17 Ways Landlords Can Find Tenants For Free

1] Landlord Portals

Here’s A List Of Free Websites Where Landlords Can Advertise Their BTL

2] Leaflets and Flyers

Get creative on your PC and create a simple leaflet that you can post through local mail boxes. Keep it simple, don’t try to be Leonardo De Vinci, you will only screw it up.

3] Word of mouth

Use that irritating, oversized gob of yours. Tell the world you have a vacant property- friends, family, work colleagues. Don’t stop there, get them to tell their friends. It’s a great way to spread news like wild fire.

4] “To Let” sign

Got a piece of wood and some paint? Make Your Own ‘To Let’ Sign To Help Market Your Property.

5] Classified Pinup boards

Your local gym, your local supermarket (Tescos, Sainburys)- they’ll most likely have a public pinup board for classifieds. Put a cheeky little advert up.

6] Social Media Status

Update your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace status to, “I have a property for rent [insert details]”

7] Friends with social media power

Have you got friends that are more good looking and popular than you? Get them to set their statuses to, “I have a property for rent [insert details]”. They can forward the leads onto you. I’ve done this before and it worked extremely well.

8] Social Media Private Messaging Service

Facebook and Myspace allow you to send mass emails to selected recipients. Create a message and send it to your friends and family.

9] Email Address Book

Send a mass email to your friends and family in your email address book. It’s probably worth being diligent when deciding who to include in the emailing list, otherwise you just be spamming randoms with shit they don’t really care about.

10] Online Forums

Post about your vacancy on local internet forums where people discuss the local area.

11] The letting agent

Befriend and/or have sex with a letting agent. This is win/win.

12] Inform the neighbours

Talk to the neighbours personally and let them know you’re looking for tenants. They may know someone that is looking to move into the area.

13] Shop Windows

Your local newsagents’ will most likely have a classifieds section on the shop windows. Get yours stuck on there.

14] Local Businesses

Ask big local companies to spread the word amongst their employees. Big companies usually have mass email functionalities where they post classifieds to one another and pinup boards. They’re usually cool when it concerns local accommodation for their workers.

Maybe you have a friend that works for a big company- you could get them to spread the word for you.

15] Local newspaper websites

Most local newspapers charge for putting an advert in their classified section. However, I’ve seen a few that allow you to advertise on their website for free.

16] Existing tenants

If you have existing tenants that are moving out, it might be worth asking them if they know anyone looking to rent. They often do.

17] Chase Old leads

If you’ve had prospective tenants look at your property in the past, it might be worth chasing them up again and seeing if they might be interested in viewing the property again.

Got anymore bright ideas?

Let me know!

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Guest Avatar
Roberta Ward 1st October, 2009 @ 10:03

Here's a few more:

On the 'to let' sign idea, if you are wanting a slightly more professional route to a stick and some paint ;-) you can also check out those 'for sale by owner' sites. many of them will sell you a customised let or sale board for about £40.

If you have tenants that work for big institutions like hospitals or finance houses etc that may have their own intranet-ask them to put an advert on there for you.

Ask your existing tenants if they know anyone looking to rent. They often do.

Send texts to anyone who has enquired with you before, they may be looking again if their last one didnt work out.

Not free-but cheap- check out property forums and ask if anyone will let you pay them a small fee to get your let on Right Move. A friend did this for £25 and got a tenant the next day.

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 1st October, 2009 @ 10:21

Hi Wardie,
I stole 2 of your suggestions! Many thanks!

The rest had a premuim attached, which is a no-no for this particular artcile :)

Guest Avatar
Roberta Ward 1st October, 2009 @ 10:25

There's probably more but Im not giving away all my secrets for you grasping slum landlords to steal ;-) heh heh


Guest Avatar
Sam 1st October, 2009 @ 11:37

RE: point 11 - only work if you any good/ good looking ;)

The Landlord Avatar
The Landlord 1st October, 2009 @ 11:52

Precisely why it worked for me, Sam!!

Guest Avatar
Dan Harrison 1st October, 2009 @ 17:34

Another tip... see if The Landlord or Roberta want to buy it from you :)


Guest Avatar
Roberta Ward 1st October, 2009 @ 18:18

buy what Dan? Ya got me all confused??

Guest Avatar
Dan Harrison 1st October, 2009 @ 19:38

Ha, never mind. I was having a blonde moment. :)


Guest Avatar
Cecilia Wells Tillin 8th January, 2015 @ 10:48

I am trying to find a landlord who will accept a nice tenant with children, kittens and a guarantor. Family looking for a family home. most of the ads don't want children, or guarantor or pets. South Kent preferred. Please message me if you need a nice tenant. Present home for this family is needed by their present landlord who wants to move back in. They have been good tenants for 5 years. thank you

Guest Avatar
Kathryn 25th January, 2016 @ 15:15

Love the website, really 'en-pointe'.

I've advertised my house for rent just this morning on gumtree for free and my phone has been off the hook, in fact, I have a tenant going through application at the moment (through a £9.95 same day check through Rentify). A pretty useful company as you can use their services in a shopping basket style and pick and choose what you want without needing to have the full and overpriced letting agent management service (I'm not connected to them in anyway, but have previously used letting agents who all take a large slice of the pie for very little effort so its good to be able to pick off some services that are no so easy to do for yourself).

Guest Avatar
TonyHSoton 28th March, 2017 @ 21:23

The only one I liked was number 11...now that's worth trying, some cracking looking ladies in my local estate agents...haha ;) ....


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