down what your case is, for example, the points to make, the documents which are relevant, and what they prove. A list of all documents, and other evidence is useful to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • evidence of expenses should be prepared and any receipts you may need to support your case
  • all letters (and any other relevant documents including photographs) about the case should be ready for the hearing
  • in most cases the claimant and the defendant may be the only witnesses. If the court has agreed that other witnesses can attend, they must attend. If a witness has difficulty getting time off work, it may be helpful to serve a witness summons. The court can explain how to do this.
What happens if they lose but still won’t pay?

As the claimant, if you win the case and the defendant doesn’t pay, you will have to go back to the same court to apply for an order to get the money. This is called enforcing the judgment.

However, before enforcing a judgement you should request that the property is sold or goods seized from the Landlord’s home or business to pay you the money you are owed or instruct their employer to pay you from their salary.
If you need a judgement to be enforced you should consult an experienced adviser for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau. To search for details of your nearest CAB, including those that can give advice by email.

Key Points
  • You do not need a solicitor as it is set up on a simple basis for claimants to represent themselves.
  • Judges are very patient, knowing that the parties are nervous and new to the process. A friend (lay person) can help you.
  • If you feel the case is complicated, you should speak to your local Citizens advice bureau for advice
  • The judge makes an immediate decision and the parties can get a full and final result on the day of the hearing if it is not settled prior to court.
  • If you win your case, the Judge will order the defendant to pay either immediately, by instalments or in full by a certain date
  • If you lose your case, the defendant may be able to claim limited expenses from you

Have you had experience with taking a tenant or landlord to a small claims court? I’d love to hear your story. Thankfully I haven’t had to go down that route, but it could be only a matter of time…

It would be kind of ironic if one of my tenant’s came onto my site, took my advice and tried to sue me :)

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Sarah 5th December, 2013 @ 23:48

Hi, landlady sold property whilst we were there, though luckily we had found somewhere and given our one months notice. No inventory was done for the property and landlady is trying to take our deposit for work that is not down to us... The garden things are down to her to be moved, she owns them, quoted Tidy garden £155)... Garage door fixed (£245) though I accept this and have had a quote for £120. Keys were left with the agent that sold the property as she wouldn't meet us though is saying she spent £55 on new locks cause didn't get all sets of keys. The list is endless and I am miffed as to why she is lying and being un reasonable!? Where do we stand as I can see this going further, th previous tenants she had taken to court but lost!

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Sarah 5th December, 2013 @ 23:50

Deposit is with the dps, thank goodness!

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jolie 8th January, 2014 @ 02:10


I have recently moved into a property, I have been renting it for three months not and it has been flooded by the upstairs neighbours. The water was leaking for three days! the whole property is ruined. It has been leaking through the Main fuse box, lights, electric sockets, all trough the ceiling and all the carpets are wet and everything has been ruined. It happened in new years eve! I was forced to leave the property switch he fuse box n vacate the property and moved to a hotel as it is so dangerous. the ceiling cracked through. I emailed my agency over 10 emails and they did no respond I even called in and the lady was just so calm and told me she will call me back and never did! I am so stressed out the agency is not helping me and asked me to live in the streets until they fix the apartment which will take over 4weeks! I have paid them 6 months upfront with a 850 deposit! I really do not know where else to go as I am bk in the property and it is very dangerous to live in! please advice me I am so desperate for help. I had to pay 700! from my own pocket to the hotel stay n new years eve! I am an orphan and I have no where to go and the agency refuses to give me the landlord details or help me in anyway!

Please help me I am living in the dark no electric no heating no hot water and waters all over the carpets and the smell is just unbearable. I ran out of money and nowhere to go


Guest Avatar
jolie 8th January, 2014 @ 02:11


I have recently moved into a property, I have been renting it for three months not and it has been flooded by the upstairs neighbours. The water was leaking for three days! the whole property is ruined. It has been leaking through the Main fuse box, lights, electric sockets, all trough the ceiling and all the carpets are wet and everything has been ruined. It happened in new years eve! I was forced to leave the property switch he fuse box n vacate the property and moved to a hotel as it is so dangerous. the ceiling cracked through. I emailed my agency over 10 emails and they did no respond I even called in and the lady was just so calm and told me she will call me back and never did! I am so stressed out the agency is not helping me and asked me to live in the streets until they fix the apartment which will take over 4weeks! I have paid them 6 months upfront with a 850 deposit! I really do not know where else to go as I am bk in the property and it is very dangerous to live in! please advice me I am so desperate for help. I had to pay 700! from my own pocket to the hotel stay n new years eve! I am an orphan and I have no where to go and the agency refuses to give me the landlord details or help me on anyway!

Please help me I am living in the dark no electric no heating no hot water and water all over the carpets and the smell is just unbearable. I ran out of money and nowhere to go


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jolie 8th January, 2014 @ 02:12


I have recently moved into a property, I have been renting it for three months not and it has been flooded by the upstairs neighbours. The water was leaking for three days! the whole property is ruined. It has been leaking through the Main fuse box, lights, electric sockets, all trough the ceiling and all the carpets are wet and everything has been ruined. It happened in new years eve! I was forced to leave the property switch he fuse box n vacate the property and moved to a hotel as it is so dangerous. the ceiling cracked through. I emailed my agency over 10 emails and they did no respond I even called in and the lady was just so calm and told me she will call me back and never did! I am so stressed out the agency is not helping me and asked me to live in the streets until they fix the apartment which will take over 4weeks! I have paid them 6 months upfront with a 850 deposit! I really do not know where else to go as I am bk in the property and it is very dangerous to live in! please advice me I am so desperate for help. I had to pay 700! from my own pocket to the hotel stay n new years eve! I am an orphan and I have no where to go and the agency refuses to give me the landlord details or help me on anyway!

Please help me I am living in the dark no electric no heating no hot water and waters all over the carpets and the smell is just unbearable. I ran out of money and nowhere to go


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jolie 8th January, 2014 @ 02:13


I have recently moved into a property, I have been renting it for three months not and it has been flooded by the upstairs neighbours. The water was leaking for three days! the whole property is ruined. It has been leaking through the Main fuse box, lights, electric sockets, all trough the ceiling and all the carpets are wet and everything has been ruined. It happened in new years eve! I was forced to leave the property switch the fuse box and vacate the property and moved to a hotel as it is so dangerous. the ceiling cracked through. I emailed my agency over 10 emails and they did no respond I even called in and the lady was just so calm and told me she will call me back and never did! I am so stressed out the agency is not helping me and asked me to live on the streets until they fix the apartment which will take over 4 weeks! I have paid them 6 months upfront with a 850 deposit! I really do not know where else to go as I am bk in the property and it is very dangerous to live in! please advice me I am so desperate for help. I had to pay 700! from my own pocket to the hotel stay n new years eve! I am an orphan and I have no where to go and the agency refuses to give me the landlord details or help me on anyway!


Please help me I am living in the dark no electric no heating no hot water and the carpets are all wet and the smell is just unbearable. I ran out of money and nowhere to go


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lisa 14th January, 2014 @ 16:23


I've read a lot of the reviews on here and find some of them helpful. Im trying to summarise my situation. The points here are;
* we rent a property and the gas safety certificate expired 7 months ago. Our boiler has now been condemned leaving us with no heating or hot water. We believe the first certificate 18 months ago was obtained fraudulently as the flue in the loft has never been bolted down or secured. Plus the flue in the top is wonky.
* our cooker broke on 27th dec. We were without a cooker for 13 days. Our cooker has no safety certificate.
* we have been told the house is now on the market and we have to move all because I told him I was seeking legal advice. My daughter has just come out of hospital following a major operation for kidney failure to a house that's dangerous and cold.
* lots of other issues including live wires falling out the loft and the electric trips out when I use the cooker with another appliance in the kitchen.

I don't qualify for legal aid as I choose to work but I can't afford a solicitor at 175 an hour plus vat.
Absolutely distraught at this time. To move its going to cost me nearly 3000.00 for a new rental property. Can any one help us please I don't know What else to do.

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ANDY 6th February, 2014 @ 00:56

Hi, my problem is similar to these but my argument is this, Upon starting our tenancy there were 3 major issues with the property in which i and my partner were told would be sorted by the end of the month, a fuse box from 1979 with no circuit breakers just the old brown bricks with 2 pins, a garden full of rubbish and lots of damp that had started to work its way in on the backroom walls, my partner was hospitalize with meningitis 2 months ago and although it cannot be linked to 1 given thing, they did say exposure to mold could be a cause of it, also my work messed my wages up on 3 different occasions, my rent was late only by 4 days and my letting company were fully aware of the situation however 1 day after the due date, 4 men turned up on my door step calming i have to pay the rent or some damage will be done, i immediately called the police and they fled, after speaking with the letting company i found out that this was the landlord and his 3 sons, this happened twice and on the third time we had moved into alternative accommodation as he threaten my 2 year old son, all rent was paid, however i with held the last rent as on the 3rd visit he said and i have video footage due to the 2 previous visits, the video clearly shows him "saying get out i dont care about the rent just get out", 2 days later we left and lived in a bed and breakfast for nearly a month until we found another house to rent. The landlord claimed all of our £900 deposit for damages to the house, when there was none, all claims were false, he has now today, come to my new house and threatened my family again as he wants the full months rent even tho prior he bullied us to leave by his means 3 sons and him being intimidating and violent, we as a good will gesture paid half a months rent for when we occupied the house. I immediately rang the police however he fled the scene before they turned up 3 hours later and it was a 999 call !!!, i contacted the previous letting company and asked why they gave my details out, they calm he has every right to know my forwarding address and they are fully aware of why we left and the previous 2 occasions of being intimidated, can i sue him ? and the letting co for data protection ?

any help would be good?

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Momik 3rd March, 2014 @ 00:48

Hi. I am an international student. Last year i was in the foundation course which is for nine months and my visa was valid for 1 year. I rented a room in a shared house and signed a contract for 6 months. After six months i moved in to a new room on verbal agreement with the tenant already living there. The tenant had a 2 bed flat and he was paying for the whole flat by himself which he got through a letting agency. I stayed there for 3 months and went back to my country as i had to apply for a new visa (it took six months. I came back on january 2014). Since i was to return to continue my studies, i left most of my belongings in that flat.
2-3 months after i had left, i received an angry email from the flat's owner. She said that the place was a mess and that she was going to sue me for the damages. I told her that i left the house in perfect condition (which i did. I own properties and have to deal with irresponsible tenants) and that I'm not responsible for other people's mess. All my dues were paid aswell though there was no official agreement signed. I was a paying guest. The owner has kept all my stuff and refuses to return it, saying that she has thrown it away.
Is there anyway i can get my stuff back? And was it illegal to stay at a house without any official agreement? If its not then what should i do?

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Gillian Day 18th March, 2014 @ 20:55

Jolie, what your agent and landlord are doing is totally illegal as it is an extreme form of harassment which is a criminal offence.
On the civil side, they are in breach of contract on many counts. Also if you have an "assured short-hold tenancy agreement" then they are obliged to re-house you whilst repairs are carried out. If they have Landlords insurance which is common sense all these costs should be covered.

You must complain to your local council and they can be compelled to take the correct actions or face fines.
Water coming through the electrics is a fire hazard and for the agent to ignore this amounts to criminal negligence for which they can be sent to prison.

Please, please, please, visit your local council without further delay and ask their advice.

There are solicitors and there is the CAB. usually none of these people are actually on your side and are thoroughly useless.

You though can get help to take legal action yourself and this seems to be what you must do. I don't know at what stage you can involve the police but it seems necessary.

Please let me know how you get on.

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Gruff 24th March, 2014 @ 09:12


I've been 6 months in a place where I have a 12 month contract. When I was shown around the house by the agency I was told that a number of things would be fixed (broken windows, leaking conservatory).

6 months in and none of the repairs have been made. They keep sending out a couple of maintenance guys who just look around the place, 'tinker' with things and then disappear without *actually* fixing anything.

In the First 6 months I have also had the pleasure of: A flooded carpet (still have no carpet in living room after over 1 month), a leaking boiler, fridge freezer was not working from day 1, damp/mould in rooms (no ventilation blocks), fuel company would not deliver because of health & safety breach on the fuel tank and a bunch of other fun stuff which has ensured I have not been able to relax or enjoy the property for a single minute.

Simple question - do I have any grounds whatsoever to try and get out of this contract early and go with another agency/landlord, or do I just have to sit this one out? I have asked agency for a reduction on the rent until the issues are resolved and they have stated that the landlord 'does not wish to do this'.

Thanks for any advice!

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Elanor 28th March, 2014 @ 17:12

Hi...Need some advice.

We have tenants in a property for 3yrs and 5mths, we have found out that during out tenancy there was no completion certificate on the house. The landlord only received the certificate this February after lots of visits and interim building works to which we were never party to other than having to stay in for access.

Also during our tenancy we never had a gas safety inspection done other than last month.

Do we have a chance of claiming anything from them due to both these issues being illegal.

Many thanks

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claire 7th April, 2014 @ 19:17

after renting of current landlord for 11 years he as decided to go with an agent and wanted a rent increase of £150 per month the agent as been today as informed us the bedroom ceiling is a health safety issues polystyrene ceiling tiles the bathroom is very dated and best of all the cooker hood is missing the carbon filter we assumed the pipe worked went through the chimney landlord now wants us to stay and current rent as long as we waver repairs we have said no can I sue him for putting us in danger

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georgina 18th April, 2014 @ 16:36

I am a tennant.
I have a grade 2 listed building and was told i cant get a satellite as my tv arial doesnt work and housing association said its fine. My living room is newly built so surely i can have a satellite put up.
We havent had our flat fixed within 2 years as they say ths structure is fine but its not as the building has moved and can see more cracks which is bad. Can i sue my landlords for the danger they have put me and my partner. We both have special needs.

Guest Avatar
Matt 29th April, 2014 @ 11:07

I've just moved out of a property that i rented with my partner, our landlord had always been relatively nice to us, with sorting anything pretty quickly. He's just rang my missus saying that he's going to be suing us for breech of tenancy as we had a dog. He and the agent where very much aware of this as we had let them know and only looked at properties that allowed pets. He even in the 2 years we rented when he came round to collect post etc seen the dog and commented. We also made it clear on the check in that we had one, to which his response was that it was fine as he has dogs. He's stating that we will have to pay for new carpets etc, even though we the carpets where far from new when we moved in.
No check in inventory was done so we (and neither does he) have any way to prove condition before, he saying he has photos and an inventory but we have never seen nore signed a copy.
Another problem we had was that we rented the property as it had a garage, which is stated on the contract under parking arrangements part, but we never where allowed access as he had it full to the brim with his stuff, promising constantly that he'd empty it soon.
What can we do about the dog/carpet problem and if necessary if he wants to persue the suing route can we put a counter claim for the lack of garage use even though it clearly states it on the contract.

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Stu 5th May, 2014 @ 14:29

My live in Landlord made us agree to a 6 month contract on the 10 January, which would of suited us perfectly.

It came to the 10 April and he text me saying he wanted to cancel the contract early even though the rent has been paid on time all the time, at which time he gave me one months notice.

His reason for cancelling the contract is because he wants to decorate his flat to either sell or rent the whole flat out before he goes to Australia in October, yet he has already had people coming in and decorating the living room/kitchen and main entry.

I tried to ask him for an extension to the eviction for a couple weeks but he is standing firm. Is he breaking the law here, do I have a case to take legal action against him?

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kelly 25th May, 2014 @ 11:53

I don't no where to start.... Basically the housing are using me as a dogs body to get this crime family out.... They have place me and my baby in a tremendous amount of danger.... I'm being attacked with machetes, big iron bars, men tryin to kick my door down in the dead of the night, threats to kill, they hurl disgusting abuse at my baby telling her mummy is going to be raped of big black niggers (hate that word) then finished off with a bullet I'm my head and she will be made to watch.... When she was 15 month old she came in with heroine which she had found in my garden.... There's violence outside 50 men at a time fighting with knifes bats bricks guns whilst my baby is trying to play in the garden.... I keep reporting this to the police and housing to no avail.... This has been goin on for two yrs now and this is a weekly thing.... The police taking their door off every other day... Their just a disgusting drug dealing  family that never seem to get done for what they are doing and my housing think it is acceptable and it isn't as it has affected my health in a bad way and my babies and it is still going on.... I have lost over 5 stone in weight I can't eat sleep or go about my life.... I am depressed to the point where my life isnt worth living anymore even tho i have a beautiful child that needs me - My windows got bricked the other day I have panic alarms.... I'm living in hell.... Its alot worse thsn what is wrote here.... Everyone that has lived in my address have had to leave.... I have done everything i possibly can.... So I'm just wondering if I could potentially sue peak valley housing association....

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Benji 26th May, 2014 @ 12:18


Are you aware of this?

As a tenant of Peak Valley Housing Association, you may have to opportunity to swap your home. This means you ‘assign’ your interest in a tenancy to another person. The tenancy agreement does not change.

As a tenant of Peak Valley, you may exchange with:

Other Peak Valley Association Tenants
Tenants of Local Authorities
Tenants of other Registered Social Landlords
Tenants of Charitable Housing Trusts
Please note:

You can only apply for a swap after you have been a tenant with us for at least 12 months.

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kelly 27th May, 2014 @ 10:31

I'm leaving my property to get a new one... I do not wish to.swap with anyone as no one should be housed in my property till this crime family are evicted.... I was asking if I could sue my housing for negligence .... As i have spent 16 thousand on my home new bathroom etc....

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mark moore 9th June, 2014 @ 14:03

Not sure if anyone can help but need advise on what to do about my ex landlord/friend..

7years ago i moved into a property that was already own by the landlord, she offered me a room to rent at an agreed price each month, this was a good working relationship but changed into a very close friendship, i became apart of the family and enjoyed the times i had there..

In march last year i was made homeless without warning and had all my money taken of me, now this happened due to me being in a debt and behind on my rent by 200, now has a friend this was never an issue before, but when i returned from work i was locked out and asked to leave, then told i could not get my stuff untill i had paid what i owed, i paid £856 to reclaim my items and that left me with £82 to start my life again.

Now ive been advised that i may have some case against her due to the amount of money that i paid into the house over the years, there was periods she did not work and there for fell upon me to pay more each month to keep the house going, now i did this because i cared for the person, and would of thought she would do the same in return, threw this process i got myself into debt trying to do the right thing,i was promised countless times that i would inherit some money from a sale from the house, and many other items there was no contract made but verbally they was and witnesses present to back me up, £83,000 is alot of money that over all i paid into, granted i paid for the room each month but the extras i gave, i have never had back, people keep saying "equitable interest" to me, not sure i have grounds to sue, but i feel that this woman shouldnt get awa with what she did...any ideas?

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Mark Green 23rd June, 2014 @ 14:34

I had no shower that worked, only one window that opened, heating on without my control in the mornings and evening, even in summmer, so I got cooked. Said I could have a kitchenette, then wouldn't let me. Non-stop problems with mould and insects in the property. Had clothes, suits, books etc...ruined by shower flooding. Landlord blamed everything on me being fat, made no effort to help me, or resolve isssues. Now finally it's over, I'm leaving, but I will be seeking legal retribution for the extra rent I was paying for what was not provided and the emotional turmoil I suffered. (they refused to renew my tenency when they realised I wouldn't wuss out). Downside of leaving, I'll be homeless next week as earning double what your rent is, ain't enough to rent a small studio property according the agents and new laws. So I'm feeling very bitter and let down right now.

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Monica 24th July, 2014 @ 21:31

Last year in August my family and I was wrongfully evicted. We had been renting our property for 4 years. These people were like family to us. I always made payments to the "wife", well in May of last year she started asking for cash because my ex gave her a bad check. I had no problem with that because I had paid in cash before or made checks out to cash. Never a problem. I received and eviction notice Mid July. I called her and she said not to worry about it that it was filed in era. In August I paid 975 as usual. Met with her on a Saturday, that following thursday I was being thrown out of my house. Her "husband" arrived with the city Marshalls. come to find out they seperated earlier that year. He told the marshalls she was not his wife, and I had not been paying her. This whole time I thought it was a mistake. He called her, and she said I had not paid since May. I only have three cashed checks from her, and the only evidence I have are text messages between she and I, my bank statements of cash withdrawls that coincide with the days of the text messages. And VM with her asking about rent.

Do I have a case

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Kanen 5th August, 2014 @ 23:46

The townhouse I was renting starting leaking water through the ceiling, we called the landlord he did nothing but say it leaked before but never diclosed the info to us. It finally made a 2 foot hole in our closet. 6 months of heat and moisture. Landlord finally fixed it after we had ended the lease contract. The mold report he gave us had mold found in closet roof. Landlord covered it up never had proper mold specialist come in. What can I do cause now he's trying to get money from a bounced check he finally went through his mail 2 months after the lease ended. What can I do if I can't pay it? Can he sue me if I have nothing in my name?

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gemma 8th August, 2014 @ 01:55

Hi can someone help please I have been without water for 5 days now, in the house is myself, partner and 2 children aged 5 and 4 I rang the letting agency up on monday morning and told them I have no water running through my house they told me to ring Severn Trent water which I did. The engineering man came out asap checked the stopcock near the property and the one on the street he said everything is fine and to contact the letting agency, which I did. They said that they will get in touch with my landlord and he will ring me, I waited for a phone call of him but didn't get one so Tuesday morning I rang the letting agency again and they said that they can't get in touch with the landlord and someone from there end will come and have a look a few hours later the handy man came and checked the main water tap in the house and said everything is fine andto ring severn Trent agaon , so I did they came out again and checked but said everything is fine on there side and to ring the letting agency again because its the landlords problem, so I rang the letting agency again and fobbed me off saying ring Severn Trent again which I told them they have been out twice and there is no problem there end. The letting agent then said well I have been trying to ring the landlord but no one is answering I ill ring the plumber to come out and check which I waited in all day and no one came. So now wednesday has come I ring the letting agency again and they didn't seem bothered by this time I was really annoyed because no one was sorting the problem out and like I said I have small children who couldn't do simple things like brush there teeth, have a wash etc also my house now is smelling like a sewer because I couldn't flush the chain.. I asked the letting agent for my landlords number but they wouldn't give it me so I said what is your next proucedure as I am living in a health hazard. They said they will try and ring the landlord again and ring me back so I waited again a few hours and they didn't call so I rang them back and asked them what is happening because we have had no water for 3 days. They said they can't do anything about it so I said I'm taking this further has it is against the law to have no water for 24 hours with children which again they just fobbed me off. So today I have rang housing standards up which they said they will sort out, after 15 mins my landlord rang me and said they didn't no anything about the situation till today and the letting agency didn't ring him.. Hopefully this mess will be sorted now as my landlord knows about this but I want to know of I can sue the letting agency for not informing the landlord about the situation and fobbing me off and keep asking me to ring Severn Trent water plus having no water now for 6 days? Thank you gemma

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Dee 22nd September, 2014 @ 22:36

Hi I need urgent help got a 2 bed property on 13 September through an agent. As I have just moved to UK from another part of Europe, I asked for furnished property. I viewed the property whilst the previous tenant was still there and signed a 2 year contract, paid for rent and deposit all totalling near £5,000. After the tenant moved out I realised a couple of things were wrong. There was not furniture in the property, the house suffers from mould and damp and infested with roaches and ants.The roof of the property is also leaking. currently my kids and I are sleeping on the floor. I have begged the agent to move me to another property but they day I'm stuck here cos I've signed the contract. All measures to get the landlord's brother ( as he's the one the agent are dealing with I was told the landlord is not in the country) to fix this mess is proving abortive and it's been weeks now and nothin being done. A painter was sent to paintroduce a couple of places that's all. I am at my watts end my children are crying due to the state of the property and my son threw up a couple of nights ago. I have bought and used insecticide but that a no TV working. The roof is leaking and the toilet waste passage is held with planks.

I managed to get the number of the previous tenant from a neighbour and when I spoke to her she said the issues I mentioned have been repairs the landlord promised make a long time ago but nothing haa been done.

please what steps do I need to take to make the agent either move me to another property of return my money as I was told they have not paid the landlord and neither have they put the money in the deposit scheme due to the issues I raised. I asked for a copy of the inventory and after a long time they finally gave me a copy which states the property is not in a habitable condition. Also the agent told me that they were only asked to look for a tenant for the property and are not managing the place but will try and help me resolve this issue.

Please I need your help.

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Vlady 5th October, 2014 @ 12:20

I am a foreign student. I have hound a room in shared house trough internet. I have discussed with the landlady which room I want and when I am arriving, she said that the tenancy agreement is 10 month but I never comment this part - I did not agreed with. When I arrived the chosen room was for painting because there was damp and mold on the walls. The landlady asked me to stay in another room until mine is ready. It was late in the evening I have not other choice and stayed. She put me in first floor room next to the front door. The front door was not be able to be locked. When the chosen room was ready I asked her to move into it. She came gave me the key from the new painted room, asked me for the rent, I paid her for 4 weeks and she took me the key from the room that I was occupying and my belongings were still into that room. The landlady knew that the front door is not able to be locked and still took me the key of the room that I had stuff in it. When I start moving my stuff from the first floor room to the pained one, someone stole my wallets with GBP 650. It was for not more that 5 mins that I left them in this room and I have been in the house. I called the police and they made a report. I asked her for any compensation because she expose me in this situation as result that she took me the key. She said that she is not my mother.
I do not have a signed contract with her only verbal agreements. I looked to move out and when I found a new place I informed her that I want to move out with 2 weeks notice. Now she is refusing to pay my deposit back because when I moved into the house I have agreed to live there for 10 months term and now I am breaking this agreement and she wants to keep the Deposit. I never agreed verbal or written that I will stay 10 month. As my opinion she was the first one who break the contract with not providing me the room that we have agreed and the day that we agreed. After the condition of the house are sub-standard. Even of the painting there is still damp on the wall in my room. There is no light into the hallway.
Kindly advice me how I can take my deposit back. Can I sue her for breach of contract at first place and as a result of that I have been robbed and for negligence as well because it is her responsibility the front door to be able to be locked?

Please I need your advice and help.

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Andre carter 19th October, 2014 @ 02:04

I have asked landlord apiling to fix stuff. my house has become unlivable it has been declared by code inforcement Georgia lights the mayor city hall. my son was in the hospital for four days and was in icu for two and a half days due to the fact that my landlord has our pipes running down a bank beside the hoise. we have no septic tank. now we have to move, because the house is not hatiable. what suggestion do you have to recover the money that I have spent on the home and also money for us having to move because the land Lord has failed to maintain his rental properties.

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Pooja 23rd November, 2014 @ 17:02

I am a tenant, we shifted in this flat from 19 months with small family,my baby is 21 months old , we recently had leackege in our bedroom from upstairs flat because her heater pipe got burst it started leacking from 2am we gathered all our luggage and belongings on side but in the morning when we went to sleep for some time in the kitchen, the other crack got open on ceiling and all our luggage got wet and damaged including laptop, when we called the agecy and requested to come with the plumber and see the situation,they were like we dont have time to come there and they sent the plumber he did his work on upstairs flat and did nothing on our ceiling and told us to leave the ceiling the way it is to dry, and u can use the room whole day but dont sleep there for 2 days then u can use, but still we called the agency next day they said no everything is fine ceiling will not fall down, and we were cleaning and fixing our luggage small parts started falling, my baby husband and me was there that parts fell on my baby's leg we looked up and it was about to fall half of our ceiling we ran out with the baby, we called the agency that everything about to fall can u please come here right now but their statement was same that they r busy cant come and suddenly half ceiling collapsed with the bang noise we all were screaming my baby was crying and they dont even asked that what happened,r u alright we got angry and they said u do whatever u want to do but we cant come we r busy.

Now i want to sue them , and want compensation of my personel losses, and compensation on putting our life in danger specially when my baby is there with us

Lanlady said that she want to sit and talk with us but she said that she cant give more money

What do u suggest how can i claim, and how much can i claim

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boby 10th December, 2014 @ 22:45

I delayed paying my rent by 7 days due to fraudulent activity on my bank card, I explained the situation to him but they went on to switch off the electricity whilst I WS away,the took my goods out of my room and put them in a damp shade which they never bothered to lock .when I returned most of my clothes were missing,all my electrics were missing and my passport was no where to be found. I had to cancel my holiday to china because I had no passport.I'm really stressed about this do I have a case

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kevin 12th December, 2014 @ 02:36

My two children and the mother live in a to bed house that has walls covered in damp. It black all over, when then went to apex housing association to get it fixed they messed her about and this is over a year ago. They fucked her about and the are two children who also have heart problems. When askd to fix it they kept putting ot offf but then they started doing stuff like putting a new chimney up and putting fake walls up after they cut two holes in the wall and the water was running into the electric sockets and then they said it was ok that water and electric wont doanything wrong so they put fake walls up but now a few months later the black damp Iis back. So waht can I do to get the house fixed? They also coverd tow holes in the wall they made with the fake wall and left a big hole in the floor that they put there and never come back to fix. Can anyone help, please its an emergency. I know its a strong word but if you had two children living like this you would understand. PLEASE. Please email me

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Renting Sucks 12th December, 2014 @ 10:59

Hi Kevin,

Get in touch with the environmental health and have the place assessed. If they feel it is unsafe, then the Landlord/Agency will have to act quickly to rectify it. If illness is caused by the mold and the EH are involved, then you may be able to sue.

Good luck.

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Benji 12th December, 2014 @ 17:57

Guest Avatar
carol 25th December, 2014 @ 23:09

I would appreciate anyone who can advise me on my nightmare housing problem.
I have lived in my property for 3 years, the tenant underneath me has been using d.j. decks to play very loud music, I have complained to the housing association many times nearly every day!! they did take him to court in 2012 and he was given an injunction, the judge said a breach and back in court my neighbour would go to prison.
He breached the injunction after 5 days!!, the housing association then used various excuses not to take him back to court although the neighbour was in contempt of court.
I have continued to complain and have had environmental health involved for the last 2 and half years, the neighbour has now got clever as when environmental health officers arrive to witness the loud music he turns it off as he can see everyone who comes to the property, I have had the police out before and have had to ring them on several occasions.
The housing association just sends letter after letter with more and more warnings, they have visited his property and gave him verbal warnings and had him in the office and gave him warnings but that's as far as it goes.
we have had recording equipment from environmental health and all evidence was used for the injunction, environmental healths policy states they have to witness it 2 more times before they can take court action themselves, after the injunction was breached e. health served a noise abatement order on him which is permanent, they now have to witness another 2 times to take their court action however, he leaves his curtains wide open at night so he can see who is coming to the property so he can turn it off, this is preventing environmental officers from witnessing, they are frustrated with the case and the housing association still does nothing except issue more warnings.
can anyone advise me on what to do as I am at my wits end, cannot afford to private rent as the rent would be double than what I pay now, I am on the council waiting list, I have written to them to ask them to change my banding so I can move quicker and gave them all the information but the council have refused.
can I take my housing association to court
thankyou for reading and advising
much appreciated

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bunmi 30th December, 2014 @ 11:51

My landlord is the council. They are refusing to take responsibility for destroying my car, which was my only means of livelihood. i Work night and come back midnight.That had to stop.
i parked under the building which was legal and the next thing I knew was a big molded rock landed on top of my car dented the roof so bad and crashed the windscreen. It was a complete write-off.
The insurance for my council said they were not responsible for it even though they had not checked the roof in a long time.

Please. i need to know if i have a chance in court

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Gillian Day 30th December, 2014 @ 12:56

For Carol,
It's amazing that you have managed to get so far with your complaint. If you work for someone and they make it impossible to stay in your job through bullying, cruelty or other things then you can leave and sue for constructive dismissal. There may well be something along similar lines that applies to Landlords. You need to check this first. If you can find anything of this nature then you need to write a cool and calm letter to the head gaucho at the housing association and tell him/her that they are making it impossible for you to live there. Not only that but if they are failing to ensure that all tenants abide by the contract then they are in breach of contract themselves. You need to threaten to sue them for these 2 things. If you have a housing association place then you are lucky in many ways and if you are on the council list then good luck. Alas I have been forced into privately rented accommodation for the last 27 years and cannot get help at all. The reason being that the DWP aided and abetted my former employers to keep me out of work and rather than help me with my tiny mortgage of less than £100pcm for a short term, they preferred to waste tax-payers money for decades on paying private rent to wealthy landlords. I am trying to do something about this but our country is so corrupt and the powers that be are staffed by arrogant and somewhat backward dick heads who will not change their ways despite bankrupting the entire country.

We all have very long stories, but rather than bore you with any more of mine, I suggest you visit my web site regarding housing ideas that I have offered to local councils. look for alternative housing solutions/new ideas in housing/social housing.

Good luck

Guest Avatar
Joe Dunlop 30th December, 2014 @ 14:50

We have just moved out of a rented property where the heating didn't work properly for the whole 12 months.The landlord kept trying to fix on the cheap and having given notice as he was returning advised he would be replacing the boiler(so he and his family wouldn't have to put up with no heat).I want to invoice him and sue for some sort of recompense can anybody give some guidance?(we have a 1 year old which the landlord knew about)

Guest Avatar
Gillian Day 30th December, 2014 @ 17:30

Hi Joe Dunlop, Sadly no matter how much you report these people they will get away with it. I have been left with a serious injury as a result of Natalie Sczyctkowski (shit cow ski)refusing to carry out repairs to a broken stair tread. There were other problems which were made worse by "Choices" estate agents in Coulsdon Surrey. I was unable to take the extra work I had planned so could not pay the rent. They threw me out for this.
Now the female's boyfriends Gora Banerjee and his brother, are accusing me of making a racist comment and threatening them. This never happened because I am anti-racist through and through but they are going to have me convicted anyway because they have pulled the race card. Evidence is irrelevant. There is none but it doesn't matter for I am that lowest of life forms, known as a tenant.
I cannot give you any further help than that right now but please visit my web site "alternative housing solutions/ New ideas in housing/ social housing"

I have come up with ideas which make much more sense and will eventually eradicate these private landlord problems.

I am asking you to post your whole story with names and addresses and all the facts. If they want to sue me for naming and shaming them that is fine. My company is not yet up and running. I was led up the garden path by Epsom and Ewell Council (KT18) after submitting the details to them.

If you can help me by giving all the gory details then it provides ammunition when I go to the councils.

This may in turn help you and your family.

Rents need to come down and the laws need to be enforced. If as part of my on-going plan to change the housing situation, I decide to set up a tenants organisation, would you sign up?


Gillian Day

Guest Avatar
Gillian Day 30th December, 2014 @ 17:37

Bunmi, I think they are negligent so you should have a case. They are obliged to maintain the building to a safe standard. What if someone had been in your car? Write back to your council's insurers and demand that they reconsider within the next 14 days or you shall issue court proceedings. Then do it. You could also see your MP. He or she could pursue it for you. Unless of course your MP is Christopher Grayling. Then you don't have a hope in hell as he is so far up the rear ends of almost everyone with any power. Good luck.

Guest Avatar
Gillian Day 30th December, 2014 @ 17:53

Matt 136
Yes he is in breach of contract regarding the garage.
If it's is in the contract that you are allowed to have a dog then there is nothing he can do. Call his bluff and take action against him first.

Guest Avatar
Claire 4th January, 2015 @ 20:31


Please can you help me.

Long story short - had a huge argument with my housemate the other day about cleaning (she was extremely passive aggressive), I then grabbed my keys etc off the table and accidentally knocked a mug onto the floor (it smashed). She had her back turned at me at that point.

Next thing I know, I get an email yesterday morning from the landlord saying he's evicting me, and I have to move out on the 2nd feb. I Called him and turns out, She emailed the landlord and said I had been damaging his flat and that I threw a mug at her (i play netball, if I had thrown a mug... It would have hit her) and that she doesn't feel safe.

Landlord said I have to sort it out with her, other wise we will have a meeting next week and one of us will have to move out. I spoke with her this evening, and have tried to sort this out - but she is playing the victim and lying.

I spoke to the council and they told me he has insufficient grounds or proof to evict me ( She took a photo of the broken mug on the floor) but the council said, unless she has a video of me throwing it or the police were called... That's insufficient evidence and it's an allegation.

The council advised me to email the landlord back with a very stern email which they drafted with me on the phone & I've just sent.

Please can you advice me, if I can be evicted on this? If he can't, what would you recommend me to do to ensure I am not evicted?

I physically do not have anywhere else I can stay, & I can't afford to pay out another deposit before receiving mine back - which will leave me homeless.

Thank you so much for helping me!

Kind Regards,


Guest Avatar
Matthew 8th January, 2015 @ 10:29


I need some advice on where I stand on my deposit, if you can help that would be great!

A friend stayed at my flat for 2 nights on the second night the police came and arrested her, they knocked the downstairs communal door down and my flat door in the process. They did not knock and the buzzer for the main door does not work. I did not know she was wanted and when speaking to the police during the event was told the landlord can claim the money back through insurance.

Now the problem is my landlord is refusing to give me my deposit back saying I personally owe him the money for the doors and when emailing saying I owe him over double the deposit amount. I have tried talking to him but he keeps saying that the guy who actually owns the flat will be taking legal action against me? To make matters worse my partner has forgotten to change her standing order and paid him the rent again by mistake and he is refusing to give this back too!

From my point of view it is an insurance claim but he obviously doesn't want to do that but in a claims court I am very unsure of where I would stand?

Any advice at all would be greatly received as I am getting very worried about this.


Guest Avatar
Nathasha 20th February, 2015 @ 13:52


Can you please advice me with my problem.

I am living in my flat for over one year now. From the first month that I moved into my flat there was problem with mould. I am living in this flat with my husband an two children. My youngest daughter has Bronchitis. I have complain to the agency I rent my property from that its getting worse and worse but they keep telling me that the freeholder of the building doesn't want to fix the problem. They have seen the problem and a lot of pictures. The problem started in my living room, but now its every where. Its on the walls, sealing, closet's, clothes, shoes, sofa even by my neighbours downstairs. Long story short" next to all the mould problem every where in the house with a percentages of 87% of mould, we found out when the gas company came to do a 1 year check up that my gas pipe wasn't a gas pipe but an water flexible tap connector. The engineer that came to change the pipe with urgent said that we were lucky that my gas pipe never exploded.

So my question to you is; I have the water pipe as proof and the engineer that can testified what he has seen an change. As well the council has given them an notice because they don't find it normal that we have to live in a house with that amount of mould. So please I need your advice!!

Thanks in advance for reading my comment.


Guest Avatar
Max 26th February, 2015 @ 14:55


I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything on Private Landlords who don't conduct themselves professionally and when challenged take it personally to the point that when there is a disagreement he then decides he won't let me move in after taking £1500 of my money.

Here is the story

I visited the property and the landlord and found out that 1 of the 4 rooms he was renting was going to be occupied by the landlord although he advertised the property with a 'live out landlord' message.

The landlord had two rooms of which he was charging the same rare for although one was clearly bigger than the other. When I paid the deposit I realised that what he was advertising was misleading because it stated that if you had a bed the room would be £50 cheaper but even with a bed it was somehow the same price?

He had promised to send me a contract a number of times but failed to do so. When I had receive the first copy it was incomplete and did not include what I had already paid, the inclusive bills and the terms and conditions.I challenged him on this and he got upset and wrote 'I know what to include in a contract' and to my mind i thought well why didnt you but apologised for upsetting him.

It was then agreed I would receive it on a specific date by which time I had only 4 days left and wanted the contract before I booked a removal van. I didnt receive anything then got a text message from the landlord asking if I had received it.

As this point I was getting frustrated as I have had bad experiences in the past even when doing the right thing (ill explain that in more detail) I had 4 days left to move and considering everything this 'live in landlord could not be trusted. So irrationally i said found another place and wanted a refund. I hadnt found a place but it was wishful thinking on my part that this would have provoked a reasonable reaction from him.

He then called me on private number whilst at work raising his voice on the phone telling me I had trust issues. He also said that he had sent the contract via an internet cafe and instead of resending the contract and apologising or atleast try to resolve the issue he just sent a screen shot of a pc screen with a typo on the email address but there was no date or time and i no real proof that there was a contract attached to this email.

I then realised that i didn't want to have to go through more trouble of looking for another place so I said to him to resend the contract. I did this straight away and txted him and called him but he ignored me until later on. He sent me an email saying as you said youve have found another place, I cant have you keep changing your mind (which I thought was a tad dramatic since I had reasons to) and then he said he will not have me move in and that the holding deposit is non refundable and he will not refund the advance rent until he finds another tenant.

After this I kept reassuring the landlord that I had not found anywhere else and i asked him to reconsider but we would not have any of it.

Now I have made a claim against him via the online small claims court because although I am aware of my mistakes in this situation he has not admitted his and used the situation to his advantage and kept my money. He is now saying it took him a month to replace me etc...and therefore wants to be compensated...but my point is he would not have had to go through the trouble if he didnt let his pride and ego get the better of him by refusing my offer when I asked for him to resend the contract....

Please I am dying to hear your thoughts on this good or bad!

Guest Avatar
Max 26th February, 2015 @ 16:04

Do you think I will have a strong case to get all my money back if/when it goes to court?

Guest Avatar
Renting Sucks 26th February, 2015 @ 16:25

Hi Max,

Absolutely (assuming you are UK).

So yes - you will get it back. You may then want to sue the greedy, leeching, lying little git for wasting your time. :oD

Guest Avatar
Benji 26th February, 2015 @ 17:57


What has tenancy deposit protection got to do with it?

Guest Avatar
Max 27th February, 2015 @ 09:28

That is the thing,

I would say that I had paid a tenancy deposit as a verbal agreement was made but as a tenancy contract was not signed and he is claiming half of the money is a holding deposit and the other half is advance rent (which he should have only received once i signed the contract)

and because of this I was advised that I couldn't make a claim in relation to a tenancy deposit but had to make a claim in relation to money matter - money owed to me.

So it is a bit confusing as where the laws/rules apply or dont apply.

He is now saying he will give me half of the money back but i feel that is him taking the easy way out now that he is being forced to do something about it

So any advice about court and what they will want to understand and penalise us both for to see whether or not it is worth going through the process

Guest Avatar
Max 27th February, 2015 @ 09:29

would be much appreciated:-)

Guest Avatar
Renting Sucks 27th February, 2015 @ 10:05

@ Max,

Only you can decide whether it's worth it or not, but I think you should go and see a solicitor (initial consultations are generally FOC).

Sounds like he's already backing down so a letter from your solicitor (approx £30) will probably be enough to make him give up his little game and repay you in full.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Guest Avatar
Benji 27th February, 2015 @ 18:51


Firstly (taken from RS's link;

Once you become a tenant, the holding deposit becomes a deposit, which they must protect.

It could well be argued you were never a tenant, so there is no deposit to protect.

There could be a long tedious legal argument about contracts being created with exchange of money etc.

But (it seems) you were never going to be a tenant anyway;

1 of the 4 rooms he was renting was going to be occupied by the landlord

With a live-in landlord, you would have only been a lodger, tenancy deposit protection laws don't apply.

Moving on to this statement;

Private Landlords who don't conduct themselves professionally

He is not a professional private landlord (CPA if interested). He is just some schmuck renting out a spare room for pocket money. You are two equals coming to a freely negotiated agreement.

I am dying to hear your thoughts on this good or bad!

You had an agreement, you broke it.

The 'landlord' was out of pocket because of this.

It is reasonable to assume some of the money you paid was a form of holding deposit.

Keeping £1500 was unreasonable and taking the piss.

He has backed down and offered to return half (a win!). That now seems more reasonable (although worth trying negotiating for more).



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